WTF/WTH Wednesdays – Wanted: Angry Black Man….

I could not believe what I was watching/listening to when I turned on CNN this evening (that’s what I get for no immediately turning to MSNBC); there was Roland Martin explaining why President Obama could not be an angry Black man! Ummm, WTF is going on?

Barack Obama ran one of the coolest/calmest campaign for someone who was relatively new to the big stage of politics. It was his cool demeanor that helped him handle the ups and downs of a Presidential campaign. Who else could have handled the difficult subject of current day race relations? Well Barack Obama took that challenge on and delivered one of the all-time great speeches. There was endless praise for his handling of a difficult situation; he made it look easy!

This is the same guy that displayed leadership while still a presidential candidate during the financial crisis. As McCain and Obama sat in a room receiving a debriefing on the financial catastrophe that was occurring towards the end of 2008. Who was Secretary of Treasury Henry Paulson “impressed with”? Barack Obama…

Then becoming the first African-American President of the United States; the man seems to never sweat. Let’s be honest he has “Too Much Swag” (TMS), HAHA!! Seriously, while in office President Obama has guided the country back from the brink of financial ruin all while never losing his cool.

He was elected because the country was ready for a thinker who didn’t overreact. The nation had enough of that with President Bush and his rash decisions. So why now with this crisis in the Gulf is the media looking for the President to be a “Ra Ra” cheerleader. That’s not this President style, he will manage the situation and make sure he has all the information before reacting.

Now we are seeing the President react; telling Matt Lowery that he basically wants to, “Kick Ass”! He is doing this now not because he is feeling the pressure from the media; but he has more information. Not sure what else the media or people are expecting from the President. He is handling this with the say calm and cool.

So why is everybody surprised at the way President Obama is handling this situation?

There is no need for the President to be angry and there is definitely no need for any debate about if the President can be an Angry Black Man. Race has no place in this, when will we just judge this President based on him being just the PRESIDENT!

I am honestly surprised that Roland Martin even discussed this topic; but I will give CNN a pass this time around. I just want CNN to be better, there is so much to talk about with this oil spill. Shed light on the work that still needs to be done with the cleanup; this spill has Florida in its cross-hairs. Let’s focus on a plan to protect Florida!!


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WTF/WTH Wednesdays – Still Leaking…


It is now day 36 and the Deepwater Horizon Well is still leaking, well as of 11:22pm (Eastern) 5/26/2010 BP may have made a break through with the “Kill Shot” method of stopping the leak.

A “top kill” consists of pumping huge amounts of mud and cement into the leak in hopes of stopping it. The mud and cement will be pumped at high pressure from barges down 5,000 feet. BP has stockpiled 50,000 barrels of the manufactured mud, AP reported.

At this point BP is telling us that so far so good on the “top kill” process, if you go to the live feed of the well BP is saying there is a good chance right now that the we are watching the mud from the “top kill” spewing instead of oil. Again this is very preliminary as it will take a couple of days for BP to test and verify samples of what is spewing out of well. If BP can confirm that the “top kill” was successful the next step in the process will be capping the well with some kind of concrete dome. So lets pops some bottles and celebrate right??? Not so fast…

This “top kill” process is very sensitive as BP has to make sure that it does not force too much mud into the well and burst other sections of piping. We must all remember that the only sure way to completely stop this leak; is by drilling a relief well. The purpose of the relief well is help bring the blown out well under-control and ultimately stop the leak. In the oil industry drilling a relief well is the only sure-fire way of stopping leaks like this. Everything else up until this point is really a shot in the dark; top kill, containment dome, siphoning tubes, blowing up the well etc… Drilling a Relief Well takes time (about 3 months) and BP started drilling this well earlier this month. So chances are this leak may not be completely sealed until August, and this is something that we must all realize. That includes the media….

I think I will discuss my disdain for the media coverage during this crisis in another edition of “It’s On Broadway”, HA! I rather dedicate an entire blog to that subject.

Until then…

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