Rex Chapman Compares Zion Williamson to Rodney Rogers… and it’s a Good Comparison!

Ever since Zion Williamson‘s 1st collegiate game with the Duke Blue Devils, people have been obsessed with making him the undisputed #1 NBA Draft pick in 2019. This has led to struggling Knicks’ fans to dream about Zion wearing a Knicks uniform playing next to Kristaps Porzingis

I am not one of those Knicks fans clamoring for Zion, don’t get me wrong he is an athletic freak that can jump out of the gym. He’s dominating college kids with his 6’7′ (or 6’6”), 285 lb frame, but I’m hesitant how his game will translate from college to the pros. And I discussed my apprehension on Twitter, which led to a nice back and forth with fellow Knicks fan @PauliePancakes5 and Brooklyn Nets lover @AdamOrecchio 

As I went thru listing what I believe are Zion’s negatives, Adam replied with positives that made sense. And then Paulie said the following…

At that time I believe I replied with, good comparison but I think Rogers had a better jumper and post-up game then Zion. I didn’t think much of the comparison after that until today, when Bomani Jones (@bomani_jones) retweeted former NBA player Rex Chapman‘s (@rexrex_chapman) tweet

I definitely needed the video to remind me how much of a beast Rodney Rogers was in college, DAMN!!!! Zions outweighs Rogers by approximately 50 lbs but the height, athleticism and ferocious finishes at the rim compares favorably.

So shout out to Rex and I guess [sigh] props to Paulie for the Zion / Rogers comparison, but at the end of the day I still wouldn’t take Zion #1

As always….

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Photo Credit: Sporting News

Have You Ever Wanted To Party Like a NBA Draft Pick?

Now I am 6’3″ and about 260 lbs (give or take), and from time to time when I am out in NYC I see people looking at me as if they know me. A lot of people mistaken for a football player, and I tell them, “I’m just a regular dude who is big for no reason” HAHAHA! (credit to my homies for the big for no reason comment)

If I wanted to, I probably could have taken advantage of the situation and got some preferential treatment. So when I saw this video of Connor Toole of Elite Daily posing as a newly drafted player of the Utah Jazz, I thought this was hilarious.

Ummmm, damn I never saw boobs when people I thought I was someone else…

I guess I could hate on Connor, I mean it’s not like he was partying at 1Oak, Up & Down, or VIP Room. But hey, he still saw some great NYC boobs and made out with a chick!

Groupies will be groupies…..


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If there is something to be said, “It’s On Broadway” to step up and say it!!

Photo and Video credit: Elite Daily