Yankee Fans Relax, You Still Have a Good Team

Yes, last night was a disappointing moment for New York Yankee fans. With the acquisition of Giancarlo Stanton, Yankee fans had dreams of Stanton and Aaron Judge hitting 100 homers combined in a season. 

But unlike the great Yankee teams led by Derek Jeter, the 2018 Yanks lacked strong pitching and a lineup of hitters that worked counts and frustrated pitchers. Still, the Yankees are still in good position to compete for an number of years. They have a number of young talented players ready to step up, while older players like C.C. Sabathia and Brett Gardner have probably seen their last days in pinstripes.

Players like Gleyber Torres and Miguel Andujar (soon to be AL Rookie of the Year) have already produced at the major league level, with Chance Adams (P), Domingo Acevedo (P), and Clint Frazier (hopefully can get past concussion issues) seemingly ready to contribute at the next level.

24-hours have not even passed, and fans are already pining for Joe Girardi, talking about signing Manny Machado and Bryce Harper… STOP IT!!!!

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So Yankee fans, as my guy N.O.R.E. would say, “You Gotta RELAX!”

Of course, what do I know… I’m just a Mets fan that hates the Yankees 

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Matt Harvey’s Spot in the Mets Rotation in Question

Matt Harvey formerly known as The Dark Knight is going thru some dark days, as he continues to struggle to start the 2018 season. In his last start against the Atlanta Braves, Harvey was hit hard and often to start the game, giving up 6 runs in 6 innings.

After the game Mets manager Mickey Callaway was non-committal about Harvey making his next start against the St. Louis Cardinals.

‘We’re not really sure what’s going to happen with our rotation once Vargas gets back,’

‘We haven’t even thought about that. We haven’t thought that far. We’re not going to react on one outing. We’ll have to wait and see.’ – Mickey Callaway 

Before this start many said Harvey’s spot in the rotation was dependent on this performance. With Zack Wheeler performing since coming back from the minors, and Jason Vargas putting up impressive innings in his rehab starts. The pressure is on Callaway to make a move.

It doesn’t look good for Harvey right now, but if there is anything good to take away from last night’s game, it might be Harvey’s response to questions about the possibility of him being demoted to the bullpen.

“I am a starting pitcher,

I’ve always been a starting pitcher. I think I showed in the fifth and sixth inning I can get people out still when my pitch count gets up, so I am a starting pitcher.”

When Harvey struggled last season, he looked lost and had no confidence. I know I am a Harvey fan (maybe the last) but this Harvey is different and he is correct that he was able to battle and gave the Mets 6 innings last night, and keep the Braves scoreless in his last 3 innings.

“I am a starting pitcher, that’s how my mindset is,” Harvey said. “That’s how I am going to prepare and how I get ready, that’s my reaction.”

“I think there is a lot still to prove,

I believe I took a step in the right direction. I am ready to get out of the hole and show what I can do.”

Call it a hunch but I believe Harvey will bounce back, I refuse to believe he’s done as a pitcher. There are too many ups and downs in a baseball season, and you can never have enough pitching. At this time the Mets seem to have too much pitching, but a couple of weeks from who knows what will happen.

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Source: NY Daily News

Matt Harvey Opts For Season-Ending Surgery #DarkKnight

Matt Harvey‘s season long nightmare has come to an end, as he has decided to have season-ending surgery to address the recently diagnosed condition thoracic outlet syndrome. This occurs when muscles in the neck and shoulders impinge on nerves leading to numbness and loss of strength and stamina in the shoulder and arm.

All season long Harvey has insisted that he just could not get comfortable on the mound, and it was evident by his performance. The pitcher known as the Dark Knight lost his feel for the game, his pitches, and the love of many Mets fans (Not this one, just saying).


And while surgery is never a good thing, especially for a pitcher and his arm. Harvey seems relieved to know that there was something physically wrong possibly causing his issues.




I can’t wait for the Dark Knight to rise again next season!


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Matt Harvey Roughed Up Again, And I Know Why…..

Matt Harvey is going through his roughest stretch as a major league pitcher. At this point it doesn’t seem like it’s anything physical, and everyone has talked about his mechanics and his lack of confidence.

But I know what’s the problem….


