I’m a Liberal, Don’t Take My Word On It When it Comes to Pres Trump…

When it comes to President Trump, any criticism of him is usually brushed to side as just hate from the Liberal media and Liberals in general. That’s cool, because no one can argue that, as we are more partisan now than at any other time in our history.

And that’s fine, you can call my thoughts and opinions as biased, but can you dismiss a conservative who criticizes Trump?

SE Cupp of CNN is far from a Liberal and she is no “Rino” (Republican In Name Only). Cupp has been very critical of Trump and his administration, going as far to say that “the president is not well…”

Don’t take my word for it, checkout Cupp’s latest episode of ‘SE Cupp’s Unfiltered’

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Marc Lamont Hill Talks About His Remarks On Palestine

Marc Lamont Hill was fired by CNN for what was deemed to be hate speech in his speech to the United Nations concerning Palestine. Since the speech, the people calling Hill anti-Sematic have pointed to one line at the end of the speech.

Hill called for a “free Palestine from the river to the sea,” repeating a phrase — “from the river to the sea” — that has been used by terror groups intent on the destruction of Israel.

From Washington Post

Hill has disputed this claim, stating that earlier in the speech he talked about going back to the 1967 borders before the Six-Day War. 

Hill apologized for how his words have been received, but still stands by his overall view of Palestinians living in occupied situation.

The backlash from Hill’s speech is good example of people being outraged over something they don’t even fully understand. Not many people have listened to Hill’s speech, instead they have locked into one phrase.

We live in a society where it’s a race to see who can voice their outrage first. There’s no longer room for differing views, and constructive conversation. Now it’s all about who yells the loudest, and who’s comment can go viral or get the most retweets.

As a fan of Hill, I hope some network or some form of media picks him up. His commentary is important in this day and age.

Here’s Hill on the The Breakfast Club talking about his speech and being fired from CNN


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Dana Loesch, “Crying white mothers are ratings gold…”

Full disclosure, I have had a number of conversations with Dana Loesch via Twitter. And we have had a number of conversations about taxes, civil liberties, national debt, and guns.
I like Dana and respect her knowledge on a number of topics, especially guns. She knows gun laws and statistics like the back of her hand, and many times when I have a question about a state’s gun laws, or the difference between guns, she is my go-to resources. Going into the town hall I knew it would be a tough environment for her, as emotions would be riding high. After watching the town hall (twice) I thought she did as about as good as anyone could have done.
I know many of my Liberal/Progressive friends will look at me funny for that last statement, but when I say she did a good job, I mean she stayed composed and worked to answer the questions of the students/parents/teachers. She didn’t lash out at anyone and she even defended students like Emma Gonzalez who in recent days was criticized by Conservatives/Guns Rights Activists.
And then today happened…
At the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) conference Dana said the following,
“Many in legacy media love mass shootings. You guys love it,”
“Now I’m not saying that you love the tragedy. But I am saying that you love the ratings. Crying white mothers are ratings gold to you and many in the legacy media in the back (of the room).”
“And notice I said ‘crying white mothers’ because there are thousands of grieving black mothers in Chicago every weekend, and you don’t see town halls for them, do you?”
“Where’s the CNN town hall for Chicago? Where’s the CNN town hall for sanctuary cities?”
I understand what Dana is trying to say here but this made me cringe. As I stated earlier the night before Dana remained composed, and IMO we need more of that in these conversations as we have too many people talking AT each other instead of TO each other. Instead the image of Dana from this point on will be the following…

Dana will be called unhinged, and one of the most important points made during the town hall Wednesday will be missed. Dana brought up the point that only 38 states are providing less than 80% of felony convictions to the National Crime Information Center (NCIC). This is critical as the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) uses data from the NCIC to approve background checks for gun purchases.

It will not matter how many laws you put in place for gun control, if the background checks system doesn’t have all the information it needs to do the job it supposed to do.

Dana is right that no one talks about the flaws with NICS, the day after the town hall no one wrote about it or spoke about it. But she also added to the distraction with her CPAC speech.

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Welcome to the Fight Marco Rubio…

Wednesday night I asked the question, When Will Marco Rubio Actually Win? 

Well if his performance Thursday night in CNN‘s GOP debate is any indicator. Rubio might start seeing some victories coming his way.

Ok, ok Marco!

Now, a good debate performance doesn’t necessarily translate into primary wins, but at this point Rubio needed to make something happen. And it looks like his new strategy was effective.

Last night Rubio stopped trying to be the “Adult in the room” and he smacked Donald Trump with one-liners/zingers. Rubio, time and time again relentlessly fired shots at Trump. At times overwhelming the Donald and kept the business man on the defensive.

