Elisabeth Hasselbeck Indirectly calls #BlackLivesMatter a Hate Group

Seriously, a hate group???

Monday morning ‘Fox & Friends’ host Elisabeth Hasselbeck asked the following question to conservative commentator Kevin Jackson

“Kevin, why has the #BlackLivesMatter movement not been classified yet as a hate group?”

Hasselbeck asked. “I mean, how much more has to go in this direction before someone actually labels it as such?”

Let me start by saying what has been repeated several times, #BlackLivesMatter in no way states that all other lives do not matter. For example, there are hashtags like #CancerSucks and #CancerSurvivor. Does that mean those who support these hashtags are saying that AIDS/HIV doesn’t suck or that HIV survivors don’t matter?

Yeah, think about for a minute…

Now, getting back to Hasselbeck, she asked the question about Black Lives Matter being a hate group based on the unfortunate events surrounding the murder of a Texas Sheriff Deptuy Darren Goforth. This is a tragedy but it did not happen as a result of the Black Lives Matter movement, it’s a result of a nutbag!

Labeling #BlackLivesMatter as a hate group and putting it on the same level as known hate groups like the KKK is just another distraction to avoid addressing police brutality.

I would ask Hasselbeck and Kevin Jackson how much more has to happen before they acknowledge there is a problem with police shootings? And not just shootings involving Blacks, but EVERYONE!

Update: Hasselbeck tweeted Tuesday evening, “My question was NOT my opinion it was for my guest & was @ the St Paul group (NOT entire BLM) calling for cops to be ‘fried like bacon.”

As always….

If there is something to be said, “It’s On Broadway” to step up and say it!!

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