#RIP Lamont Ulmer

Lamont wasn’t famous, he was my best friend and he was taken from this world 18-year ago.

It was a friendship that started in elementary school, and even though at times we were in separate classes we always had a bond. In the mornings in the schoolyard we talked about wrestling and Japanese Anime, especially ‘Robotech’.

It was a daily routine in the mornings to talk about the latest episode of Robotech. As a matter of fact those conversations about Robotech might be were the habit/love to debate ANYTHING started for me, hmmmm…

It was in high school where our bond strengthened. During those years we either chilled at Lamont’s house or went to the mall. As those high school years zoomed by Lamont had to focus more on making a living and supporting himself; it wasn’t fair that he had to take on so much as a teen, but he never complained to me. But he made sure I stayed focus and that I was getting ready for the next step; college.

The transition was difficult; I didn’t have my best friend by my side. I had few friends and I mainly kept to myself, believe it or not I didn’t hit up a single party that freshman year. I had my girlfriend and while she hit up parties I called back home to talk to my homie.

I couldn’t wait for breaks to come back home and I would spend the weekends getting caught up with what was new with Lamont. Whenever I came home we made sure we chilled, it was a regular routine.

After some time I adjusted to college and started to come into my own, I wasn’t full blown Bobby Broadway just yet, hahaha.

Every chance I got I would tell Lamont stories about college, and he even made a trip up during my junior year. Lamont’s cousin Rob aka George (Who I knew from elementary as well) drove up and well Rob and I were straight fools. Lamont didn’t drink as he saw the damage of alcohol abuse 1st hand in his own family, but he still had fun. Looking back I think that trip let him know that I was good and adjusting well.

Fast forward a couple of years and I was home for Thanksgiving. For whatever reason Lamont and I couldn’t get together to hangout; he had his girlfriend and work and I just remember not having any energy to do anything. I even went back to school a day late, but I never saw Lamont that holiday weekend. We talked and we were good.

12/1 i took a bus back up to Syracuse and I don’t think I slept the entire ride up. I just knew I wanted to get back to my dorm room. and As soon as I walked in the door the phone rang (no cell phone). It was Lamont’s sister and she said I have some bad news, and I immediately responded sarcastically “what happened to Lamont?”

And that’s when she told me he was gone….

I was numb, and in shock. I walked to my friend’s house on South Campus from North Campus. For those of you who know Syracuse then you know a December night in Syracuse was freezing but I couldn’t feel anything.

He was my sounding board and he knew me well enough to know when he had to tell me I was going down a wrong path; and he knew when to let me make my own mistakes. He was someone wise beyond his years, as he had to grow up fast, dealing with real-life way before a kid or a teenager should have to.

I miss him….




  1. William Collier · December 2, 2015

    This is such a honorable way to remember a friend, a honest example of a true friendship. Sometimes we ask ourselves, if I go tomorrow who will think of me? Who will remember my spirit? I feel as if I shared your friendship with Lamont Ulmer after reading this piece. To be remembered with such brotherly love and admiration speak to his character.


    • Bobby Broadway · December 3, 2015

      Thanks Will I appreciate it. We all had a good time that weekend he came to visit


      • William Collier · December 3, 2015

        Lol, I do remember that weekend. I also thankful for Robotech videos,it was my first exposure to the series and overall genre.


      • Bobby Broadway · December 3, 2015

        Still have the VHS tapes


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