Senate Republican's Stimulus Bill Not Doing Enough for the Poor

When everyone can agree, with COVID-19 shutting down cities in the United States and countries in Europe. A stimulus to get the people thru these tough times is necessary, unfortunately Republican Senator Mitch McConnell sent a stimulus package that doesn’t really help the most needy.

The legislation would provide checks of $1,200 per adult for many families, as well as $500 for every child in those families. Families filing jointly would receive up to $2,400 for the adults. The size of the checks would diminish for those earning more than $75,000 and phase out completely for those earning more than $99,000. The poorest families, those with no federal income tax liability, would see smaller benefits, though the minimum would be set at $600.

Washington Post

Limiting the payment amount for those without federal tax liability was a change from the original White House proposal, and caught some Republicans off-guard, provoking criticism. Sen. Josh Hawley (R-Mo.) tweeted: “Relief to families in this emergency shouldn’t be regressive. Lower income families shouldn’t be penalized.”

Washington Post

An early analysis showed the vast majority of middle class people would receive the cash payment, but the percentage doing so falls dramatically toward the bottom of the income distribution. About 22 million people earning under $40,000 a year would see no benefit under the GOP plan, according to an initial analysis by Ernie Tedeschi, a former Obama administration economist.

Washington Post

It’s not that McConnell’s payouts are less than what others like Senator Cory Booker and Maxine Waters have suggested ($2K). The issue is with the provision that would limit the amount for those without federal tax liability. A provision that even caught the White House by surprise. As noted in the Washington Post McConnell’s proposal would prevent approximately 22 million people earning under $40K a year. THe people who need the stimulus the most!!!!

Meanwhile McConnell’s proposal would take care of the wealthy. How many times do the people have to be slapped in the face in favor of big corporations receiving tax breaks?

Action is needed, but we need the right action to happen!

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Cory Booker For Senate….

Well, I guess Cory Booker made his decision  and it will be

This should be a slam dunk for Booker, Democrats are established in NJ and with the blessing of Frank Lautenberg this is a walk in the park.  I just hope Booker is able to complete the majority of tasks as mayor of Newark; downtown Newark is on the way up and I hope whoever follows Booker as mayor will be able to continue that momentum.

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Cory Booker For…..

Cory Booker

A couple of months ago I started hearing rumblings about the possibility of Mayor of Newark, NJ Cory Booker running for Governor of New Jersey in 2013.  Booker is a rising political star in the Democratic Party, a 2013 run against political heavy weight (no pun intended) current NJ Governor Chris Christie would be a daunting task.  Personally I think Booker would lose as Christie is very popular in NJ (a state which is Democrat).

but it looks like Mr Booker is keeping all of his options open as he climbs the political ladder, according to The Washington Post

Newark Mayor Cory Booker (D) is reportedly leaning toward a 2014 Senate run rather than a 2013 gubernatorial bid. Meanwhile, records show Booker’s fundraising adviser and former City Hall staffer purchased the web domains for  “BookerForSenate,” “BookerForGovernor,” and “CoryBookerForPresident.”


To be honest I don’t who are what seats are up, but I would like to see Booker as governor before becoming a senator.  The executive leadership (running a state) would strengthen Booker’s resume where he could compete with anyone.  At the end of the day whatever Cory Booker decides it will be an interesting race as he is a charismatic individual who connects with the people.

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Anthony Weiner getting his Cory Booker on….

They say “Imitation is the Best Form of Flattery”

During the “Snowpocalypse of 2010” the 5 Boroughs of NYC struggled to dig itself out of the 20 or so inches of snow.  Many New Yorkers let it be know that they were not happy and Mayor Bloomberg was heavily criticized for the lack of response.  Snow plows were nowhere to be found on the streets during or hours after the blizzard had passed.

While New Yorkers took out their frustration with the Mayor and snow on Twitter; Cory Booker the Mayor of Newark (New Jersey) took to the streets with his a shovel in one hand and his Twitter feed in the other.

While Mayor Bloomberg struggled to control the perception of how he and his administration was handling snow removal, Cory Booker used the power of Twitter to stay connected with his constituents.  Through twitter Booker asked the people of Newark to let him know where there were snow issues.  Tweet after tweet Booker responded to those in need asking them where they were located and letting them know help was on the way.  In one instance someone tweeted that they needed diapers and Booker hand deliver the diapers himself.

