Minneapolis Cops Upset with Lynx Players and Their Message

Four off-duty Minneapolis cops left their security post at the WNBA Minnesota Lynx game in protest over Lynx’s players wearing t-shirts that called for a need for change.


Before the game the Lynx’s Maya Moore explained the meaning behind the shirts.

“If we take this time to see that this is a human issue and speak out together, we can greatly decrease fear and create change,”

“Tonight we will be wearing shirts to honor and mourn the losses of precious American citizens and to plead for change in all of us.”

Instead of approaching the ladies to discuss the meaning of the shirts, the 4 police officers took the childish way out and walked out.

And right there is the problem…

If those Lynx’s players got it wrong, why not talk to them and explain your point of view?

Kids play the silent game when they don’t get their way, not adults!


As always….

If there is something to be said, “It’s On Broadway” to step up and say it!!


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