Outbounds with Knicks Chick, JJ’s not-so-welcome back!

Anyone who has followed Knicks Chick knew that this video blog was coming; Welcome Back Jared Jeffries!!!

Knicks Chick is definitely a lot nicer in evaluating Jared Jeffries this time around; she is correct in stating that there are many in the media that are speaking highly of Jeffries as if he was the 2nd coming of Charles Oakley.  Jeffries is a nice player who in the right situation can help your team; and I think we might be seeing a pretty good fit for the Knicks right now.  But as Knicks Chick points out lets not act like JJ is the low post defender that is the missing piece.

If JJ can play 10 minutes a game and grab 5 boards while being some kind of a presence in the post I will be thrilled!!!

Hopefully we will not have to resort to the “Incentive” based contract idea Knicks Chick offered; if so I think it will be in JJ’s best interest if he retires right now, HAHA!!!

All in all I believe JJ will help more than hurt the Knicks this time around; with that said checkout the recent edition of Out of Bounds with Knicks Chick….

JJ’s not-so-welcome back!

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LOL, not sure if Knicks Chick meant it, but I believe she gave JJ a subliminal finger when counting what he doesn’t do.

I will say she makes a very good point about all the talk around the height we gave away in the Melo trade; people have to keep in mind that Mozgov was not a real defensive presence in the post or a menace on the boards.  Mozgov at best would be an offensive center that would happen to grab rebounds due to his height; I hated to see Mozgov go but let’s be real…


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Knicks Chick goes in on Shawne Williams and other NBA news

So a couple of Fridays ago I wrote about my homey Knicks Chick and her love for the New York Knicks and everything NBA.  I decided that I will help spread her special NBA commentary by featuring her video blogs on It’s On Broadway.

You can also find her on Hoops Vibe as well as her YouTube page – The Knicks Chick

I will say this I think she missed an opportunity to get at Shawne Williams and D’Antonio aka Mr. Pringles some more; or maybe I missed that blog??  For example can someone explain to me how Shawne Williams gets so much burn?

Anyway, checkout the latest edition of Out Of Bounds….

For the record I have always loved Kevin Garnett and his tough playing style; reminds me of Charles “The Oakman” Oakley

By the way Knicks Chick, with baseball season starting up again can I get something a lil bigger than the big baseball reppin the NY Mets HAHA!!

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F-A-Natic Fridays – Marija “The Knicks Chick” Kero

I wanted to take a quick minute and give a shout out to one of the great fans of sports….

With the resurgence of the NY Knicks this season, there is no other fan who is enjoying this NBA season more than Marija Kero aka “The Knicks Chick”.  Now I consider myself a sports junkie, but I don’t know if I’m at the level of Ms Kero.  Her passion for the Knicks might be unmatched as all she wants is for Knicks to be good again and reclaim the glory of the 90s and 70s; but don’t let her good looks or her love for the Knicks fool you!

She is not one of those fans that will endlessly defend her team; if she doesn’t like something she will let it be known.  I am pretty sure if you go back and watch Knicks games from last season; you can probably hear her yelling “Pringles (her name for D’Antoni) you suck!” or “I hate you JJ (Jared Jeffries)!”.  Trust me, I witnessed some of this last season 1st hand and according to her that was a toned down version of her antics during games (she didn’t want to scare me).

But that’s not what makes Knicks Chick stand out from most fans…..

While other Knicks’ fans sit around either gloating or cursing after games; Knicks Chick takes to YouTube to express her feelings.  Her rants (and I mean that in a good way) are informative, hilarious,  and unforgiving.

Here is 1 example of her sharp analysis…


Because of commentary (and BBM faces) like that Marija was featured on NBA Access with Ahmad Rashad; soon after that Knicks Chick became a regular contributor to Hoops Vibe.  On Hoops Vibe she spits her hard-hitting commentary about anything and everything dealing with the NBA; without a doubt she is the true definition of a fan.

If you got a second check her out either on HoopsVibe.com, Twitter – @KnicksChick or on her YouTube page; http://www.youtube.com/user/TheKnicksChick#p/u/7/Wzm2jNvUmiI

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