NFL Voluntary OTAs are just that VOLUNTARY!

I hate that y’all make me do this, lol.

As a Giants’ fan I don’t want to defend Odell Beckham Jr because he’s no longer a GIANT!

New Browns coach Freddie Kitchens said the following during voluntary OTAs when asked about Beckham’s absence

“I just want to see him”

What did he miss?

“A lot — the offense”

Mary Kay Cabot,

Last week Kitchens downplayed Beckham’s absence from voluntary OTAs

“I have never disputed the fact that it’s not important for him to be here, but it’s also also important for him to be mentally ready to be here,’’ said Kitchens. “I’m not giving him an out by any stretch of imagination, and nobody here knows the conversations that Odell and I have. I’m just saying it is better for him to be here when he can present his best self – emotionally, physically, everything.’’

It never fails when summer rolls around and NFL teams start their voluntary OTA programs; the media, fans and coaches talk about players who don’t participate in voluntary workouts. And it’s the fans that trip me out the most. These fans should take a look at themselves in the mirror and ask the question, would you go into work voluntarily if given the choice?

Of all the criticisms of Odell, there is no disputing his work ethic when it comes to practice and knowing the offense. Browns’ receiver coach Adam Henry stated

“He’s a worker,”

“He’s a guy who works hard. He’s always in condition. You’ve got to save him from himself when he’s practicing because he’ll just go and go and go. He’s like the young person with the ball. If there’s a ball being thrown or kicked, he wants it. He wants to play. So even in the course of practice, the offense may not be going, the defense is going, he’s doing something. He’s a busybody that way.”

So Cleveland relax, stop the shaming, and enjoy the show Odell and Baker Mayfield about to put on for you.

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Browns Demote Johnny Manziel to 3rd String

Losing and dysfunction are the most consistent things you will see from the Cleveland Browns.

It was only a week ago when the Browns named Johnny Manziel starter for the rest of the season. And now Manziel has been demoted to 3rd string after chilling during the Browns’ bye week.

Chilling for some would be hanging out at home checking out Netflix’s ‘Jessica Jones’ and chilling for others is hanging with your homies. For Manziel, chilling was hitting up Austin, Texas and partying a lil bit.

Now with Manziel’s past (including a recent incident with his girlfriend) the argument can be made that he should just stay home, but is that fair? And I ask is it fair if Manziel is doing the necessary work?

In responding to Manziel’s demotion Browns’ head coach Mike Pettine stated the following….

“Everyone in this organization wants what is best for Johnny just like we do for every player in our locker room. I’m especially disappointed in his actions and behavior because he has been working very hard…”

If Manziel has been working hard and he made it back in time for team practice AND a team charity event. Is not fair to at least see how Manziel responds this week?


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Credit: Yahoo & ESPN