NEWS FLASH Washington Fans, Kirk Cousins STILL Sucks!

FINALLY Jay Gruden made the decision I felt he has been wanting to make since he became head coach of Washington. He benched RG3…. Well Gruden named Kirk Cousins starter for the rest of the season in light of RG3 still feeling the effects of a concussion he suffered in preseason.

But before Washington fans start celebrating the “death” of RG3, I need you all to remember one thing.

Kirk Cousins sucks!!!

I mean RG3 has not been great, but Cousins is not saving the day


In 2014 the job was all the way Cousins when RG3 dislocated his ankle, but he shat on the money with an inconsistent showing in 4-starts. In one game he threw 4-picks and lost a fumble against the NY Giants, and then he was eventually benched against the lowly Titans for Colt McCoy.

So unless things have drastically changed for Cousins, Washington fans shouldn’t be excited about the Kirk Cousins Era Part 2!


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Credit: ESPN

Former NY Giant Antonio Pierce calls out injured ex-teammates

Brandon Jacobs (27) and Justin Tuck (91)

Being that I live in NYC I don’t get the chance to hear other cities sports talk/analysis on their respective teams wins and losses, but I can say that in NYC during the football season it’s the same BS day in and day out.  When the NY Giants win, fans can’t stop talking about how unstoppable this team is or what they would do differently to improve.  And when the Giants lose, it’s now a common thing for former Giants who are now in the media to lay down some harsh criticism on the team.  To be honest I don’t have a problem with former Giants critiquing the squad; at times they add a unique perspective as they have been there and done that.  Over the years Giants fans have watched Tiki Barber (not these days), Michael Strahan and now Antonio Pierce give their insight.  As we all know not just any former player can criticize their old team, Tiki Barber learned that the hard way.

For the most part Strahan and Pierce have been able to level some of the harshest criticism towards the Giants, and after losing to the Seahawks this past Sunday we all knew someone would have something to say.  This time around that someone was Pierce….

Antonio Pierce

“To me if you don’t have an injury that needs surgery, or that’s severe, you need to be out there,”

“I don’t really know and I don’t want to question guys but if you are one of the leaders on the team, which Brandon Jacobs and Justin Tuck are, and you say you know what, the Seattle Seahawks, maybe we don’t need to play this game and you miss out, that is what’s going to come back to bite you in the tail.” 

In my opinion Pierce is out of line in questioning the injuries of Justin Tuck and Brandon Jacobs; both players have played with injured in the past so I don’t see how you can challenge them.  Especially Tuck’s injury, Pierce should know better since a neck injury ended his career with the Giants.  I don’t mind questioning if the team was prepared or not, or even questioning effort… Injuries is a different story because you just don’t know, neither player has done anything in their careers where you should challenge how tough they are.

Then on top of that Pierce accuses Tuck and Jacobs of skipping on the Seahawks game because they overlooked Seattle; but hey it’s all good because Pierce states he really doesn’t know if that is true or not and that he doesn’t “question guys”.

GTFOH Pierce!!!!

If you gonna step up and call people out, go all the way with it!  Don’t speculate and pussy foot around it, that’s wack!  Give your former teammates the common courtesy and hit them up before trying to splash on sports talk radio!!

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It was a great run by the NY Jets and they have nothing to ashamed of; Jets’ fans have a lot to look forward to as they have a very good coach and QB.  In 2 seasons this combination has gained a lot of experience; not many coaches or QBs can claim the playoff success they have seen.  Yeah they have failed in the AFC championship games but they have gotten better and that is key.

Now I am far from a Jets fan and I will admit I enjoyed watching them take the loss yesterday, LOL!!  But I will give credit where credit is due, Ryan has created a way of thinking that has transformed into on the field success.


The next challenge for Ryan will be to make sure that his confidence doesn’t turn into negative arrogance.  Those who remember Rex’s father Buddy Ryan will recall that Buddy also had early success with the Philadelphia Eagles.  Buddy success was fleeting as he let his arrogance/antics take center stage instead of his coaching, hopefully Rex will learn from his dad’s mistakes.

The Jets may not have the tradition of the NY Giants, but they are building something nice over there in Jets land.  All I ask is that they leave the Dougie behind in the 2010-2011 season archive, PLEASE!!!!

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Keith Bulluck returns to the field…

NY Giants LB Keith Bulluck

After a 3 week absence Keith Bulluck looks to make his return to the field against the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday.  Bulluck last saw game action when the Giants lost to the Titans.  In that game Bulluck suffered a turf toe injury; with Bulluck out of the lineup the Giants were able to post some impressive victories against the Bears and Texans.  What was most impressive about those victories was the play of the defense; the Giants seem to have come into their own as the defense has settled in nicely with Perry Fewell’ defensive scheme.

