Militant Mondays – David Paterson

Governor David Paterson of New York is the perfect example of someone who was never built for the public light of being governor. From the moment he stepped into the role taking over for a disgraced Eliot Spitzer he has dealt with some kind of controversy. The day he was sworn in all New Yorker had hoped Paterson could restore a level of dignity to the office. I mean he couldn’t have been any worse, right?

Former Governor Spitzer resigned due to his dealings with a high-class prostitute, but even before that Spitzer was involved with another scandal called trooper gate. It is alleged that Spitzer had NY State Trooper’s keeping tabs on NY Senate Majority Leader Joseph Bruno. At that point New Yorker’s believed it couldn’t get any worse.



From the moment this kat took the oath of office it seemed like a down hill ride!

The day after his inauguration both he and his wife admitted to cheating on each other…. Hmmmm, ok! I guess we can be cool with this, at least he is admitting to it and it shouldn’t have any bearing on how he can govern. Plus no one is perfect!

Well, in 2 years this guy has created so much controversy that he has lost all political power within NY State. He actually started out ok; he was able to close a $4.6 Billion dollar deficit while reigning in a bloated budget left behind by Spitzer. So I do have to give him credit for one thing. Unfortunately it didn’t get any better…

I believe all control was lost when 2 Democrats flipped and became Republicans as there was basically a coup attempt to change power in the NY State Senate. This went on for a couple of days as Paterson tried to restore order by bringing the sides together. Both sides came together but for the most part ignored Paterson; he would never recover from this.

As for the other scandals we all know the rest of the story; participation in a possible cover up of a close aide physically abusing a girlfriend and not paying for Yankees tickets. Personally I can’t forgive him for the Yankee tickets (disgruntled Mets fan), LOL.

Who would ever thought in a time when we can celebrate the first Black President and New York’s first Black governor that within a year things would be so bad that the White House (President Obama) asked him not to run for re-election. I mean how bad can it get when a brother can’t stick up for another brother? Whatever happened to Bros before hoes?? Just kidding, I actually applaud the White House for staying focus and understanding what is best for the party.
NY has become the laughing-stock of state-run governments; I mean I thought Detroit was bad with Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick. It’s as of the blind is leading the… Ummmmm, I mean its like amateur hour in Albany; HA! This kat Paterson acts as if he can’t see the writing on the wall… Damn, my bad!! LOL

Even Gov. Paterson’s seeing eye dog quits:

All jokes aside, NY has suffered enough from poor mismanagement this is a great city that needs a no-nonsense Governor that will bring this great state back to its rightful position as one of the greatest states in the country. With that said I don’t believe Gov Paterson should resign, at this point it is too late in the game. Budget for 2010-2011 is due in April. What sense would it make to have him resign for someone else to get up to speed to get a good budget in? He was able to close a budget deficit back in 2008-2009 he can do it again. Even with all his screw ups he has displayed the ability to make the tough decisions.

So let’s leave the guy alone and let him finish out, as New Yorker’s I think we had enough of our dirty laundry being aired out for the rest of the country to see.

I say we as New Yorkers make a deal with Governor Paterson; we will let him stay in office as long as he can keep his blind ass out of NYC clubs. C’mon Son, fair is fair!!

Gov Paterson hanging out a NYC nightclub the day before delivering a sobering message concerning NY’s budget issues; NO BUENO:

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WTF/WTH Wednesdays – LeBron James


LeBron James will be changing from the #23 to the #6 as a tribute to Michael Jordan and everything he has done for the NBA. What a noble gesture by this young gifted ball player. King James as he is commonly referred to, also dropped the hint to that he believes no one should wear the #23 in the NBA. Back on November 19th James stated:

“I feel like no NBA player should wear 23. I’m starting a petition, and I’ve got to get everyone in the NBA to sign it. Now, if I’m not going to wear No. 23, then nobody else should be able to wear it.”

WTF, get the f**k outta here…..

What humility by the one they call King James… Yeah right, I call BULLSHIT on Lebanon James (Meet the Browns reference)!!!

C’mon son, don’t BS with us. Keep it real LBJ; this is about jersey sales which mean more money for your pockets. If this was really about respect and honor you wouldn’t select the #6 as your new number; I know the King has heard of Bill Russell before. No offense to Michael Jordan who is arguably the greatest basketball player in NBA history, but Bill Russell did it on and off the court. During a period of time when people of color faced segregation Russell stood tall and supported the Black Power movement. Now you can agree or disagree with the way Bill handled race relations but at least he stood for something. In contrast Jordan stood by quietly as Nike used child labor in manufacturing sneakers.

