MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred Says Pete Rose Decision Expected by the End of Year

It has been 27-years since Pete Rose voluntary accepted the punishment laid down by then commissioner Angelo Bartlett “Bart” Giamatti (died 8-days after making his decision) to be placed on baseball’s ineligible list. A punishment which he never believed would have kept him out of MLB Baseball Hall of Fame.

The retirement of Bud Selig as MLB Commissioner opened a new doorway for Rose. In March Rose submitted his application for reinstatement to newly appointed commissioner Rob Manfred; and today Manfred announced on ESPN 980 with Thom Loverro and Kevin Sheehan that a decision on Roses’ application will be made before the end of the year.

While there is a ray of hope for Rose, he still has a huge obstacle to overcome. Rose admitted to betting on baseball as manager of the Cincinnati Reds as part of rehabilitating his reputation several years ago. In June ESPN reported about newly found documents that show Rose not only bet on baseball as manager but also as a player.

If this was Bud Selig making the decision I would say Rose has no shot at reinstatement, Selig was a close friend of Bart Giamatti and Selig never had any interest of undoing his friend’s decision. With Manfred, Rose has a chance, a chance that Manfred may want to move past this ugly stain on baseball history.

My personal opinion is that I love baseball and Rose broke basically the single most important rule in the game….

Rule 21 – Misconduct

BETTING ON BALL GAMES.  Any player, umpire, or club official or 
employee, who shall bet any sum whatsoever upon any baseball game in
connection with which the bettor has no duty to perform shall be declared
ineligible for one year.

Any player, umpire, or club or league official or employee, who shall
bet any sum whatsoever upon any baseball game in connection with which
the bettor has a duty to perform shall be declared permanently ineligible.

F#((% PETE ROSE!!!!

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Credit: Pete Rose Rule

ESPN’s Bomani Jones and Talib Kweli Have a lil Twitter Beef

ESPN’s Bomani Jones is known for not holding back when it comes to his opinions/thoughts on sports, music and social issues. If you have ever listened to Bomani Jones’ podcast ‘The Evening Jones’ you know Bomani has strong opinions when it comes to music.

So things got a lil heated when Bomani Jones was giving his props to Big Boi and @37CrookShankAve responded with the following, “We are really putting big boi over Talib? That’s what we do here?”

And the fireworks began as Bomani ReTweeted @37CrookShankAve with the following response


Well, Talib who admitted to being a fan of Bomani responded with that fire….


Talib had other Tweets to get his point across….




Man listen, everyone has their own “Top 5” list, and I am not going to say Talib is being sensitive or anything. I see where he takes an exception to the whole ‘Planet Earth’ every rapper has their own lane.


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Matt Harvey: The Dark Knight Rises

New York Mets’ pitcher Matt Harvey has not pitched in a major league game since he partially tore of the ulnar collateral ligament in his right elbow in August of 2013. That year he dazzled Mets fans with his blazing fastball, reminding them of past aces Dwight Gooden, Nolan Ryan, and Tom Seaver.

Needless to say it has been a long wait for Mets fans to see Harvey back on the mound.

ESPN’s E:60 documents Harvey’s rehab and talks to the young right-hander about surgery, rehab and pitching in NY. The special premiers April 4th, and I have to be honest, as a Mets fan, I got goosebumps watching the trailer….




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Now You Want to Be Tough on Jeter???

So I wake up this morning and I see that longtime Yankee fan Stephen A Smith, wants to be tough on Derek Jeter.


Now you wanna be tough on Jeter Stephen A?  Dawg, you’re LATE to the game.  Stephen A is criticizing Jeter for his lack of productivity so far this season; ummmm…. NEWS FLASH Stephen, Derek Jeter is 36 years old!!!  What about last season gave you the idea that Jeter was going to have a productive season in 2011?

I know I know, it’s still early in the season and Jeter could turn this round and I actually think he will.  I don’t believe Jeter will hit .300 but he could be a .275 – .280 hitter.

