Jackie Robinson Day

69-years ago, Jackie Robinson made his major league debut for the Brooklyn Dodgers on April 15, 1947.

In celebration of Jackie Robinson breaking the color barrier in baseball, all MLB teams retired the #42 and April 15th is now known as ‘Jackie Robinson Day’. On this day all players, coaches, and umpires wear Robinson’s #42.

If you have not seen the Ken Burns‘ documentary on Robinson you can check it out online

Jackie Robinson Part 1

Jackie Robinson Part 2



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The Mets Clutch Home Runs Added to MLB’s #THIS Campaign

The NY Mets completed an AMAZIN 3-game sweep of the Washington Nationals, and you will be hard pressed to find a more exciting series up to this point in the season.

The Mets had to come from behind in all 3 games to beat the Nationals and they did it in dramatic fashion. MLB captured 2 of the biggest moments in the series in their #THIS campaign

#THIS is meant to show you why baseball is great!

Here are other Mets’ moments that are part of the #THIS campaign


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#THIS: Harvey Returns to New York

When Rob Manfred took over as the 10th commissioner of Major League Baseball he openly acknowledged that baseball needed to do a better job in leveraging social media to market the game.

I think social media is a space that we need to continue to work on. You know, our principle efforts with respect to the pure marketing of the game are going to be player-focused. We’re at an interesting spot from the generational perspective—the Derek Jeter generation has kind of moved on, and we’re going to be making a conscious effort to market the new stars of the game—the Mike Trouts, the Clayton Kershaws and Andrew McCutchens. Those folks are great players and great young people, and that’s going to be a principle focus of our marketing efforts. Social is important, obviously, particularly with younger players who kind of carry younger fans – Rob Manfred

Baseball has launched their new PR campaign to promote their stars, #THIS. And just in time for the Subway Series they have release #THIS: Harvey Returns to New York


Ok baseball, I think this is a good first step for MLB. I mean it works for me as a Mets fan, but can baseball get this out to the causal fan? Baseball needs to think big, they should buy spots during the NBA Playoffs and NFL Draft; just bombard TV and all social media with this campaign. Hopefully Manfred and baseball can keep coming up with good ideas like this.

By the way, baseball’s Twitter account (@MLB) currently has 4.48 million followers, and that may seem a lot until you take a look at the NBA’s Twitter account (@NBA)…. 14 million followers!!!!

You can checkout more #THIS videos on MLB’s YouTube Channel


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Major League Baseball’s Twitter Account Pays Respect to USA Goalie Tim Howard

In a sign of respect to the tremendous effort Tim Howard is displaying in goal against Belgium @MLB tweeted a twitpic of the Gold Gloves in the Hall of Fame and said they now belong to Howard.


In Extra Time Belgium finally beat Howard and currently lead 2-1, no matter the outcome of this game Howard has played out of his mind and there is no shame in this lost.

Tim Howard with 16 saves has made himself into a star in the United States with this World Cup performance.


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NY Yankees Top List as Most Valuable Franchise in Baseball


Who said baseball was a dying sport?

Bloomberg released its list of most valuable teams in Major League Baseball, and on top of that list are the NY Yankees who are valued at $3.3 Billion!

According to Bloomberg News the value of MLB teams went up approximately 35% from previous estimates; these numbers are compiled using

revenue from ticket sales, concessions, sponsorships and broadcast rights, as well as interests in TV channels, radio stations and real estate.

Revenue from national TV contracts and merchandise is split evenly among the teams, as is the value of MLB Advanced Media, a subsidiary that supplies content to Internet and mobile subscribers.via Bloomberg News

Man that’s a lot of scrilla, can’t hate them tho…. Of course I can, with all that value the Yankees STILL missed the playoffs.  Haha, come on you didn’t REALLY think I wasn’t talk a lil trash about the Skanks.

Side note, my NY Mets are 1 of 10 teams worth more than $1 Billion.  We coming back!!!


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The Jackie Robinson Movie


As a life long fan of baseball I cannot wait to see the movie ‘42‘, the story of Jackie Robinson integrating Major League Baseball. If some how you have been living under a rock Jackie Robinson was the 1st African-American to play in the Major Leagues.