So forgive me King James if I am not buying your explanation for the change; no one would think any less of you if you just said you wanted a change. Check Kobe, he made his change real simple; no need for the theatrics. Most may disagree with me but it all seems phony to me; also what’s up with him talking about,

“if I’m not going to wear No. 23, then nobody else should be able to wear it.”

Ok….. I guess the King has spoken, LOL! I think young James should focus more on winning an NBA title than about paying tribute to MJ.

Don’t get it twisted I enjoy watching LeBron play and I think by the end of his career he will go down as one of the greatest in the game. I just find all of this nonsense about number changes and retiring the #23 throughout the league a little over the top. He better pay attention to what this season will bring for him; Melo, D Wade, and Kobe are not about to bow to the King!


By the way, yes I am a disgruntled Knicks fan who is NOT delusional about LeBron coming to NYC next season!

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Talking Points Tuesdays – Hypocrisy

Hy·poc·ri·sy – a pretense of having a virtuous character, moral or religious beliefs or principles, etc., that one does not really possess.

I am starting to believe that Republicans like Senator Jim Bunning (R-KY) suffer from bipolar disorder; on Friday February 26th Sen. Bunning decided that he had to stand up for the American people. If he had to be the only voice of reason in stopping needless spending by the United States government he would stand and stand-alone.


This nutbag all of a sudden had an epiphany and decided that he had enough of poor government spending. So how would this delusional out of touch cantankerous moron display his displeasure with the Senate and their frivolous spending ways???? The only way a privileged piece of shit would see fit; holding up a $10 billion dollar spending bill. Not just any spending bill, his block on the bill forced some 2,000 federal employees into unpaid furloughs, put jobless benefits in jeopardy for millions and halted more than 40 highway projects.

Bravo Senator Bunning, you definitely proved a point… unfortunately you only proved how much of a dumbass you are! Why not stand up against something that would hurt big business instead of hurting millions of Americans who are struggling to survive while trying to find a job as we recover from this recession. Here’s a thought, why not stand up against increasing the defense budget? Instead you choose to hurt the people you serve, the American people you claim you are protecting from big government spending. I wonder if Senator Bunning ever faced the possibility of missing a mortgage payment or looking at his kids not knowing where their next meal was coming from. I am guessing he never had to wonder about that!

Jim Bunning, the former MLB pitcher now Senator representing Kentucky continued his insanity Tuesday morning; once again blocking a vote. It’s as if he was having a flash back to when he was a pitcher on the mound stalling while he decided his next pitch. What did he hope to gain from all this?

Continuing his delay Bunning decided to lecture the senate about spending, he talked about the hypocrisy of the government to ask Americans to be wise in budgeting while it’s government shameless continued spending on programs they had no idea how they would be paid for ($10 billion dollar spending bill). As he stood at his self-proclaimed bully pulpit he spoke of utilizing a method President Obama asked Congress to enact a little over a month ago; Pay-As-You-Go aka PAYGO.

I have to admit that Senator Bunning has a point, on January 28th Congress voted in favor of enacting PAYGO. So I applaud Bunning for wanting to stick with that initiative, the only problem with Bunning calling on PAYGO is that the dumb shit voted along party lines against PAYGO! Since PAYGO was an initiative supported by President Obama, no way he could support that as a Republican, WTF!!!

This is what I am talking about; HYPOCRISY! The gall of some of these Republicans, they write letters begging for Stimulus funds and how it will benefit their constituents. Only to turn around months later and demonize Stimulus as big government out of control spending. In another case of hypocrisy they demand the president focus on job creation, so when the president suggest using repaid TARP funds to fund these programs Republicans turn around and say NO!

And now we have Sen. Bunning and his lone crusade with first voting ‘No’ on PAYGO and now calling for the Senate to utilize it! We need to continue to call out the hypocrisy of the Republican party. Let it be clear that Republicans are not alone in this game; Democrats should also be called out when it comes to hypocrisy. No one is allowed to bend the truth to make themselves look good, as the late great Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan once said:

“Everyone is entitled to his own opinion, but not to his own facts.”


With skyrocketing unemployment the American people don’t have time for the back and forth, we need action!

