F-A-Natic Fridays – Marija “The Knicks Chick” Kero

I wanted to take a quick minute and give a shout out to one of the great fans of sports….

With the resurgence of the NY Knicks this season, there is no other fan who is enjoying this NBA season more than Marija Kero aka “The Knicks Chick”.  Now I consider myself a sports junkie, but I don’t know if I’m at the level of Ms Kero.  Her passion for the Knicks might be unmatched as all she wants is for Knicks to be good again and reclaim the glory of the 90s and 70s; but don’t let her good looks or her love for the Knicks fool you!

She is not one of those fans that will endlessly defend her team; if she doesn’t like something she will let it be known.  I am pretty sure if you go back and watch Knicks games from last season; you can probably hear her yelling “Pringles (her name for D’Antoni) you suck!” or “I hate you JJ (Jared Jeffries)!”.  Trust me, I witnessed some of this last season 1st hand and according to her that was a toned down version of her antics during games (she didn’t want to scare me).

But that’s not what makes Knicks Chick stand out from most fans…..

While other Knicks’ fans sit around either gloating or cursing after games; Knicks Chick takes to YouTube to express her feelings.  Her rants (and I mean that in a good way) are informative, hilarious,  and unforgiving.

Here is 1 example of her sharp analysis…


Because of commentary (and BBM faces) like that Marija was featured on NBA Access with Ahmad Rashad; soon after that Knicks Chick became a regular contributor to Hoops Vibe.  On Hoops Vibe she spits her hard-hitting commentary about anything and everything dealing with the NBA; without a doubt she is the true definition of a fan.

If you got a second check her out either on HoopsVibe.com, Twitter – @KnicksChick or on her YouTube page; http://www.youtube.com/user/TheKnicksChick#p/u/7/Wzm2jNvUmiI

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Amar’e Stoudemire getting his fashion on….

Amar'e Stoudemire

Looks like Amar’e Stoudemire aka STAT is taking full advantage of all the opportunities New York has to offer.  This is why NY is a great market for a superstar; you can maximize your full value here…  So it looks like STAT is not only trying to put his stamp on NY on the basketball court but he is also jumping into the world of fashion.  It is being reported that Amar’e will be teaming up with Rachel Roy New York designer on a clothing collection.

The insiders said the line will be a part of Roy’s contemporary label for Macy’s, Rachel Roy, and is being planned to launch next fall. Although details are still being squared away, we hear the collection will be for women. via NY Post’s Page Six

Not exactly sure what Stoudemire knows about women’s clothes….

I guess it could work out since the “World’s Most Famous Arena” (MSG) is only a couple of blocks away from the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT); he could ball out for the Knicks and then on off days learn the world of women’s fashion HAHA!!!

Look as long as he can carry the Knicks to the playoffs I could care less what he does with his free time (as long as it is legal); if he can carry the Knicks and the world of Fashion on his shoulders than more power to him!  STAT just better remember what comes first… that he is being paid $100 Million by the Knicks!!

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Arrogance of Yankee fans…

So if you heard that loud annoying noise last night around midnight (eastern), it was Yankee fans crying about the news that Cliff Lee was going to sign with Philadelphia Phillies.  Don’t confuse the Yankee fans crying with the sobbing of Houston Texans as once again they lost a game in heartbreaking fashion, but that story is for another day; LOL!

Back to Yankee fans, the typical NY Yankee fan is so arrogant that they feel EVERY free agent should sign with them and that going anywhere else is like turning down the advances of Selita Ebanks.  After the disbelief of the idea that the #1 free agent on the market Cliff Lee would tell the Yankees no, fans of the Bronx Bombers began to go after the mental makeup Lee and his wife.  Seriously, was it not enough that classless Yankee fans rudely heckled Lee’s wife during the ALCS last year at Yankee Stadium?