It remains to be seen if Rubio’s switch to an attack style can carry him to some victories on Super Tuesday, but desperate times calls for desperate measures.

But here’s something to keep in mind….

Rubio’s attack strategy seemed to have caught Trump off-guard, but I can’t see that happening again. The next couple of days should be interesting.

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Emotional S.E. Cupp Comments on Same-Sex Marriage Decision

An emotional S.E. Cupp went on CNN in support of the United States Supreme Court‘s decision on same-sex marriage. Cupp has been a long-time supporter of same-sex marriage, and has openly challenged her fellow Republicans on gay rights. As a fan of Cupp I can tell you this is a genuine moment, and I hope more conservatives (and Liberals) would take a cue from Cupp and see that we do not have to be blind in our beliefs and be 100% one way.

Side note, I love S.E. Cupp but I miss the red hair. Not saying the blonde look is bad, just saying that dark red hair tho HAHA!!!



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Stephen A. Smith’s flawed vote for Republican Theory

 Full Disclosure, I am not a fan of Stephen A Smith so I don’t have many good things to say about this kat. This goes back to him appearing on Larry King’s show around 2009. And I have gotten into a couple of Twitter wars with Smith. At this point I believe he has blocked me, but all well. I hope this gets back to him some way, haha!!!

Stephen A Smith once again caused a stir this week when during a speech he suggested that all Black Americans should at least vote once for Republicans. Smith’s rationale was that the Democratic party has taken the Black vote for granted and that this would force both parties to realize they have to do a better job courting the Black vote.

So my initial reaction to Smith was……


I will say that Stephen A Smith has a valid point about the Democratic party taking the Black vote for granted, but he completely loses me with his suggestion of just voting for Republicans. While a situation where all Black Americans voted for Republicans would be a shock to the system of the Democratic party; why would that motivate the Republican party to court the Black vote?

At that point they (Republicans) get what they want in votes without having to do anything!

But hey, maybe there was something I was missing with Smith’s logic.

Ummmm, nah!!!!

On Michael Smerconish show on CNN, Smith went on to double-down on his logic without a good handle of the facts. Smith clearly states that he puts most of the blame on the Black Community, and barely mentions that the GOP has some work to do on their side.

As I stated earlier there is some validity to Smith saying the Dems take the Black vote for granted. We (Black people) should not blindly give our vote to any party, but at the same time BOTH parties, not only the Dems should give Black people and all voters a reason to vote for them.

If Stephen A Smith wants to convince me that I should not look at the GOP as the enemy then he has to explain to me why the GOP looks as me as the enemy.

When it comes to issues like Voting Rights, Tax cuts, Immigration, Income Inequality, and decreasing the number of uninsured Americans (want to repeal Obamacare with no replacement).

Smith talks about Democrats painting Republicans as bad guys but never speaks on what exactly Dems are wrong about. If Smith wants me and others to take him seriously he has to have a better grasp of the facts and stop demonizing (yes I said demonizing) Black Americans as being the uninformed.

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Militant Mondays – Shaunie O’Neal, the biggest pimp of them all…

For years we have heard how rappers, record labels, and T.V. have taken advantage of Black women and their image in our society.  Some of the biggest offenses and criticisms have come within the Black community; with rappers being criticized for their misogynistic lyrics/videos.  And in many cases the criticism is necessary, in no way am I trying to make excuses for what has happened and continues to happen.


There is a new pimp in town pimping out the image of Black women, and HER name is Shaunie O’Neal.  The ex-wife of Shaq O’Neal is the executive producer of VH1‘s ‘Basketball Wives’ (more like Basketball Non-Wives), a show meant to follow the adventures\misadventures of women who have been romantically linked to professional basketball players.  In watching this show I have failed to find one female that I would have much respect for; these broads walk around Miami, Fl as if they are hottest shit on the planet.  Viewers of the show have witnessed episode after episode of fighting and nonsense; there are barely any positive moments in the show as it seems to focus on the LOUD tales of women who lack class.  There are plenty of mentions of “Bitches”, “Hos” and “Non Motherfucking Factors”.  Recently Shaunie attempted to address the shows critics in an interview with CNN:

“I have gotten both good and bad responses from viewers about “Basketball Wives,” and I certainly understand the opinion that the shows portrayal of black women is beginning to look somewhat negative.

As you see on the show, I’m not a big supporter of the bickering, drink throwing and fighting, but when you put a group of strong, independent and vocal women who are going through or just came out of a bad relationship together, there’s bound to be a little drama.

Let’s face it, we all know women like the ones on “Basketball Wives” and countless other reality shows: Women who are vocal if you cross them.”