Late Tuesday night Sen Bunning finally removed his block of the spending bill and it was voted thru the Senate with a overwhelming majority. It will now go to the House for approval, hopefully it will not be too late to still help those in need. All this for nothing, no lessons learned; except for millions of people without unemployment benefits. Obviously to Senator Bunning that’s nothing but a drop in the bucket, right?

It’s time for Democrats and Republicans in both the Senate and the House to STOP THE BULLSHIT!!!!!!

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If there is something to be said, “It’s On Broadway” to step up and say it!!!

Militant Mondays – Al Sharpton vs. Tavis Smiley

What happened to the good old days when it was so easy; when you wouldn’t even imagine a battle between Al Sharpton and Tavis Smiley being a fair fight. Times sure have changed…


On 2/10 Al Sharpton, Ben Jealous (President of the NAACP), and Marc H. Moiral (President and CEO of the National Urban League) visited the White House to deliver a message to ensure that President Obama kept everyone in mind when it came to a jobs creation bill. After the meeting Sharpton along with others made sure to point out that in no way were they asking the president for “race-based programs” but a job creation program “where everyone is included”. Sharpton also added, “We need to make sure that those efforts to spur job creation are equally and fairly distributed so that, when the rubber meets the road, we’re all in the car.”.


On 2/23 Tavis Smiley went on Tom Joyner’s Morning Show; during his appearance he decided to challenge Sharpton’s position on how the president should address the “Black Agenda”. Tavis went on a rant talking about how some Black Leaders have been writing a “new song” on how we should handle the “Black Agenda”. He continued to say how this “new song” was not the “songs” he was familiar with; referencing old negro spirituals.

FYI, Tavis use of the term “New Song” is in reference to a new way of promoting the “Black Agenda”. What is necessary for Black America to be successful in the United States. Of course Tavis is not in favor of this “New Song”.

Tavis continued to promote that we all need to get together using the analogy that we needed to have a “choir practice” (panel discussion) with all Black Leaders together. He explains that we all need to get on the same page and have the same message. That we should not be afraid to challenge the president to address the “Black Agenda”; this “choir practice” would occur at an event that Tavis was putting together later on this month in Chicago. He wrapped up his rant/promo by listing several prominent Black Leaders that have been invited; Sharpton, Charles Ogletree, Michael Eric Dyson, Dr Cornel West, Minister Farrakhan etc….

So what are my thoughts about all of this?

Well, I am a supporter of Tavis Smiley and I think he is a good person that means the very best for people of color; but I have to admit that he is wrong! The mistake Tavis makes is that in his haste to regain relevance in the Black Community his issue with Al Sharpton and others who attended the meeting at the White House is inaccurate. He uses a New York Times article that was written 2 days before Sharpton and others attend the meeting at the White House. As i noted earlier in this posting Sharpton and others emerged from that meeting with he following comments:

“race-based programs” but a job creation program “where everyone is included”. Sharpton also added, “We need to make sure that those efforts to spur job creation are equally and fairly distributed so that, when the rubber meets the road, we’re all in the car.”.

If Tavis had been paying attention he would have noticed that Sharpton’s comments are aligned with the message that he has always promoted, it is a message similar to the one in his book “Accountability”. Tavis is a better person than the guy I heard on the Tom Joyner Morning Show and the Al Sharpton Radio Show. Before he can move forward Tavis owes Al Sharpton, Ben Jealous, and Marc Morial an apology for his reckless portrayal of these men as selling out the “Black Agenda”. Mr. Smiley must always remember it is not about an individual it is the cause and how that cause fits in the grand scheme of the bigger picture.

As for Al Sharpton, he is not without some fault here. In order for Black people to move forward we will need all hands on deck. I will be the first to admit that I am not a huge fan of Sharpton. I will forever have the image of Tawana Brawley and a jogging suit wearing reverend with a perm. Say what you want about Al but he has made himself into a somewhat respectable leader (in my opinion); but Sharpton cannot forget where he came from and those who supported him (including Smiley). It was last year that Sharpton supported Tavis as he was labeled a hater when he criticized then Presidential Candidate Obama for not attending The State of the Black Union. So for Sharpton to now talk about Tavis and take shots at him about his past criticisms of the President is unfair.

Both men need to stop the attacks and talk to each other, no need for the cameras to be present. Last week both men referred to each other as brothers and expressed love for one another. If that is the case they need to start showing that love; stop airing the dirty laundry. This is exactly what the media wants, with each passing day the media continues to pen story after story about Black America not being happy with what the president is doing for them. Instead of feeding into this selfishness and trying to protect bruised egos the 2 of them need to be promoting the same message.

