Trump’s Defense Dept Accused of Stalling Biden’s Transition Team

January 20th 2021 can’t come soon enough…

President Trump refuses to publicly acknowledge that Joe Biden is the President-elect, and the Trump Administration continues to find ways to make the transition process as difficult as possible.

The latest drama involves the transition of the Defense Department. As reported by Reuters, Biden’s transition team led by Yohannes Abraham told reporters on a conference call,

“We were concerned to learn this week about an abrupt halt in the already limited cooperation there,” Abraham said.


Acting Secretary of Defense Chris Mill responded that meetings have re-scheduled, not “canceled or refused” meetings. Adding that the Dept of Defense and the transition team agreed on a “two-week pause” for the holidays. According to Abraham, there was no such agreement in place.

If this was a normal transition, taking some time for the holidays wouldn’t be an unrealistic request, except this transition has been anything but normal. The transition process didn’t start until November 23rd, so everyone needs to get to work!

In light of the Russian Cyber-Attacks news, the Biden Administration really has to hit the ground running and can’t afford delays in transition.

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