Yes Shaunie, we may know women like Tammy, Evelyn and Jennifer but they are not the majority.  If you’re going to show the “bickering, drink throwing and fighting” you should have a balance and show the positives (whatever they may be) as well.  Instead Shaunie and VH1 decide to exploit the best assets that sell; right now Shaunie is killing the game with Basketball Wives and like a good pimp you expand…

The result, ‘Basketball Wives LA’!!!

For the record I like Shaunie and I can appreciate that she has stood up as an independent woman and developed something of her own and is not just sitting back living off of what she got from her divorce of Shaq.  But she is responsible for how her show depicts Black women, she can’t just say that she doesn’t condone the fighting on the show and leave it that.  The truth is you are condoning when you show it week after week and then you sit there on the reunion show and allow these women to make a fool of themselves.

At the end of the day Shaunie O’Neal has some control of the content, and has to take some responsibility for the nonsense that occurs on her show!

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Roland S. Martin calls out Black celebrities…

Roland S. Martin, a Black journalist and political contributor to CNN made it his business to remind everyone and anyone that on August 28th (Sunday) the Martin Luther King Memorial in Washington DC will be OFFICIALLY dedicated.

The ceremony that will be attended by many including the 1st Black-American president, Barack Obama will be a celebration of one of the great Americans.  I don’t have to sit here and list what made Martin Luther King Jr great; all that needs to be none is that he was someone who fought for the civil rights of ALL!

The memorial for MLK will be located on the National Mall; the 30-foot tall statue of Dr King will be the 1st non-president (with a major memorial) memorialized on the National Mall.  MLK will be surrounded by the likes of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, and Abraham Lincoln; all men played a key role in shaping what is now the United States…

A fitting spot for Dr King!!

With such an honor being bestowed on one of the most influential Black people in the history of the United States you would think this moment would be attended/watched by all who have most benefited from Dr Kings hard work and sacrifice….  Amazingly enough I am not sure if this will be the most important event that for most Black people; I am trying not to be negative but with the 2011 MTV Music Awards happening on the same day as the memorial dedication…

What will prove to be more important to Black-Americans on August 28th?

Some how this is even a question, and for Roland Martin he felt he had to address this matter on Twitter.  Starting this morning Martin directly tweeted celebrities like Kanye West and Chris Brown and asked them if they would be attending the dedication.  He also reminded them that if they thought attending the MTV Music Awards was important that they should remember that it wasn’t too long ago that MTV wasn’t even playing Black Artist videos.

There is no excuse for any Black artist/celebrity to miss out on the dedication ceremony for MLK; if you believe attending an award show thrown by MTV then your priorities are screwed up!  I will be somewhat disappointed to see some of my favorite artist choosing the MTV Music Awards over MLK Memorial, but it is what it is…

What most of these artist/celebrities have forgotten is that when the cameras stop flashing and the fans stop cheering their names will MTV be there for them?  Will MTV return the favor for promoting their show, I highly doubt it… Some times there are more important things than seeing who will win Rap Artist of The Year or seeing if Kanye West will have another moment making him the latest Trending Topic worldwide.

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Takeover Thursdays – Anthony Weiner Resigns

Finally ‘Weinergate’ has come to a conclusion; and with that said the 3 week circus involving Anthony Weiner and his infamous pics of him being shirtless and his ‘Frank and Beans’ can now pack up its tent and move on.


Before the circus could leave town Weiner had to have one more moment in the sun.  Weiner held a press conference to announce that he would be stepping down as Representative of New York’s 9th District.  Not sure if Weiner believed this would be a quick and quiet press conference, if he did then it is no shock that his self indulged pics are now all over the net.

So what is next for Anthony Weiner?

As embarrassing this scandal is it’s not the end of the world for Weiner; the key is he never did anything illegal… Stupid YES, but nothing illegal!

Look at Eliot Spitzer as an example of a comeback story; he stepped down as Governor of New York.  Shortly after he was a contributor to CNN and then he turned that into a show on CNN.  All the while as his successor David Paterson struggled as governor, there was actually polls showing that New Yorkers would be open to Spitzer returning as governor.

Weiner’s strength is his gift for gab; he has had some memorable moments on the floor of the House of Representatives.  That is a talent that can carry over into the world of political pundit, he just needs to take a step back and let everything cool down.  News networks like MSNBC and CNN will be knocking on his door and don’t be surprised if Fox News requests his services; can you imagine the segments with O’Reilly and Weiner going back and forth?

Who knows after a couple of years have passed Weiner might be able to fulfill his dream of becoming Mayor of NYC; I mean Washington DC elected a former crackhead twice!!

It’s a lil erie how Weiner talks about his use of Twitter and Weiner jokes in this video.

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