Who is your favorite action movie star? Ummmm, Dolph Lundgren…..

Today was one of those slow days at work and in the world of IT that can lead to many weird conversations.

And today was no different.

“Who is your favorite action movie star?”

To protect the innocent I will use nicknames instead of real names; so the question was posed to our favorite guy to pick on EuroCut (He’s a Banana Republic guy).  Now EuroCut is not exactly Ebert when it comes to movies, but we were talking about action movies.  What guy can’t talk about action movies?


The great thing about EuroCut is that it doesn’t matter if he knows nothing about a particular topic he will participate and say some crazy things; the guy has no fears of embarrassing himself.

So after deliberation and a whole lot of pressure from the rest of the group to give an answer, EuroCut confidently says…..

Dolph Lundgren!

Ivan Drago from Rocky IV?  Wait…. What?

Of course me being the movie watcher that I am, and I mean I will watch any movie; from 4 stars to B-star movies starring the likes of Dean Cain and Lorenzo Lamas.  So when this dude said Dolph Lundgren I kind of went into a rant.

“Dolph Lundgren??? I am pretty sure if you asked Dolph Lundgren he wouldn’t even say himself. As a matter of fact I am pretty sure he wouldn’t even rate himself in the top 20 of action movie stars.”

“WTH, out of all the action movie stars the 1st one that comes to mind is Dolph Lundgren? I would say Angelina Jolie before Dolph Lundgren!”

And of course I had to throw Carl Weathers in the mix fresh off of my last posting, ‘F-A-Natic Fridays – There is no Rocky without Apollo Creed…’.  I would definitely say Carl Weathers before Dolph Lundgren.

Others were just as shocked at the choice and we all had a good laugh at the expense of EuroCut.  People threw out names like Stallone, Schwarzenegger, Bruce Lee, Chuck Norris, Bruce Willis…..  Eventually we ran off EuroCut with all the laughter, and when it all died down we decided to take a look at Dolph’s career….  We were curious,

To our shock Dolph Lundgren has made 51 movies!!!

Who in the hell is signing up Dolph for all these movies? I mean they are all straight-to-video, b-movies; but still….  I would have never thought he put in that much work, he was doing something like 3 movies a year.  You figure that he has to be getting something like $50 – $100K for these movies and is living comfortable, I fund myself having a lil more respect for the man’s career.

Not a WHOLE lot but a lil, HAHA!!!

If your curious or just bored here is Dolph Lundgren’s website; http://www.dolphlundgren.com/ . 

Don’t get me wrong, I’m still taking Carl Weathers over Dolph. I mean at least Carl was the main star for a movie that people heard of, you know ‘Action Jackson’


As always….

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Shenehneh and Wanda Movie…

Shenenhneh and Wanda

As mentioned yesterday morning on Twitter Jamie Foxx announced on Star & Buc Wild’s Morning Show (The Beat of Philly 100.3) that he has worked with Martin Lawrence to write a script for a possible movie starring their well-known characters Shenenhneh and Wanda.  As a joke Jamie and Martin paired up to do a skit for the 2009 BET Awards where Shenenhneh and Wanda teamed up as bank robbers.  The skit was done as if it was a movie trailer for a new movie and was received well at the awards show.

Apparently the reception was so good that the creative juices for Jamie and Martin started flowing.  Foxx explained during the interview that he started talking to Martin about the idea of writing script and used the motivation that, “These White boys” like Zach Galifianakis are out here getting money…  For the record Foxx meant no harm in statement as he was laughing and all he was saying was that they needed to get back on the silly comedy tip and get some of the money that is out there.

It looks like Skank Robbers will be the title of the movie and I wish Jamie and Martin nothing but the best; no hate.  Hopefully Martin and Jamie can re-capture some of the comedic genius that made these characters household names back in the mid to late 90s.

I would not expect much from this movie, but if it can provide a couple of laughs for 90 minutes then so be it.  Now I will say that Martin Lawrence may need this film more than Jamie Foxx as Jamie has had continued success.  In contrast Martin has been a little more hit and miss with his joints; Rebound, Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins, College Road Trip to name a few.  Not asking for much from Martin so if we can at least get a glimpse of that funny kat in Black Knight I will be good (Don’t Judge Me, HAHA!!)

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Been Away for a Minute…

It's On Broadway

I know, I know...  I have been slacking these past couple of weeks in producing any blog postings; I promise you it’s not because I am dealing with the depression of the Democrats having their asses handed to them in the mid-term elections.  I have just been taking so time to recoup from some travel and catching up on some other interest in my life (reading, sports, the ladies, etc…).  In my absence a lot has happened and we have a lot to catch up, and I am ready to get back on my grind.