Fewell has incorporated a defensive scheme that adjusts depending on the team they are playing.  Against a pass happy offense the Giants run a nickel package that includes a 3rd Safety; this works out well for the Giants as they have 3 quality safeties in Antrel Rolle, Kenny Phillips, and Deion Grant.  Against teams who run the ball the Giants will go with the traditional setup of 3 linebackers.

And that is where Bulluck comes into the picture, the Bears and Lions predominantly throw the ball so Bulluck was not necessarily missed.  The time off allowed Bulluck to rest and make sure the toe was good for the stretch run.  The Giants will need Bulluck as they will begin to get into the part of their schedule where they will face teams with strong running games; Redskins, Vikings and the Cowboys.

Best believe Bulluck can’t wait to get back on the field; before his knee injury he never missed a game so not playing on Sundays is something he is not used to.  I expect Bulluck will look to make his presence felt against the Cowboys.  With the improved play of middle linebacker Goff the overall play of the linebackers will continue be on the rise.

When asked about the Dallas Cowboys Bulluck simply said, “I will be ready to play…”

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Takeover Thursdays – Keith Bulluck vs. Tennessee Titans

Keith Bulluck - NY Giants

With this Sundays matchup between the NY Giants and Tennessee Titans has opened up a wound that had barely healed. Keith Bulluck will be facing his former team (Titans) for the first time since signing with the NY Giants. Bulluck spent the first 10 years of his career with the Titans; his departure from Tennessee was not received well by fans as reports surfaced that Bulluck was not even offered a contract by the Titans. Those reports were backed by Keith in his first statements to the media after signing with the Giants. Head coach of the Titans Jeff Fisher gave a different version of the story when he stated that Bulluck had desires of playing for his hometown team and that the Titans had interest. Up until this week that was were the story ended… When Bulluck met with the Nashville media earlier this week he reiterated he side of the story.

“You know what, honestly that’s (expletive),” Bulluck said of the team’s claims. “I was working there for 10 years. I have a house there still. Those people know my numbers. So if they were really trying to get in touch with me, trying to sign me and do all that stuff, I’m sure my phone would have rang, my agent’s phone.”

“I was laid up in the training room and I actually asked (Titans General Manager) Mike Reinfeldt what was up,” Bulluck said. “The answer he gave me was somewhat of a joke.”

“I asked my agent several times if the Titans gave him a shout,” he said, “and that didn’t happen.” – via Tennessean

I predict Bulluck will have a strong game as he will not only be up to play against his old team, but he will also be looking to help the Giants bounce back from the disappointing lost to the Colts.

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Hines Ward says, Tennessee Titans ‘not same’ without Bulluck

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They say the highest form of respect is the respect you receive from your peers. With the Pittsburgh Steelers preparing to face the Tennessee Titans this Sunday Hines Ward talked to the Tennessee media about Keith Bulluck…

“He would put guys in certain spots. He sees things and he just has a great knack for football. I remember going up against him and he’s calling out routes and stuff like that. You can’t replace that. They have some great talent, but losing Keith Bulluck, they’re definitely not the same defense that they were when he was there.” -via The Tennessean</strong

Bulluck now with the NY Giants will face a familiar foe on Sunday as the Giants will go up against Peyton Manning and the Colts. Hopefully Bulluck's experience will help in positioning the defense against the 4 time league MVP in Peyton Manning.

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Keith Bulluck to be honored by ‘New Yorkers for Children’ organization

Keith Bulluck


Seven years ago Keith Bulluck started ‘The Keith Bulluck Believe and Achieve Foundation’, growing up a foster child Keith understands the challenges that face foster kids.  

“Young people in foster care often figure they will be stuck in minimum-wage jobs after they leave the system. I’m proof it doesn’t have to be that way. Sure, I had natural ability, size and a lot of breaks, but you also need focus in life, someone to bring you along, someone to help you develop job skills.” 

Bulluck’s foundation has hosted charity fundraisers, toy drives, holiday parties for foster kids and their families and donated school supplies for kids over the years in both Tennessee and New York.  Keith’s work off the field garnered him the “Titans Walter Payton Man of the Year” back in 2007. 

