MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell clowns Bachmann with 10th Grader

It’s no secret that Presidential candidate Michele Bachmann has said some outrageous things and she has definitely has screwed up facts about history and the Constitution.  Plenty of political pundits like Lawrence O’Donnell have ridiculed Bachmann showing no mercy…. and before anyone says anything about it all being about the “Liberal” media keep in mind that NY Times columnist David Brooks has openly criticized Bachmann as well.

Can the criticism of Michele Bachmann get any worse???

Well apparently it can… 10th grader Amy Myers recently joined the ‘Hate Bachmann’ club (Welcome, haha!!) when she recently sent a letter to Congresswoman Bachmann’s office

“As a typical high school student, I have found quite a few of your statements regarding The Constitution of the United States, the quality of public school education and general U.S. civic matters to be factually incorrect, inaccurately applied or grossly distorted…”

O’Donnell gave an example of Bachmann’s history failure when she stated at an event in New Hampshire that it was the state that heard the shot heard around the world.  Ummmm, its been a while for me but that wasn’t New Hampshire it was definitely Massachusetts!!!

Poor Michele Bachmann, she makes it so easy to criticize and laugh at her its borderline sad.  What might be even more sad is that Bachmann has a strong following who believe in her, strong enough to win the presidency hell no but strong enough to be a little dangerous,

By the way Michele Bachmann in case you’re wondering,

Euthanasia is the act or practice of killing or permitting the death of hopelessly sick or injured individuals (as persons or domestic animals) in a relatively painless way for reasons of mercy.

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Final Words on Donald Trump…..

So we can finally put behind us the insanity of Donald Trump as he announced May 16th that he will not be running for president in 2012.


LOL, while many in the media stoke the fires of a possible Trump 2012 Campaign there was one political commentator who refused to buy the BS that is Donald Trump.  From the moment Trump opened his mouth about possibly running for President, Lawrence O’Donnell immediately sounded the BS alarm.  From day 1 O’Donnell stated Trump will not run for president, and that all this was about was Trump looking for attention!!

It’s moment like where O’Donnell shines…

Basically all the pundits should have known better than to give the Donald Trump for President story any legs!!!

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Bush, “Truly not concerned about Bin Laden…”

A couple of days ago I wrote about Condoleezza Rice nicely handling herself on Lawrence O’Donnell’s show and how it is vogue right now for Democrats to criticize the Bush Administration for not catching Osama Bin Laden.  I thought it was a bit over the top the way some Dems had looked at the capture and death of Bin Laden as purely an accomplishment for President Obama and failure for former President Bush.


I find it insulting that FOX News thinks they can just re-write history and act as if Bin Laden was always a major focus for them!!


On 3/13/2002 then Pres Bush minimized the influence of Bin Laden.  If you are going to applaud Pres Bush for building the foundation of intelligence gathering that ‘MAY’ have assisted the Obama Administration to find Bin Laden… THEN you also have to acknowledge that it was Pres Bush who  re-focused US interest from Afghanistan to Iraq.

In the next couple of days I will talk more about the silliness of FOX News coverage of the capture/killing of Osama Bin Laden!!

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Lawrence O’Donnell vs Condi Rice….

With the death of Osama Bin Laden (OBL) there is a renewed interest in looking at the Bush Administration and their policies after 9/11.  Since the death of OBL Democrats are taking the opportunity to point out that the Bush Administration failed to capture/kill OBL.  Dems are seizing what they believe is a chance to win political points with voters in showing the Democrats can be tough on terrorist.  Republicans over the past decade have always stated that Democrats are weak on the war on terror and that with a Democrat as president the U.S. will not be as safe.

Of course that is a silly notion….

One interview that basically sums up the week of Bush bashing would be the Condi Rice interview on Lawrence O’Donnell’s show ‘The Last Word’.  O’Donnell is a tough as he is passionate about his beliefs, but at the same time he is knowledgeable about the game of politics.  I have seen O’Donnell eat some guest alive with his interview style but Condi definitely held her own and she was prepared.

Regardless of what you think of Rice, you cannot deny that she is a tough/intelligent woman.  I may differ with Condi Rice on various issues as she is a Conservative (Moderate Republican), but I respect her knowledge of foreign affairs.  In this interview Rice defended her decisions, to be fair decisions were made based on the intelligence at the time.