That’s right folks, ‘Batman v Superman’ premiered March 25th and was critically deemed a flop. Around the same time Harvey was diagnosed with a blood clots in his bladder, he hasn’t been the same since, hmmmmm

That’s right I blame Ben Affleck and DC Films for Harvey’s struggles!!!

LOL, but in all seriousness folks, Harvey is struggling right now but he will figure this. What Mets’ fans need to do is support the guy they cheered and called the savior at one point. There’s a reason the day he pitched was celebrated and called ‘Harvey Day’.

He is too good for him not to bounce back… Keep the faith Mets’ fans, The Dark Knight Will Rise Again!!!



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Matt Harvey: Dark Knight or Two-Face?

Once upon a time Matt Harvey said the following….

“The last thing I would want to do is have to sit on my hands … and not be able to pitch in the postseason,”

“Whatever needs to be done to get us there, I’m all for, and whatever they decide for that whole process, I’m completely on board.”

Harvey said this back in spring training when it was being discussed that 180 innings pitched would be a limit after having Tommy John surgery. Now Harvey is at 166 1/3 innings and after his agent Scott Boras spoke out about the Mets pitching Harvey past the 180 innings mark; Harvey had this to say.

“I’m the type of person, I never want to put the ball down. Obviously I hired Scott, my agent, and went with Dr. Andrews as my surgeon because I trusted them to keep my career going and keep me healthy. As far as being out there, being with my teammates and playing, I’m never going to want to stop. As far as the surgeon and my agent having my back and kind of looking out for the best of my career, they’re obviously speaking their mind about that.”

Harvey has come across as being non-committal to pitching past 180-innings, which has him looking more like Two-Face than the Dark Knight to Mets fans



So is Matt Harvey the Dark Knight or Two-Face?

Matt Harvey is Matt Harvey, a competitor caught between a rock and hard place.

He’s the pitcher who battled the Mets and wanted to pitch towards the end of the season in 2014, the same pitcher who resisted the idea of a 6-man rotation, the same pitcher who fights every time Terry Collins removes him from the game, and the same pitcher who threw 157 pitches in college because he refused to leave a game.

Harvey is not Two-Face, he’s a competitor and you can’t fake that, not for any amount of money!

The best thing for Harvey right now is to go out on Tuesday and beat the Nats, and put all of this talk to behind him.

As for the postseason, Harvey the competitor will find a way to make that happen.


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A Picture That Epitomizes NYC Sports in the 80s


In the mid to late 80s the sports scene in NYC was owned by the Giants, Mets and Mike Tyson.

The Giants, Mets and Tyson not only beat-up on their opponents and won championships in their respective sports, but they also partied hard in the streets of NYC.

The stories of Lawrence Taylor partying in NYC are almost as legendary as Charlie Murphy and Rick James chillen at the China Club.

But, no one could out party the ’86 Mets held their own and of course Mike Tyson was a like a kid in the candy store

Can you imagine Facebook, Twitter, Snap Chat and Instagram back then in the 80s?????


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Mike Piazza… Karate Lessons for Revenge Against Roger Clemens


Let’s go back in time real quick, back in 200o Mike Piazza OWNED the Yankees pitching staff.  During inter-league play against the Yankees, Roger Clemens beaned Piazza which knocked Piazza out the game with a concussion.  Many people viewed the beaning as a dirty play by Clemens, I’ll be honest I didn’t have a problem with it but I had more a problem with the response by the Mets (which was really no response).  Piazza and Clemens did meet up again in the playoffs with another confrontation but again nothing came out of that except some exchanging of words, blah blah blah….

Now we find out in excerpts from Piazza’s soon to be released memoir that he had a plan to exact revenge on Clemens….  Karate????

The following is from the NY Post

Piazza tells how he mapped out a plan for revenge — taking karate lessons and visualizing the next time they would go at it.

“I would approach with my fist pulled back. I figured he’d throw his glove out for protection. I’d parry the glove and then get after it,” Piazza writes.

WTH, this kat was choreographing his attack?


As much as I am a die-hard Mets fan, reading that Piazza wanted to exact revenge against Clemens with karate is HILARIOUS and at the same time it has me smh.

Oh well, too bad we will never get to see Piazza’s kung-fu.  We will get a look into Piazza’s thoughts on roids and allegations of him being gay.

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