“I am pleased that Keith is being recognized for more than he does on the field.” 
“He is a terrific player and is committed to making our community a better place.” – Jeff Fisher 2007
As Bulluck now continues his football career with the NY Giants he will be honored next month for his charitable work with foster kids by ‘New Yorkers for Children’ organization; Keith will receive the Nicholas Scoppetta Child Welfare Award. 
Past honorees of the Nicholas Scoppetta Child Welfare Award include Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, Mary J. Blige, Geoffrey Canada, and Russell Simmons.
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Competition at the linebacker spot for the NY Giants

Jonathan Goff


As reported by Ohm Youngmisuk (ESPN) Keith Bulluck took snaps at outside linebacker in certain packages during Monday practice. As Ohm noted Bulluck was brought into to replace Antonio Pierce in the middle; with Bulluck taking snaps at outside linebacker adds a wrinkle to linebacker situation for the Giants. I don’t believe this is alarming in any way or a sign of what type of camp Bulluck is having, as I think this is just a testament to the strong camp that Jonathan Goff is having for the Giants. If anything this is more of a statement against Clint Sintim and his play up until this point. Bulluck is a versatile linebacker that can play both the middle and outside; Sintim is trying to find his way and Coughlin comments sort of allude to that…  

The head coach said Sintim played better on Saturday and praised the way he attacked the line of scrimmage.   

But Coughlin said Bulluck could provide Sintim with competition at outside linebacker.   

“The competitive aspect of it… the way we have gone all camp, if that creates a little bit of competition over there, then so be it,” Coughlin said. – via Ohm Youngmisuk   

Bulluck saw his first game action since suffering the ACL tear and was able to make his presence known during his 6 snaps when he stuck the running back. Hopefully the number of snaps he will play will increase versus the Ravens, but all in all it was a good start. One thing for sure is that Keith will not be satisfied with just providing competition for others, as he has stated in the past he would not have put in all the rehab work if he didn’t think he could play at or near the same level before the injury. Right now the only spot amongst the linebackers solidified is Michael Boley’s; at the end of day Bulluck will definitely be the other starting linebacker. I think we will see Bulluck moved around by Defensive Coordinator Perry Fewell similar to how Bulluck was used with the Titans.  

When asked if he still considers Bulluck a middle linebacker, Coughlin said, “I consider him a linebacker.” – via Ohm Youngmisuk   

It’s up to Sintim and Goff to see who will be the 3rd starting linebacker; if they don’t step up be prepared to see Bulluck playing both middle and outside.  

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Keith Bulluck making his presence felt at NY Giants Training Camp

On July 24th when it was announced (by yours truly) that Keith Bulluck was signing with the NY Giants, there were some doubts as to what Bulluck had left in the tank. Bulluck all along knew there was more than enough left in the tank and could not wait to show all the doubters they were wrong.

Adam Schefter of ESPN's NFL Live

One of those that reported on the doubters was Adam Schefter of ESPN….

“Teams aren’t sure he can play any more.” RT @espnnfl: New York Giants sign free-agent linebacker Keith Bulluck:
4:58 PM Jul 24th via UberTwitter – via Adam Schefter Twitter

I found it a bit strange that Adam would be so negative, most reporting on the news of Bulluck signing talked about this being a good pickup by the Giants. Of course there were going to be some questions about Bulluck’s knee but it wasn’t as if he was at the level of seriousness of Wes Welker’s knee injury. As Giants Training Camp has progressed Bulluck has quieted the critics by doing what he has done the past 10 seasons. Even Adam Schefter had to give Bulluck his props after seeing him up close and live….

On the first play of his first day of practice with the Giants in a 9-on-7 drill, linebacker Keith Bulluck made his presence felt immediately. For starters, Bulluck was positioning the defense even though he never had played in it. Then he was the first defender to get to the football once it was snapped.

New York is counting on more of both from Bulluck — leadership and plays. When New York signed him last month, some wondered how much the 33-year-old linebacker had left, which might help to explain why Bulluck ran over to a reporter at the beginning of Saturday’s practice to say, “Got a lot left — and those other teams will see.” – Adam Schefter

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Giants GM Jerry Reese on the addition of Ketih Bulluck

Question: Did you always have your sights set on signing linebacker Keith Bulluck, or was it just waiting for his surgically repaired ACL to heal?

Jerry Reese: Keith was coming off the knee surgery, he said he was ready to work out and he had a really good workout for us, for a guy coming off an ACL in less than eight months. We know he can play; we just got to bring him along slow and don’t take him too fast and have a setback with his knee. If he gets his knee healthy, there is no question that he can play. Whether he is a starter or a backup, he brings a tough mentality. He brings a man’s man to the middle of our defense and he brings that leadership that you like for a veteran player. He is one of those guys that has seen it all and probably one of the most underrated guys in the last 10 years. People don’t really talk about him a lot, but the guy has been a really good football player.

via Ohm Youngmisuk of ESPN

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