Black America needs the United States of America just as much as the United States of America needs Black America to succeed; one cannot succeed without the other!

Before I go I have one last comment; Tom Joyner stop your shuckin’ and jivin’! You falsely reported to Al Sharpton that Tavis said he had Sharpton as a confirmed guest for his event in Chicago. I listened to the audio and Tavis never said that, he said he had invited people like Al Sharpton and others; never stated they were confirmed. We don’t need you instigating shit between Al and Tavis so you can help boost your ratings!

As always….
If there is something to be said, “It’s On Broadway” to step up and say it!!!

F-A-Natic Fridays – Birds


Bird: a woman who is materially obsessed , and morally corrupt , but never the less finds highly physically desirable for the moment.

You’re probably asking yourself, “Why is Broadway writing about Birds?”. That’s a good question and I believe what intrigues me the most about birds are how relevant they believe they are to society. I had the opportunity to observe some Birds up close, and each experience was extraordinary. I will warn you if you chose to observe a Bird up close be very careful, as the definition states they are physically desirable. I can’t front, I have fallen victim to a couple of Birds, so please heed my warnings.

In my dealings with Birds I observed their attention to fashion, their surroundings, and of course themselves. No matter the situation Birds will always make it about them; it doesn’t matter if it is about them in a negative or a positive way. One minute they are name dropping (Diddy, any NBA/NFL player etc..) who they hung out with the night before and then in the next breath they are telling a sob story about how everything and everyone is against them. In their world there is no such thing as bad PR, it’s all about being talked about!

Any attempt to hate on these Birds will only feed their desires. The hate gives them strength as it validates their Bird like ways, now that I think about it that’s what sparks my interest in Birds. I mean what other creature feeds off of both positive and negative?

With all that said, there is one glaring weakness Birds share in common. In many cases these Birds go through life not even understanding this weakness. It’s very simple; there is a reason why a Bird is always on point fashion wise, or always making conversations all about them. It’s the never-ending hunger for attention, it comes from an emptiness they have no idea on how to fill.

That emptiness/void is LOVE!

They lack the ability to love themselves, because they have no idea how to love themselves. Birds look for others to fill that void, they use keen fashion sense, and interesting lifestyle in hopes to attract love.

Sadly enough these Birds eventually lose their glorious plumage, one by one their feathers aka desirable physical attributes begin to fade…. You then see these “Exotic” Birds for what they truly are; flying rats! Diseased filled rodents that carry plagues…

Bubonic and Black Plagues that have destroyed civilizations!!!

So be wary of the Bird with glorious plumage for it is not what it appears to be…..

As always….
If there is something to be said, “It’s On Broadway” to step up and say it!!!

Takeover Thursdays – Anthony Weiner

If you don’t know Representative Anthony Weiner (D-NY), you better get to know this kat!

Rep. Weiner performed his own version of a ‘Takeover’ Wednesday morning in the House of Representatives. In about 7 minutes Rep Weiner summed up all of the frustrations of the White House, Democrats/Progressives in the House and Senate and the American people who support Health Care Reform (HCR).

Finally someone took it to the Republicans as Anthony Weiner started his rant by telling Republicans, “You guys have chutzpah (audacity)…”. Weiner’s Brooklyn side came out on this day, he took the floor of The House like a thug from BK taking a street corner.

In the wake of the Health Summit, Rep Weiner went on a rant pointing out the hypocrisy of Republicans and Democrats. Twice during his rant Weiner was stopped as he called Republicans, “wholly owned subsidiary of the insurance industry…”. Basically saying that Republicans are in the hip pockets of the insurance companies and will do whatever to protect those companies; aka BITCHES for Health Insurers.

When he made that statement Rep Lungren (R-CA) asked that Weiner’s “words be taken down…”. Lungren is saying here that Weiner’s comments are inappropriate and requesting that they be stricken from the record. In doing this Lungren is able to interrupt Weiner and have him restate his comments using different language. After a short delay Weiner is then permitted to continue.

In one of the more Gangsta moments you will ever see in The United States House of Representatives; Weiner refuses to change his comment and basically continues to call Republicans the BITCH of Health Insurers. Again Lungren interrupts Weiner request his “words to be taken down”. Once Weiner is allowed to continue you can still feel the fire and passion from him. He rips Republicans for standing in the way of real reform, change that is good for the people. As Weiner is wrapping up his diatribe he points out that the long-standing hypocrisy from Republicans is coming to an end, “Enough of the phoniness. We are gonna solve this problem because for years our Republican friends have been unable to and unwilling to. Deal with it!”