In my opinion any attack on Lee’s mental makeup is just silly, and any comparison to LeBron not wanting to come to the Knicks is off as well.  In the case of LeBron you can say LeBron was wanting to avoid being the man as basketball is more of an individual sport than baseball.  Bron would have had the focus of the NY media on him every day as he would be playing every game.  Unlike LeBron, Lee would only pitch every 5 days while sharing the marquee with other Yankee players like Jeter, Robinson Cano, Alex Rodriguez and Mariano Rivera.  Keep in mind that for the past 2 seasons Lee has been a hired gun that has been thrown into the fire of stretch runs for teams making a push for the playoffs.  He also has been the #1 pitcher leading teams in the playoffs…

Postseason Pitching Statistics
2009 5 5 2 0 40.1 27 10 7 0 6 33 4 0 0 0 0.82 1.56
2010 5 5 1 0 35.2 27 12 11 2 2 47 3 2 0 0 0.81 2.78
Total 10 10 3 0 76.0 54 22 18 2 8 80 7 2 0 0 0.82 2.13

Sorry Yankee fans but these are not the numbers of some one scared to pitch on the big stage, LOL!  As a matter of fact Lee has done it in Yankee Stadium as an opposing pitcher, which is worse than playing for the home team.  Yankee fans will just have to get over it and realize Lee just likes Philly better; yes there are people out there not obsessed with NYC and being part of that scene.  It’s even coming out that Lee never wanted to leave Philly last season when he was traded.  If you want to question Lee’s intelligence, well that is a different story… LOL, who wants to live in PHILLY!  At the end of the day Yankee fans should applaud Lee for not just being about the money and coming to NY to cash checks.  It will truly be OK Yankee fans, you still have C.C. Sabathia…

Now as a Mets fan, I am the one that should be mad!!!!

WTF, now my squad which has no money to spend not only has to deal with Roy “Doc” Halladay but now in a 3 game series we could be facing Halladay, Lee, and Hamels/Oswalt!! Screw a Yankees fan, I am the one who should be crying, HAHA!!!

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Who will be the leader on the Knicks???

When Knicks’ fans read the comments from Chauncey Billups concerning the Nuggets signing Al Harrington; you realize that even with the addition of Amar’e Stoudemire, Raymond Felton and Ronny Turiaf that the Knicks still have work to do.  



Chauncey Billups


“I think a guy like Al is going to benefit from the leadership that we have there… I’m not going to let him get away with being sub-par or not playing defense or not rebounding and still wanting to shoot the ball. ” – Chauncey Billups talking to NY Post  

Don’t get me wrong Knick fans, this team has improved by leaps and bounds with the offseason moves but we still have a way to go.  The current Knicks roster still lacks a strong leader on the floor, and from what I have seen from D’Antoni over the past 2 years I don’t see the type of coach to pull a player off the court for not boxing out or rebounding.  Could Amar’e be that type of floor leader?  If you go by his career he has never had the focus on the defensive end to call a player out for not doing their job defensively.  If anything I think Turiaf can step into that role, but the role of leader is usually a player that plays major minutes.  He is scrappy player that by example alone will bring toughness to the Knicks, but the minutes he has averaged in a season is 21.5.   

So who will be that Chauncey Billups type of player on the Knicks?  

Right now I don’t see that type of player on the Knicks and with the idea of bringing in Carmelo Anthony next year I still don’t see it.  Who knows, so far I have been very impressed with what I have seen from Amar’e.  He is taking the challenge of playing in NYC and he is saying and doing all of the rights right now.  Players who dare to be great are always in the running to be leaders, and as a Knicks fan I think we are at the doorstep of something special.  

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Takeover Thursdays – The NY Knicks


Today is the day that NY Knicks fans have been waiting for since the Patrick Ewing Era ended on September 20, 2000. It has been a long decade suffering through Scott Layden, Isiah Thomas and the ownership of James Dolan. Well Dolan still owns the Knicks but times have changed as Donnie Walsh was brought in to revitalize this once proud franchise. Throughout it all loyal Knicks fans stuck with their team. At times we were glutton for punishment as year after year we came into the season optimistic even though the talent to win was not there (Jerome James).

Now all signs point in the right direction for the Knicks, and the “Real” Knicks fans are ready for the ride!

Donnie Walsh came into NY with a plan; that plan was to get the Knicks under the cap by the time big-time free agents like LeBron James and Dwayne Wade were available.