Over the past couple of years I have listen to several discussions talking about the impact of Jackie Robinson on both Major League Baseball and the Negro Leagues.  While most look at Jackie Robinson’s achievements as a positive impact on society there are others who view Robinson leaving the Negro Leagues as the beginning of the end for the all Black league.  Robinson’s success led to the plucking of talent by MLB….

Was this a good thing or a bad thing?

Without a doubt it was bad for the Negro League but the good out weighed the bad!

The integration of baseball dispelled the ridiculous notion that the Black athlete could not contest with the best White ball players.  While I can understand the opinions of those like Dr Boyce Watkins who correctly states that the downfall of the Negro Leagues destroyed Black business.  I cannot understand what seems to be a lack of respect for the impact of Jackie Robinson.  In a recent YouTube video Dr Watkins talks about not having the desire to see the movie ’42’.

While Dr Watkins talks about “ownership” in his video, in my opinion he ignores the ownership Jackie Robinson took in his own life by not allowing bigots and racists to tell him he could not be on the same baseball field as Whites.   Does Dr Watkins believe that if the Negro Leagues would have continued with Robinson that it would have had a greater impact than Robinson integrating MLB?  Only Dr Watkins can answer that question…

What I do know is that The Jackie Robinson story is a GREAT positive story in Black History and I will fully support it.  I prefer to avoid supporting trash like “Basketball Wives’ and ‘Love and Hip-Hop’.

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Carlos Quentin charges the mound against Zack Greinke

Last night’s baseball game between the Padres and the Dodgers got out of hand when Dodgers’ pitcher Zack Greinke hit Padres’ batter Carlos Quentin. This led to a bench clearing brawl that left Greinke with a fractured collar bone.

No matter how you spin it, Quentin is in the wrong. The back of Quentin’s baseball card is not exciting anyone and he needs to play his position in the world of baseball. In his 8 year career he is a .253 hitter, he should feel honored that Greinke even paid enough attention to hit him!

But because Quentin believes he is better than he is and that Greinke gives a flying f¥€k about who he is; he felt the need to charge the mound after being hit with a pitch. In defending his .253 batting avg career Quentin fractured the collar bone of Greinke.

As it stands now Greinke will be out indefinitely with a broken collar bone. Meanwhile Quentin MAY get a 5 game suspension for charging the mound, hardly fair for the Dodgers.

I agree with Dodgers’ manager Don Mattingly, Carlos Quentin should have the sit out however long it takes Greinke to recover from the fractured collar bone. Let’s see if MLB and Bud Selig will do the right thing!


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Phillies pitcher Cole Hamels takes it back to the Old School

So this might be the 1st and last time I EVER give a Philadelphia Philly any credit.

As a Mets fan I hate the Phillies, not as much as I hate the Yankees but it’s still hate!

But I have to give props to Phillies pitcher Cole Hamels for taking it back to the old school; it was just the other day that I was watching the Colorado Rockies playing the Mets and the Rockies center fielder Dexter Fowler (who is not that good) hit a homerun.  Instead of just taking his victory lap, Fowler had to add a bat flip to homerun trot.  I explained to my friend that you just don’t do that, and back in the day either Fowler would be intentional hit by the pitcher or the teams best player would be hit.

It’s about playing the game the RIGHT way…..

So when Cole Hamels hit Washington Nationals young phenom Bryce Harper in the 1st inning Sunday, I have to admit I could appreciate the way Cole Hamels is playing the game.

“I was trying to hit him…  I’m not going to deny it.”

“That’s something I grew up watching, that’s kind of what happened. So I’m just trying to continue the old baseball because I think some people are kind of getting away from it. I remember when I was a rookie the strike zone was really, really small and you didn’t say anything because that’s the way baseball is…”  – Cole Hamels

Hamels was well aware of the situation as he did it on national TV (ESPN); Harper is a phenom that has been talked about ever since he was drafted by the Nationals.  Harper has a reputation for being cocky and without a doubt Hamels knew this.