As aways I appreciate everyone that stop by It’s On Broadway and I love all the comments; to me it doesn’t matter if the comments are negative or positive.  I am just glad some one is reading, HAHA!!

If I can generate some thought then my job is done; of course not every posting will be thought-provoking as from time to time I have to let go and release.  So I hope you all continue to read and enjoy my thoughts and concerns.  I encourage everyone to leave a comment every once in a while as I learn from all opinions and experiences.

Thanks again!

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Amy Holmes, hmmmm…

Amy Holmes


Can’t even deny it any more, I tried not be attracted to Amy Holmes but it’s not working any more.  I am willing to look past her Conservative views as no one is perfect, besides the curly-curl hair be calling me; HA!!  

For those of you not familiar with Amy here is a brief bio:

Amy Holmes is a CNN political contributor and conservative commentator. She appears regularly on The Situation Room and across all networks, including the network’s prime-time line-up in programs such as Larry King Live and Anderson Cooper 360º.  

Prior to joining CNN, Holmes served as senior speechwriter to Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist (R-Tenn.) from May 2003 to July 2006, writing on topics ranging from economic and energy policy to judicial nominations and the Iraq war. Before that she worked for the CEO of the Corporation for National and Community Service, which oversees AmeriCorps, and helped build the non-profit Independent Women’s Forum (IWF) as economic project director and campus project director. While at IWF, Holmes oversaw and edited the organization’s labor statistics guide, “Women’s Figures: An Illustrated Guide to the Economics of Women in America.”  

Holmes, a registered independent, has been a familiar face on television news and talk programs. – via CNN.com  

Mary Matalin and James Carville


Being the Liberal/Moderate I am I realize there are number of political and moral issues Amy Holmes and I will disagree on but why should I let that stand in the way of what could possibly be a great couple.  The perfect example of a couple that made it work while working on opposite sides of the aisle; James Carville and Mary Matalin.  So there is no reason why we can’t make it work; here Right Wing views will keep me towards the center and my Left Wing views will keep her from that dangerous extreme Right and the Tea Party.  

Amy might lack the ‘Street’ smarts I like my women to have but I am willing to look past that as she brings so much to the table.  I can probably carry enough ‘Street’ smarts for the both of us, HA!!  

So with that said I am putting it out there, hopefully this blog will find its way to Amy.  If so Lets Make it Happen Ms. Holmes!!!  

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Free Flowing – General Stanley McChrystal


General McChrystal’s mouth and brash style seems to have finally caught up with him. Even though it is not clear cut whether or not McChrystal actually made the disparaging remarks about President Obama and his administration; there is no escaping this mess. This is the same general that openly criticized Vice-President Biden’s thoughts on strategy by calling Biden “Short-sided”. In all honest McChrystal was probably correct, but there are some comments you keep to yourself when making statements to the press. He was also widely known as the one who leaked confidential documents to the media concerning the request for more troops in Afghanistan.

For his “mistakes” General McChrystal met with President Obama on Airforce 1; Obama basically told McChrystal to watch his step and mouth. So you see this is not the first time President Obama had to check McChrystal. Actually if your into Baseball like I am that is Strike 1 and Strike 2. After all that you would think the general would have learned his lesson; yeah right!

Now we have the Rolling Stone’s interview of the general and his trusted inner circle. In reading the article (Runaway General) you can almost understand how something like this can happen. You have to wonder were these kats drunk when they decided to make these comments in front of a reporter?

For example the article opens with McChrystal getting ready to attend a dinner while in France. The Rolling Stones reporter inquired where the general was heading; McChrystal’s top aide responded dinner with a French Minister; followed by this remark, “So Fucking Gay..”.

WTF, who does that??

Throughout the article there are qoutes attributed to McChrystal about President Obama being “Intimidated” in a room full of military brass. Another qoute attributed to the general describing Obama as not being prepared in his first one-on-one meeting with McChrystal. Both qoutes were mentioned to the Rolling Stones reporter from top aides of McChrystal.

So why would McChrystal and his aides be so sloppy in letting this get out? It’s simple, all you have to do is look at the type of person the general is. McChrystal always pushed the limit on what he could get away with. That behavior dates back to his days at West Point. It was that behavior that made him successful and he saw no reason to stop.

This was also the type of behavior he looked for when putting together his inner circle. An inner circle they happily called Team America. A group of Black Ops/Special Forces guys; they knew they were the shit and you couldn’t tell them different. Unfortunately for McChrystal when you looked to push the envelope one day you are going to go too far; and that is exactly what happened with this Rolling Stone article.