Part 1 of Mission Accomplished!!

The next step for Donnie was to sign a big-time free agent; this would not be the easiest task in the world. Even though the Knicks were able to get under the cap it still was not a guarantee that the Knicks could sign a top-tier guy; the Knicks were not the most attractive team for potential FAs. Let’s face it, the Knicks needed more than the lure of the bright lights of NYC and unfortunately a roster of Eddy Curry, Billy Walker, Wilson Chandler, Danilo Gallinari, Andy Rautins, and Landry Fields is not that appealing.

Still the Knicks had a lot of money to offer and in this business money is high on the list for these players no matter what they say! So as free agency started on July 1st; the Knicks made their pitch to top FAs Joe Johnson, Amar’e Stoudemire, and LeBron James. Johnson would ultimately decide on returning to Atlanta and take the money and run (most Knicks fans are not mad at that). Then came the Presentation to LeBron James; without a doubt LeBron is the Grand Prize of the 2010 FAs. The Knicks reportedly offered LeBron 2 packages in signing with them:

  1. Sign a max deal and leave the Knicks with the ability to sign one other top-tier free agent
  2. Sign for less than the max deal and give the Knicks the ability to sign 2 other top tie free agents

In my opinion the Knicks did what they could do; basically telling King James sign with the Knicks and use your ability to help lure other big-time players and lets build a championship franchise in NYC. Also adding that when you win in NYC there is no other feeling; NYC is the MECCA (I am a shameless New Yorker)!!

With all the sports world focus on King James Donnie Walsh also put his work in with Amar’e Stoudemire…


Amar’e aka STAT (Stand Tall And Talented) is a player who is looking to be “The Man” and the Knicks are a team looking for a player who wants to be “The Man” and lead this franchise back to glory. Apparently that was enough for Amar’e as Donnie was able to snag STAT with a max deal (5 years approximately $100 Million). With Stoudemire now a NY Knick Donnie has made the Knicks an attractive option for FAs; when free agency started many said the Knicks had a shot at signing LeBron albeit a long shot. Once Amar’e signed with NY, the Knicks became REAL players in the King James sweepstakes. The past couple of days have been great for NYC basketball; I haven’t felt excitement like this since Larry Johnson’s 4-point play against the Pacers in the Eastern Conference Finals. This is how it should always be in NYC.

As Knicks fans countdown to the 9pm announcement by LeBron on where he will end up (reports say LeBron is leaning towards signing with the Miami Heat and join Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh); we should keep in mind that all is not lost if King James decides not to come to NY. Landing the King is not the only way to win a championship; we have a viable starting piece in Amar’e Stoudemire. Donnie Walsh has given me a reason to believe…

In Donnie I Trust!!!


Update 7/12/2010: LeBron decided to join Chris Bosh and Dwayne Wade in Miami. Knicks complete Sign & Trade of David Lee with Golden State Warriors; get Ronnie Turiaf, Anthony Randolph and Kelenna Azubuike in return. Knicks trade for draft rights of Jerome Jordan (7- foot center). Knicks sign Russian 7- foot center Timofley Mozgov and agree in principle with point guard Raymond Felton.

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F-A-Natic Fridays – The NY Knicks select….


With the 38th pick in the 2010 NBA Draft the NY Knicks select…

Before we get to who the Knicks selected in the NBA Draft let’s first go through the status of the roster before the picks were selected. As all Knicks fans know, this is a big huge offseason for the organization. The 2010 free-agent class is loaded with talent; LeBron James, Dwayne Wade, Carmelo Anthony, Chris Bosh, Joe Johnson, Amar’e Stoudemire, Carlos Boozer…

With that much talent on the open market Donnie Walsh came in as Knicks GM 2 years ago with the idea of freeing up as much cap space as possible. Walsh is banking on that he can sign a top line free-agent (LeBron, Dwayne Wade) or at least sign two 2nd tier stars (Chris Bosh type players). To Walsh’s credit he was able to free up the much-needed cap space; no one could have imagined Walsh would have been able to get rid of the bloated contract of Jared Jeffries but he did. So the excitement of Knicks fans going into the 2010 offseason was pretty high; well at least as high as it has ever been since the Knicks acquired Stephon Marbury.