“What you know today can affect what you do tomorrow, but what you know today cannot affect what you did yesterday” – Condoleeza Rice

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Talking Points Tuesdays – Lawrence O’Donnell destroys Bill O’Reilly….

Lawrence O’Donnell host of MSNBC’s The Last Word recently destroyed Bill O’Reilly for the BS he spews nightly on his FOX News show.

This is why I love O’Donnell and his style; he doesn’t pull any punches and he has the resume to back it up anyone who wants to step up.

O’Donnell in the video below goes right at “Billy Boy” with no hesitation…

“I know real Irish tough guys they don’t look and sound like you.  And none of them come from Long Island like you, and none of them go to work in makeup like you…. Anybody who knows real tough isn’t fool by you Bill.” – Lawrence O’Donnell

LMAO, Lawrence aka LOD is the TRUTH and he brings the fire every night!!

I can’t wait to see what Billy Boy’s response will be to O’Donnell; Bill O’Reilly is the big dog on the block when it comes to political talk shows on TV.  Will he (O’Reilly) even acknowledge LOD?  Or will O’Reilly treat O’Donnell like a low-end rapper trying to make a name for himself by attacking the likes of Jay-Z or Eminem….

Who knows, in the meantime enjoy “The Notorious” LOD get at Billy Boy

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Keith Olbermann and MSNBC part ways

On Friday night Keith Olbermann announced that this was his final ‘Countdown’ show; to say the least this was a shocker to all his fans and detractors.

Many will say that Olbermann is easily the face of MSNBC politics; but it seems that MSNBC thinks differently.  While at MSNBC Olbermann has had a bumpy relationship with management.  During the 2008 campaign Olbermann anchored the coverage for MSNBC; never bashful to express his opinion Olbermann showed his Liberal bias on several occasions and this rubbed people like Tom Brokaw the wrong way.  Word has it that Brokaw spoke with MSNBC’s management about Olbermann’s behavior and  let it be known that NBC is not FOX News.  Olbermann was removed as anchor but later returned towards the end of the campaign coverage.

More recently Olbermann was suspended for campaign donations to Liberal candidates; MSNBC cited Olbermann was in violation of rules that stated he had to notify management whenever making donations to any campaign.  Before the suspension Olbermann had recently brought attention to FOX News and how Republican candidates were using the network to raise campaign funds.  It seems as if the network was punishing Olbermann to protect themselves from similar scrutiny.

The suspension of Olbermann upset his fans to the point where they started an online petition to have him reinstated; the overwhelming support was well received and Olbermann’s suspension was lifted a couple of days later.  At this point you have to believe the relationship between Olbermann and management was at its lowest point.  With that said Olbermann’s show remained the flagship of the network as all other shows like Maddow and Ed Schulze revolved around it.

Then there was the introduction of Lawrence O’Donnell’s show ‘The Last Word’, like Olbermann O’Donnell is hard-hitting and passionate about politics.  The difference between the 2 is that O’Donnell has worked in Washington; he was worked as senior advisor to Senator Patrick Moynihan.  So far O’Donnell’s show has ben very successful as he has been able to have guests from the hill that are both Republican and Democrat.  For all of  his success Olbermann seems to lack the ability to book the big time guests that are Republican, while O’Donnell has had the likes of Tom Delay and more recently had a powerful exchange with Representative Trent Franks (R-AZ).

So with the Comcast deal to buy NBC finalizing, it is very possible new management decided it was time for a change.  Behind the scenes it is no secret in the industry that Olbermann has not been the easiest person to work with; in Comcast opinion this might have been the perfect time for a change.  It has already been announced that Lawrence O’Donnell will take over the 8pm slot; and he will definitely have big shoes to fill.

For Olbermann, there is no doubt in my mind that he will be back on TV it’s just a question of when.  According to reports Olbermann had 2 more years remaining on his contract and it is not clear if the agreement reached between Olbermann and MSNBC management will allow him to work for another network for the remaining years on his contract.  Since we all know there is no chance in hell that FOX News will hire him, I think it is a safe bet that Olbermann will end up on CNN.  I think a combination of Olbermann, Piers Morgan, and Anderson Cooper is pretty formidable and would give MSNBC and FOX a run for their money.

Until then it looks like the ‘Countdown’ has had its final count down; 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 0…..

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