Here is the video of Rep. Weiner’s rant:

Democratic Senators & Representatives need to watch this video and take notes. For too long Democrats took the high road and tried to have intellectual debates about HCR, we saw this time and time again during the summer with all the town hall meetings. That message was not being heard by the masses; Rep Weiner message Wednesday was heard by all and is the perfect lead-in for the Health Summit taking place Thursday morning!


President Obama, if you were looking for someone in Congress that would fight for Health Care Reform. Look no further than that kat who reps Brooklyn and Queens. Rep Anthony Weiner, I salute you… You own “Takeover Thursday”

As always….
If there is something to be said, “It’s On Broadway” to step up and say it!!!

WTF/WTH Wednesdays – Aisha….

What happened to Aisha?

My dudes out there know what I am talking about, Aisha is that type of girl who every guy will always remember. She is the girl who I will always remember, but this memory is not a great one. Aisha was the girl who got away, my relationship with her lasted a whole week; lol! All was good when I was dating Aisha, we talked everyday and when the ice cream truck came around if I had money I used it to buy Aisha ice cream; I was doing it big back then. It was the best week of my life, I was the envy of the block and I was riding high. That was until her cousin Ike heard about our little relationship, the usually mild manner Ike was not so mild manner once he heard about this “torrid” love affair.

Ike decided it was time for the relationship to be over, he came over to me one day and basically told he would beat my ass if I ever talked to his cousin again. As a kid I remember thinking, “what just happened?”. So I had a choice to make and it was an easy one for me, I stopped speaking to Aisha. Yup, I punked out!!!!

WTH Just Happened?????


What’s weird about the whole thing is after that day I can’t remember ever seeing Aisha again. Maybe Ike scared me so much that Aisha cease to exist in my mind. Well, except for the occasionally thought about what ever happened to Aisha? So over the years from time to time I would be reminded of the whole Ike/Aisha incident, my boys would crack jokes and it was all good. I had moved on, the kid was still out on the dating scene; HAHA!!!

After not thinking about or seeing Aisha for a while, one day I was sitting in front of my friend’s house. Nothing out of the ordinary on this day, except for the 3 girls walking down the block. None of us recognized the girls, except the one in the purple looked real familiar to me. Couldn’t quiet put my finger on it, but as the girls passed by us the one in the purple says, “Hello Bobby…” (of course she said my nickname back then but I am not revealing that). I look at her even harder and I can’t believe it, it’s Aisha all grown up (and I mean ALL GROWN UP). I didn’t know what to say, all I could do was give that nervous wave back.

WTF just happened!

After all these years I had not seen Aisha and all of these feelings began to rush back. I had so many questions:

1. How did you recognize me?

2. Where have you been?

3. Where’s your cousin Ike?

After the initial shock of the moment I finally filled my boys in on what just happened. See the block changed over the years and this was a new crop of friends. So I finished telling the story of how I knew Aisha and they were like, “so what’s the next move?”. Great question, at that point my mind was completely blown! A couple of minutes passed and after major encouragement from the fellas, I decided I was going to stop her when she came back.

So I waited, and waited, and waited some more… I wish I could say that she finally walked by and we talked, but she never walked back that same way, that was the last time I saw Aisha. That was 1990, I haven’t really thought about Aisha until earlier today. It was strange just a passing thought.

Since that day I try to never let a opportunity pass me by, it sounds so cliché but it’s true. You never know when you will get another shot. I can’t lie, every once in a while I will visit the old block (223rd) and I will drive by where Aisha lived. I use it as a reminder, you have to seize the moment. Carpe Diem

This may sound sad but it really isn’t a sob story. I learned from it and that’s what you have to take from life, there is always a lesson to be learn; I can’t live in regret. I mean seriously, I was like 9 or 10 years old when I first met Aisha. When I see lady I like I go for it; well at least I try (cant front I still get a little nervous). No situation will ever makeup for missing out on Aisha, but rest assured Broadway will never been seen waiting for that lady to pass by again.


Hopefully one day I will be able to run into Aisha and we can have a good laugh about all of this, that would be cool. Until then I will go on with loving life, it is what it is!!

I will say this, no hard feelings towards Ike. He felt like he was protecting his little cousin and I can understand that, but on the real Fuck Ike!!!!!


As always….
If there is something to be said, “It’s On Broadway” to step up and say it!!!