The residual effect of Walsh clearing cap space left the Knicks with a depleted roster made up of; Eddy Curry, Wilson Chandler, Danilo Gallinari, Toney Douglas and Bill Walker. Needless to say this is not the most attractive roster to help court the likes of LeBron, Dwayne Wade or Bosh. So Walsh had some work to do as he would have to add talent via the draft to help set the stage for July 1st (free agency officially starts).

In looking at the current the Knicks its obvious they have some holes in their lineup; legit shot blocker/rebounder, play-maker, and legit point guard. Some would also argue coach, HAHA!!

As the draft was approaching the Knicks picks (38 and 39) I started to realize that Brooklyn’s own Lance Stephenson was still on the board along with some legitimate centers. Stephenson is a very good raw talent; a physical 6’6″ shooting guard who can go to the basket. I understand that Stephenson is not a great shooter but I like the idea of the Knicks having some kind of a play maker that can create his own shot. I also believe he would have no fears in taking a shot with the shot-clock winding down; other than Gallinari no one has shown the desire to take that shot.

As the picks ahead of the Knicks started to wind down and teams continued to pass on Stephenson I was sure this was a done deal.

34. Portland: Armon Johnson, Nevada, shooting guard

35. Washington: Nemanja Bjelica, Serbia, small forward (draft rights traded to Minnesota)

36. Detroit: Terrico White, Ole Miss, shooting guard

37. Milwaukee: Darington Hobson, New Mexico, small forward

With the 38th pick in the 2010 NBA Draft the NY Knicks select…

Andy Rautins

Ummm, OK… This is not a bad pick, I mean I have watched Andy Rautins play for the past 3 years and his game has improved drastically. He is a GREAT shooter with a quick release, he is also a scrappy player that will compete every night. His defense is nothing to write home about but he is not here for defense, lol. I am concerned how much of an impact Rautins will have coming off the bench; i don’t know if he is that type of player that can come into a game and start lighting it up from 3 point land. Still this is not a bad pick and it doesn’t hurt that he is a Syracuse Alum (Orange Pride).

OK, no worries we need size; if I can’t at Lance Stephenson at least we can get a shot blocker. There are still some bigs left, Let’s Go!!!!

With the 39th pick in the 2010 NBA Draft the NY Knicks select…

Landry Fields

WTF, Landry Fields???? Just what the Knicks needed another 6’7″ small forward; sorry but what about Wilson Chandler, Billy Walker, and Gallinari? Is this really a position of need for the Knicks? NO!!!! Unless the Knicks are not as in love with Chandler as they used to be; he has finished the last 2 seasons with surgery and he was arrested for marijuana position this off-season. I don’t know this pick doesn’t make a whole lot of sense, not unless he is a chip in a future trade.

To be fair to Landry Fields he is a very athletic small forward that can score around the basket, he will need to work on his jumper and his defense. No offense but the last thing the Knicks need are more non-defenders.

According to reports today, Donnie Walsh apparently addressed our center needs. Reports are stating the Bucks will be dealing the 44th pick Jerome Jordan (7’1″); for whatever reason draft rules prohibit the deal from being finalized until 2 weeks after the draft. If this is true this is a very good move by the Knicks. Jerome is a good athlete that can run the floor and he can block shots!!!

All in all I am still disappointed that Lance Stephenson is not a Knick, but I can live with Rautins and Landry Fields will have to do a lot to make me forget about Stephenson. I will definitely be watching Stephenson progress in Indiana; watch out Walsh I will yelling outside of MSG before every home game if Stephenson turns out to be a stud!!!!

Have the Knicks address all of their needs? No, we still have Mike D’Antoni coaching the team HAHA!! We will get LeBron? Probably not, I think we have a better chance at bringing in 2nd tier players like Bosh, Joe Johnson, and Amar’e.

If there is something to be said, “It’s On Broadway” to step up and say it!!!