Needless to say Booker received praise locally and nationally for his work; while Bloomberg is still being criticized from every angle.

So with a new snow storm hitting the NYC area, it looks like others are following the example of Cory Booker.

Anthony Weiner

Just this afternoon Representative Anthony Weiner (D-NY) tweeted…

“Not to go all Cory Booker on you or anything, but I’m inviting Bk/Q residents to file snow removal beefs here.”

I applaud Weiner for his efforts and I hope it works for him; it will be interesting to read the complaints he will receive.  There will be legitimate complaints but I guarantee that his account will be smashed with nonsense; I am sure it will be entertaining.

But in all seriousness I hope people utilize the services Weiner is providing, this is government working for you at your finger tips.

With that said I hope this time around I see some toughness out New Yorkers, the amount of whining I heard and read about was out of control and I expect better from NYC.  As a New Yorker we pride ourselves on our toughness, in all honesty I didn’t see that toughness.  Growing up in Queens it was no shock when it snowed that Queens was the last borough plowed.  On my block neighbors helped each other; we cleared the sidewalks for the older folks on the block and we all chipped in to dig each others cars out.  I was embarrassed by some of the b*#ching I heard… I know the city’s response was unsatisfactory but MAN UP!!

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F-A-Natic Fridays – Cory Booker


In 2006 Newark, New Jersey took a major step in the right direction when Cory Booker became the city’s 36th Mayor. I am a New Yorker but I commute to New Jersey 5 days a week for work. My commute takes me through Newark, NJ and in 5 years I have seen change, albeit a minor change it is start. As a New York I have always heard all the stories about Newark and how much of a shit it was, to be honest when I started making the commute to New Jersey I finally saw what everyone was talking about. Before you enter Newark Penn Station on NJ Transit you have to pass a graveyard of industrialized warehouses from Newark’s glorious past during the 19th and early 20th centuries. Depressing doesn’t even describe the scene!!

Before Cory Booker became mayor of Newark 5 of the last 7 Mayors of Newark have been indicted on criminal charges; extortion, conspiracy, federal tax evasion, fraud, bribery charges, 33 counts of conspiracy, mail fraud, and wire fraud. With a past like this Cory Booker could have easily showed up and done nothing and he would have been seen as a success. Lucky thing for Newark sitting around and not doing nothing is not in Booker’s personality. From his first political position as councilman Booker has been an active advocate for the people. I mean he has participated in a hunger strike and lived in a tent to protest drug dealing and violence in one of the toughest areas of Newark. It is determination and fire that will lift the people out of down and situations, you can’t throw money at a problem and think that everything will be all good. You need to take it to the streets and make a difference. So far I have seen this in Cory Booker and it is making a difference.

Now you look at Newark and you see the NJ Devils (hockey) have opened a brand new state of the art facility, Prudential Center aka “The Rock” right in the middle of downtown Newark. Along with the Devils Booker was able to successful negotiate having the NJ Nets (Basketball) play their 2010-2011 season at “The Rock”. Along with Hockey and Basketball Newark (well Harrison) will be home to the NY Red Bulls. All of this will bring in much needed revenue for Newark and the surrounding area, but that is only the beginning as Booker continues to put in work to make Newark an attractive place for businesses and families.

Booker could be the greatest salesman in trying to attract businesses to Newark and he can give all the taxs breaks in the world, but the key to Newark’s turn-around will be making the city safe! So far Booker has made tremendousstrides in bringing the crime rate down in Newark. Booker actually participates in night watch programs where they walk the streets of Newark protecting the streets. If you follow Booker on Twitter (@CoryBooker) you could follow his night watch program as he would tweet his nightly progress. Time and time again Booker has shown he will use unconventional means to make a difference, and his efforts recently paid off!

Newark was able to celebrate it’s first murder-free month (March) in over 44 years. As of April 1, 2010, the murder rate in Newark was the second best since 1941 and crime rates for aggravated assaults, robberies, carjacking, and shootings were also down for the first quarter compared to 2009.

We need more politicians like Cory Booker, less talk and more action!!

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