I guess what pisses me off about all this is that so-called sports reporter Stephen A Smith is trying to come across as being tough on Jeter.  In my opinion Stephen A. is being the ULTIMATE MONDAY MORNING QUARTERBACK!  It’s easy to criticize Jeter right NOW, his numbers are terrible (at least for Derek Jeter standards).  You’re not being “TOUGH” on Jeter your just being “Captain Obvious”.  Anyone watching a Yankee game could have told us that Jeter is struggling.  Stephen A. likes to yell and rant in interviews and on the radio and show he has the biggest mouth in the room.  How about you show us some creativity Stephen A and report something I didn’t already know.

Step ya game up bruh, I am sure ESPN is paying you a lot of money to be a lil more creative with your reporting.

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Derek Jeter to sign new deal with Yankees on Sunday?

Derek Jeter

As being reported by ESPN, looks th Yankees nd Derek Jeter aka “The Captain” have agreed on a deal that will be announced Sunday.  The Yankees originally offered Jeter 3 year contract worth $45 million ($15 Mil a year).

A 36-year-old Jeter felt he was worth more years guaranteed and more money.  Jeter and his agent never officially announced what type of deal he was looking for but word on the street was that he was looking for something in the range of 6 years around $20 million a year.

Luckily for Yankees fans both the Yankees and Jeter seem to have met a middle ground.  It’s being reported that the Yankees will now offer Jeter 3 years at $17 million a year (total $51 million) with a 4th year option (lower salary) that can be picked up by the Yankees.

This is a good deal for both sides as the Yanks were able to avoid committing to a 4th year (and paying Jeter $20 mil a year) and Jeter becomes the 2nd highest paid shortstop in baseball behind Troy Tulowitzki (something like $24 million a year).

Once again all is well in Yankee land; in the words of Derrick Coleman, Whoopdedamndo 

LOL, back to my Yankee hating ways.  LET’S GO METS!!!

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Takeover Thursdays – For some Mike Vick’s comeback story not enough….

Mike Vick

On Monday Night Football the comeback of Mike Vick reached a new high as Vick put up a record-breaking performance that may never be duplicated.

Vick became the first player in NFL history with 300 passing yards, 50 rushing yards, four passing touchdowns and two rushing touchdowns in a game. Vick also became the first player in NFL history to have three passing touchdowns and two rushing touchdowns in the first half of a game.

While most praised Vick’s performance there was at least one person who felt the need to make sure Mike Vick’s accomplishments were put into perspective he felt was necessary.  Steve Politi of penned the article Michael Vick’s comeback will only be truly a great story if dog fighting declines.

Politi starts his article with Mike Vick’s tweet after his historic game, “God Can Turn Mistakes Into Miracles”.

He mentions Vick’s tweet as if to say that Mike Vick is out of touch with reality; Politi continues by calling Vick’s performance on Monday Night “impressive” but

“A miracle has to be bigger than broken tackles and touchdowns passes.  A decline in dog fighting?  Now that would be the miracle.”

Politi is either completely missing the point of what Vick is trying to say with his tweet or he is using the moment of Vick’s success to grab attention.  In this Politi is using Vick’s success…

I will admit that I am not an avid reader of Politi’s so it is possible that he has written a number of articles about dog fighting.  What rubs me the wrong way is how Politi wraps Vick’s historic night around this anti-dog fighting article.  To be honest this article acts like dog fighting begins and should end with Mike Vick and that is not fair.

We all know what Mike Vick did was wrong and him serving 21 months in federal prison along with 2 months of home confinement is no one else fault but his own.  What Politi fails to understand is that Vick being able to come back from losing it all too now being in the conversation for MVP is sort of miracle.  We always hear stories of athletes who waste their talent and lose it all; constantly being mentioned in “What if” scenarios.  How many times do we hear stories like this one turning into what seems to be a happy ending?

So when Mike Vick says, “God Can Turn Mistakes into Miracles” he is not saying it is miracle that he can put up record numbers by breaking tackles and scoring touchdowns.  He is saying that it’s a miracle that he was given the chance to play football again after all the mistakes he made in the past.

There is no need to diminish Vick’s accomplishments, as stated in the article Vick being found guilty of dog fighting and serving time for it shined a necessary spotlight on an issue that had to be addressed.  It’s unfair to saddle Vick with the responsibility of eliminating dog fighting as the title of Politi’s article suggest.

Sorry Mr. Politi, but if Mike Vick walks away from this experience an overall better person/player on and off the field his comeback is indeed a great story!!

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