WTF/WTH Wednesdays – Sarah Palin, “Dutch are experts at plugging Dikes…”


This nutbag Sarah Palin continues to amaze me!!

Sarah Palin went on Bill O’Reilly’s show last night and managed to make herself sound crazier than ever. She spoke with O’Reilly after President Obama’s speech from the Oval Office and made outlandish comments that the President has not really made the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico his top priority. She also stated that the President has been ignoring assistance from other nations; her example of this was assistance being offered from the DUTCH and that we have failed to return their calls.

Palin stated, “The Dutch are very good at plugging Dikes….”

Seriously??? This moron is killing me, she is comparing a Dike (easy with the jokes folks) to oil gushing from the ocean floor (5,000 feet deep)! WTF is wrong with this lady, as my good friend on Twitter @nflgossipgirl would say, she needs a “Handler”. Who is in this women’s inner circle and why are they not stopping her before she speaks?

First of all Sarah, if you were paying attention to the President’s speech you would have realized that he did talk about not stopping until the well is capped and that we (U.S.) will do everything possible to stop this ecological disaster.

As for Mrs. Palin accusation that the President is ignoring the help of the Dutch. The Washington Post reported that the Dutch offered equippment to help skim the oil off the surface of the water. An offer the Unites States happily accepted; I am starting to believe that Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck share fact-checkers, can they get anything right?!?

I have to believe even the execs at Fox News had to be shaking their heads at Palin’s latest buffoonery. Well, maybe not… They still employ the other nutbag; Glenn Beck.

In all seriousness pundits on both sides need to take a step back; everyday they seem to report the President is not doing enough or that the President is not showing enough emotions. They also criticized his address last night for not pushing his agenda.

In my opinion the President used last night to tell Americans we will not stop until the leak is plugged. This was an address the people; not an attempt to gain votes! If the pundits would have showed some patience they would not had to turn around today and eat their words. President Obama followed up last nights speech with BP announcing they have setup $20 Billion in escrow for insurance claims and that they also setup $100 Million to pay out-of-work oil rig workers affected by the temporary deep-water oil drilling moratorium enacted by the President.

I don’t know about anyone else, but I will take action over words/emotions any time!

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Militant Mondays – Bobby Jindal wants to continue drilling; why???


Whether you believe the BP’s Deepwater Horizon well is spewing 19,000 or 40,000 barrels of oil daily into the Gulf of Mexico, one fact remains constant. We have a catastrophe on our hands and it is getting worse everyday. The oil volcano that continues to leak oil will go down in U.S. history as the #1 environmental disaster. The effects of this oil spill could easily be felt for the next decade (that is a kind estimate); so what is the natural response of Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal (whose state is being hit hard by the oil spill)?

Drill Baby Drill….

To be honest Governor Jindal didn’t exactly say that, but in a letter to President Obama Jindal has requested that the president lift the temporary moratorium that the president enacted on deep-water offshore drilling. Ummmmm…..

So Jindal wants to continue deep-water drilling while we continue to STRUGGLE to cap a deep-water well. A well so deep that BP is trying never before attempted ways (besides drilling a relief well) to stop or actually slow down the amount of oil being spilled into the Gulf. Does this make sense to anyone? Well anyone who is not a part of the GOP?

President Obama enacted the temporary moratorium as it became clear that there were several safety issues; as well as that the oil industry knew what it took to drill a deep-water well; BUT had no idea what it took to cap a deep-water well in a worse case disaster scenario.

There are several questions about how BP handled this well; safety, the process of requesting permission to drill these wells, the technology, and the procedure to properly cleanup a disaster are just a few that come to mind. So why would Governor Jindal want to continue this unsafe drilling? He claims he is trying to save the jobs of those working on oil rigs affected by the moratorium. But if there are questions about safety is he really protecting the people. What seems to be lost in the Deepwater Horizon Oil Rig disaster is that 11 people died; 11 priceless lives thrown away in the name of COST SAVINGS. This is the industry that Bobby Jindal is worried about; there are 33 deep-water offshore drilling rigs affected by the moratorium. According to the Huffington Post, “of the 33 permitted deep-water drilling rigs that Jindal wants to continue operating, two are under BP leases and two are operating under leases controlled jointly by BP and Devon…”.

Imagine if there was a massive safety failure like this in the aviation industry; the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) without a doubt would suggest the FAA ground planes or suspend operations for the company guilty of the safety infractions. Why is the disaster in the Gulf any different?

Bobby Jindal for whatever reason cannot seem to understand that there are too many unanswered questions as to what happened in this accident. We cannot afford another accident while in the middle of trying to stop the current leak; as for the rig workers out of work. There is no reason why these rich Oil Companies cannot afford to flip the bill to continue paying workers while all rigs are re-checked for safety. Where is Bobby Jindal when it comes to fighting for SAFETY FIRST!!

No oil rig should be allowed to operate until they have gone through a thorough safety inspection.

No deep-water offshore oil rigs should be allowed to operate until Blow-out Protectors are proven to be safe and actually do its job and PROTECT!!!

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WTF/WTH Wednesdays – Still Leaking…


It is now day 36 and the Deepwater Horizon Well is still leaking, well as of 11:22pm (Eastern) 5/26/2010 BP may have made a break through with the “Kill Shot” method of stopping the leak.

A “top kill” consists of pumping huge amounts of mud and cement into the leak in hopes of stopping it. The mud and cement will be pumped at high pressure from barges down 5,000 feet. BP has stockpiled 50,000 barrels of the manufactured mud, AP reported.

At this point BP is telling us that so far so good on the “top kill” process, if you go to the live feed of the well BP is saying there is a good chance right now that the we are watching the mud from the “top kill” spewing instead of oil. Again this is very preliminary as it will take a couple of days for BP to test and verify samples of what is spewing out of well. If BP can confirm that the “top kill” was successful the next step in the process will be capping the well with some kind of concrete dome. So lets pops some bottles and celebrate right??? Not so fast…

This “top kill” process is very sensitive as BP has to make sure that it does not force too much mud into the well and burst other sections of piping. We must all remember that the only sure way to completely stop this leak; is by drilling a relief well. The purpose of the relief well is help bring the blown out well under-control and ultimately stop the leak. In the oil industry drilling a relief well is the only sure-fire way of stopping leaks like this. Everything else up until this point is really a shot in the dark; top kill, containment dome, siphoning tubes, blowing up the well etc… Drilling a Relief Well takes time (about 3 months) and BP started drilling this well earlier this month. So chances are this leak may not be completely sealed until August, and this is something that we must all realize. That includes the media….

I think I will discuss my disdain for the media coverage during this crisis in another edition of “It’s On Broadway”, HA! I rather dedicate an entire blog to that subject.

Until then…

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