Takeover Thursdays – Man Gropes Woman on NYC Subway while she’s sleeping!

This is one of the craziest things I have ever seen!

I could not believe this story even as I watching the short video that was taken by a passenger (Smiley) on the 4 train in NYC.  At about 3:30 am Saturday morning an unidentified man gets on the 4 train and spots a woman basically passed out.  This nutbag decides he’s going to sit next to the woman and put his hand under her dress, WTF!!!!

As a rider of the NYC Subway system there have been PLENTY of times I have fallen asleep on a late night train back to Queens, but this is insane.  What kind of crazy do you have to be to try something like that?  And it’s not like the woman and the guy were the only people on the subway car.

Smiley was sitting across from the woman when this happened and quickly took a video (as evidence) of the incident and reported to the authorities. Now the question is should Smiley done something to stop the guy before taking the video?

Here is the video that was posted on the Gothamisthttp://gothamist.com/2012/10/22/video_sleeping_woman_sexually_assau.php

Smiley said that he and others on the train yelled at the guy to stop but he would not, eventually the woman woke up when the man tried other things like put his arm around her.  The woman did manage to punch the guy in the face before she got off the train; I can’t imagine what was going thru her mind as she woke up, smh.

In a perfect world we would expect Smiley and the other folks on the train to taken some kind of action other than yelling at the guy.  I myself have played the role of ‘Super Hero’ once or twice, but I am pretty big dude.  There have been a couple of times where I thought afterward that one of these days someone is going to tell me to mind my business and take a swing at me.

So when it comes to Smiley and the others on the train I can’t really fault them for not doing more.  This is NYC and we hear all types of stories of crazy nutbags attacking people, Smiley and others may have hesitated but if a guy is bold enough to jump on a subway car, openly grope a woman and not care who is watching…  There is no telling what else he may do!

Wow, just when you thought you have seen/read it all….

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Keith Bulluck looks towards 2011 season…

Keith Bulluck

“A full-time role is the only way I’m playing football next year…”

This is the mindset of Keith Bulluck when he looks at the prospects of the 2011 season; coming off ACL injury in 2009 Bulluck was able to return to the football field 7 months after surgery in 2010 and played 12 games without any set backs stemming from the injury (he did miss 3 games with turf toe).  Now Bulluck is looking for a return back to a full-time role and why not!

In a limited role (playing running downs) Bulluck was able to amass 31 tackles, 2 interceptions and 1 fumble recovery.  For someone only regulated to defending running plays he was able to show that he can still defend the pass.  In this era of players like Terrell Owens complaining Keith handled his situation like a professional.  Without a doubt this 11 year vet wanted more playing time but he understood that as long the team was winning he was more than willing to do what he could do to help the team win.  GM Jerry Reese acknowledged on Monday that Bulluck in a role where he was in and out of the game was steady for the Giants… In my opinion not many LBs would have been able to be as effective in such a limited role.

So after assessing his season Bulluck made his case for what his role should be in 2011 where ever he lands,

“I was able to get out there and I did make a few plays this year. There are probably a lot of full-time starters that didn’t have two interceptions all year”

“My history speaks for itself and my play, just to come out and show up to work every day, knowing what I was coming off of, should say a lot. … I was never a liability. I came on more toward the end of the year and made some plays. For me to come back off ACL surgery. Seven months off surgery and to practice every day and compete at this high level, for me personally, I’m very happy. Now, I can go into this offseason and start next season as the player I’ve always been and I’m very excited for that.”

The Giants without a doubt need a young dynamic play-making OLB as it has been a way too long since our last; Jessie Armstead! As of right now the prospects are not very promising; Clint Sintim will be recovering from ACL surgery and Gerris Wilkerson can’t seem to do any better than special teams so unless the Giants fall flat on their face during free agency I don’t see Wilkerson coming back.  Other than unproven Phillip Dillard there is not much in the Giants linebackers corp; so I would not be surprised if the Giants offer Bulluck a contract.

The key is will the Giants offer Bulluck  full-time role?

Bulluck stated,

“I’m someone that needs to be on the field all the time. That’s just how I feel. So yeah, that’s the only way I’d play football next year.”

and if you (Bulluck) don’t get that…

“I’ll go buy a boat. I’ve played 11 years and I’m good financially and happy with the career I’ve had. Football doesn’t make me who I am.”

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Who will be the leader on the Knicks???

When Knicks’ fans read the comments from Chauncey Billups concerning the Nuggets signing Al Harrington; you realize that even with the addition of Amar’e Stoudemire, Raymond Felton and Ronny Turiaf that the Knicks still have work to do.  



Chauncey Billups


“I think a guy like Al is going to benefit from the leadership that we have there… I’m not going to let him get away with being sub-par or not playing defense or not rebounding and still wanting to shoot the ball. ” – Chauncey Billups talking to NY Post  

Don’t get me wrong Knick fans, this team has improved by leaps and bounds with the offseason moves but we still have a way to go.  The current Knicks roster still lacks a strong leader on the floor, and from what I have seen from D’Antoni over the past 2 years I don’t see the type of coach to pull a player off the court for not boxing out or rebounding.  Could Amar’e be that type of floor leader?  If you go by his career he has never had the focus on the defensive end to call a player out for not doing their job defensively.  If anything I think Turiaf can step into that role, but the role of leader is usually a player that plays major minutes.  He is scrappy player that by example alone will bring toughness to the Knicks, but the minutes he has averaged in a season is 21.5.   

So who will be that Chauncey Billups type of player on the Knicks?  

Right now I don’t see that type of player on the Knicks and with the idea of bringing in Carmelo Anthony next year I still don’t see it.  Who knows, so far I have been very impressed with what I have seen from Amar’e.  He is taking the challenge of playing in NYC and he is saying and doing all of the rights right now.  Players who dare to be great are always in the running to be leaders, and as a Knicks fan I think we are at the doorstep of something special.  

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