“It’s just, ‘Welcome to the big leagues.’ “

Also credit to Bryce Harper as he took the beaning in stride, I would not have been shocked if Harper had rushed the mound to get at Hamels.  Instead Harper took his base and even score as he stole home on Hamels; again playing the game the right way.

Good job by Hamels and Harper!!

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See You Next Season Yankees…..

Now y’all know I enjoyed watching the Detroit Tigers eliminate the NY Yankees, I told many Yankee fans that they were not going to win World Series #28 this season.  During the regular season you can have all the offense you want but in the playoffs it’s about pitching.  Even though the Tigers led this entire game the announcers always reminded the viewers how powerful the Yankee lineup was, but it was the Tigers’ pitching that tamed the vaunted Yankee offense.

Yankee fans only have to look at the failures of Derek Jeter and Alex Rodriguez, most if not all Yankee fans will blame ARod but you have to look at Jeter’s failures as well.  At least ARod has some sort of excuse as he battled injuries in the 2nd half of the season (Knee and Thumb)….

What’s Jeter’s excuse????

Minka Kelly?


Yes I know, 1st thing Yankee fans will say to me… Where are your Mets?  

And I will say, “Going fishing with your Yankees!!!”

Ok ok, I’ll stop… But before I go I want to play a tribute to all Yankee fans, y’all should be familiar with this after a Yankees’ loss


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Carlos Zambrano, what a waste!!!!

If there was any question why the Chicago Cubs have not won a World Series in 104 years all you have to look at is the off and on relationship they have with their highest paid aka Franchise player; Carlos Zambrano!

As a great as a pitching talent Zambrano USE to be he is not worth the trouble he causes within the Cubs organization year in year out.  The Cubs invested a boat load of money into a volatile player who has anger management issues have taken away from his worth on the field.  Zambrano has let his anger get the best of him on several occasions;

  • In game frustrations with his performance have led to blow ups on the mound
  • Fought in the dugout with his catcher Michael Barrett
  • Issues with management
Through all those issues the Cubs have basically looked the other way, well I should say that Zambrano has been suspended and had to attend Anger Management classes but at the end of the day the Cubs always except Carlos back.  Part of the reason they accept him back each time is his talent, but at this point his talent does not compensate for all the baggage he carries.  And now we have the most recent incident to add to his troubled resume….
In his last start against Atlanta, Zambrano was being beat up by Braves when he frustration once again surfaced after giving up his 5th homerun on the day.  Zambrano upset with his performance threw 2 pitches at Chipper Jones (missed both times) and was immediately ejected by the home plate umpire (as you can see those anger management classes worked).  But the story didn’t en with just a bad pitching performance as Zambrano went into the clubhouse and told trainers and other clubhouse personnel that he was retiring as he packed up all his stuff and left the ballpark.
The next day Zambrano sent his stuff back to the clubhouse and apologized for his actions, but is he REALLY sorry???
As noted by the Chicago Tribune Zambrano seemed concerned about how the story of his retirement talk got out to the media.
“I say something in the clubhouse, that has to stay there,”
“That’s our home. I didn’t say nothing to the papers. I didn’t want to talk to the media.”
That quote right there tell you there is something wrong with Carlos, instead of taking full responsibility for his actions he wants to talk about how his retirement story got out.
WTF is wrong with this guy??
All of sudden he is worried about family (team) business out in the streets? Was he thinking about that when he got into a fight with Barrett in the dugout during a game?  This is guy is a NUTBAG and the Cubs need to rid themselves of him ASAP!!
The Cubs have placed Carlos on the 30-day disqualified list (without pay), of course Zambrano is appealing the suspension.  If the ball club was smart they would just swallow the remaining the $22 million on Zambrano’s contract and rid themselves of a MAJOR pain.  Now this will not solve all of the Cubs problems, it would be a step in the  right direction.  Zambrano may not be the sole reason the Cubs SUCK, but he is certainly not making the Cubs a winner lately (check their record for the past couple of years).
When I look at the Cubs and ALL their problems, as a Mets fan I look at my team and think… Things are not that bad!!!!
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