Did Jimmy Carter Barr Iranians from the United States?

Yes he did, but….

April 7, 1980 President Jimmy Carter announced sanctions against Iran as a result of the Iran Hostage Crisis.

One of the sanctions….

The Secretary of Treasury [State] and the Attorney General will invalidate all visas issued to Iranian citizens for future entry into the United States, effective today. We will not reissue visas, nor will we issue new visas, except for compelling and proven humanitarian reasons or where the national interest of our own country requires. This directive will be interpreted very strictly. 

Also, soon after the U.S. Embassy in Tehran was taken over; Carter order (Executive Order) all Iranian students in the United States had 30 days to report to immigration officials to verify their visas. Out of over 50,000, there were 15,000 Iranians who were ejected out of the U.S for being in violation of their visas. This would be later upheld by an appeals court.

Now we have Conservatives / Trump supporters using Carter as an example of hypocrisy….. WRONG, WRONG, WRONG!!!

Donald Trump’s call for a ban on all Muslims traveling to the U.S. is no comparison to what Carter did during the Iran hostage crisis. For example, Carter was willing to allow Iranians access to the U.S. for “compelling and proven humanitarian reason”. While Trump doesn’t care about the humanitarian reasons a Syrian or let’s say a Nigerian Muslim has for wanting to escape a dire situation.

Nice try!


As always….

If there is something to be said, “It’s On Broadway” to step up and say it!!


Credit: The American Presidency Project, MegynKelly.org

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