The President has no choice but to immediately FIRE General McChrystal. If Obama wants to hold to whatever respect he has left in the military he cannot allow McChrystal to undermine his command. As the Commander-In-Chief the respect of your Armed Forces is critical, and the general jepordized that.

The crazy thing is that General McChrystal is a top notch soldier, and this will be a sad way to end a career; General McChrystal reminds me of Jack Nicholson’s character in “A Few Good Men”.

Even better, McChrystal and “Team America” can form the next A-Team?? HAHA!!


General Stanley McChrystal resigned Wednesday June 23, 2010; President Obama announced that General Petraeus will take over as Commander of all Military Operations in Afghanistan.

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Free Flowing – Fake Memos….

So this is what it has come to, Republicans using a fake memo of Democrat Talking Points to derail Health Care Reform (HCR). This fake memo details what Democrats should talk about and focus on while giving interviews or making appearances concerning HCR. The memo attempts to protrait Democrats as liars who are trying to dupe Americans into supporting HCR.

Republicans at this point are desperate and they are beginning to realize the mistake they made in not being part of what will be history. After a year of obstruction Republicans have gained nothing; and leading up to the vote to pass the Senate version of HCR they have resorted to fake memos.

Desperate times calls for desperate measures and that was clearly evident when Representative Scott Garret (R-NJ) read the fake memo on the floor of the House of Representatives. Big mistake Rep Garret, did he really think his little show was going to be unchallenged (should have read my post Takeover Thursdays – Anthony Weiner). He must have been absent earlier this year when Rep Anthony Weiner from NY ripped Republicans for their phony ways. In front of everyone Weiner called out Garret and asked him to produce the source of the document, Garret was quiet.

If HCR is so bad for the people you shouldn’t have to lie to show that!

Check out the video of Rep Weiner doing what he does best:

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F-A-Natic Fridays – No more Tiger news, just golf…

As announced earlier this week Tiger Woods will be returning to golf April 8th, his first event will be The Masters. Augusta National Golf Club in Augusta, Georgia will be the back drop for the return of the baddest man on the golf course. This being his first event since his Big Pimpin ways was exposed; you can expect that there will be an extra buzz around Augusta.

Unfortunately for Tiger the buzz is not only about him returning to golf; as expected there will be a lot of talk of his cheating ways. I am not here to defend Tiger hollering at every chick that walks by. There is no defending that, but let’s be fair folks. The NY Daily News ran a story Thursday about how some in the Augusta are weary of him being around while others were looking forward to having Tiger around for The Masters.

So what exactly is bugging those who are “weary” of Tiger being around for The Masters? While reading the headline I figure people would have a problem with his cheating ways, instead the article started off with comments from a local dad who warned that Tiger Woods better stay away from his 12 and 16-year-old daughters. WTF, did I miss something? When did cheating on your wife (albeit with several women) equate to being a pedophile? Is the Daily News that hard up for readership that they would even entertain a comment like that? What makes it worse is that the article makes no attempt to point out that Tiger was never accused of sleeping with underage girls.

But it didn’t stop there, as I mentioned early there are people excited about Tiger’s return. Meet Sydney Balogh:


Nothing spectacular about this young lady, she is a 27-year-old stylist in the Augusta area that is excited to see Tiger Woods. Except this simple whore is not excited to see Tiger play golf, this chick is excited at the possibility of trying to date Tiger! Who is this chick? You can’t tell me this bum b**ch doesn’t know Tiger is still married; in her simple ass mind she thinks it’s cool to take a shot a married man who is has already been documented cheating on his wife and attending a sex clinic. In her world he is open game, it’s so cool that she doesn’t mind giving her full name so that she can be quoted in a newspaper. Not only that but this chick even took a pic for the article. Seriously, so we have a dumbass dad and a delusional whore, is there nothing else in the sports world going on? And it didn’t stop there as the article also noted some other dumbass chicks who work at a local area Hooters. These chicks displayed the same whore mentality as Sydney, except they stayed away from names and glamour shots.

I just don’t understand, the media continues to look for any Tiger news. On the real unless y’all got a story about how one of these side chicks is his having Tiger’s kid; dead this story. While your at it, stop giving this porn star Jocelyn James and her text messages any shine. Days after Tiger announces his return for The Master she wants to release sexy text messages, C’mon Son!

She’s using the media and these kats don’t even seem to mind, at this point I can’t tell who are the bigger whores this chick or the media.

I hope Tiger wins The Masters, and then during his press conference I would love to see him look around the room with all the cameras flashing; smile and give everyone the finger! Now that’s Tiger news I wouldn’t mind reading about!!


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