F-A-Natic Fridays – Democrats still willing to fight….

With House Democrats voting to oppose Obama’s Tax Cuts Compromise this is the time for Democrats in Congress to show they have some backbone.  Just because Obama is president and he is a Democrat that doesn’t mean that Congressional Democrats have to follow his lead on every issue.  In this case it is a good time for Democrats to stand up; the people spoke loudly during the mid-term elections with their vote.  The change in Washington they hoped and wanted was for Obama not to be the typical politician.  This Tax Cuts Compromise has typical Washington Politics written all over it; so I was very pleased to hear about the House Democrats standing up and at least asking for more debate.

What was also encouraging was that Republicans like Michele ‘Nutbag’ Bachmann was even asking questions about this compromise; LOL, I know how crazy it sounds but I just kind of sorta gave Bachmann some credit.  Don’t get me wrong Bachmann is still and will always be a ‘Nutbag’ but I can’t disagree  her when it comes to spending in general (Just for the record I still disagree with her on what should be cut spending wise).  The next couple of days as we will see if more Democrats and Republicans will stand up and oppose this compromise.  It will all depend on public opinion, these kats will go where the poll number go on this issue.

I predict that more Democrats will side with the likes of Peter Welch, Anthony Weiner, and Bernie Sanders and force the president to revisit his compromise.  What will be the end result of more debate is still to be determined, I can only hope we see the Barack Obama in this video clip…

In the mean time let us hope that more Democrats will rally behind Bernie Sanders and do whatever it takes to stop this flawed compromise…

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Takeover Thursdays – A Compromise to forget??

President Barack Obama

When the news 1st came down about the deal President Obama was supporting where Republicans will support a temporary extension of Middle Class Tax Cuts as long as tax cuts for the wealthiest 2% where also temporary extended I was upset but I was willing to give the president the benefit of the doubt.  I knew the president was breaking one of his key campaign promises but the idea of a compromise still sounded good as I knew the type of opposition the president was facing from Republicans.  So a compromise couldn’t be that bad right????


All that changed when I found out the price tag of this Tax Cuts Compromise; $900 Billion…


So what exactly contained in this tax compromise

The GOP got around $95 billion in tax cuts for wealthy Americans and $30 billion in estate tax cuts. Democrats got $120 billion in payroll-tax cuts, $40 billion in refundable tax credits (Earned Income Tax Credit, Child Tax Credit and education tax credits), $56 billion in unemployment insurance, and, depending on how you count it, about $180 billion (two-year cost) or $30 billion (10-year cost) in new tax incentives for businesses to invest. – via Ezra Klein (Washington Post)

When you look at the details of the compromise Progressives will see that the deal favors Democrats as it includes many initiatives that Progressives have supported in the past (Child and Education Tax Credit, and Middle Class Tax Cuts, and extending unemployment benefits).  There are plenty things about the deal that I am happy about, the 13 month extension of unemployment benefits was a great move as this issue will not have to be revisited for a year.  The problem is not necessarily in the deal itself, its how we got to the point of making a deal that bothers me the most (along with price tag).

On September 12, 2010 soon to be Speaker of the House John Boehner (Republican) said the following on Face the Nation:

“If the only option I have is to vote for some of those tax deductions (Middle Class Tax Cuts), I’ll vote for them”

With that said, why would President Obama then turn around and offer the possibility of temporarily extending tax cuts for the rich… it doesn’t make sense.  All that talk about drawing a line in the sand was nothing but BS; if the line your drawing in the sand is coming from a position of giving up ground then why draw the line?  The president gave up ground when HE started talking about temporarily extending tax cuts for the rich.

This whole summer Obama talked about letting the tax cuts for the rich expire and how that will generate $700 billion in revenue that would be used to pay down our $13 trillion-dollar deficit.  Obama even talked about how it would not be fiscally responsible for us to borrow money from China or Saudi Arabia to pay for tax cuts for the rich.  So what happened?

The president says he did it so not to hold the middle class and unemployed “hostage”; I can understand this thought but I thought we don’t give into terrorist??  Obama has to understand that Democrats like me are upset by his lack of fight.  He can talk all he wants about Republicans should not take this compromise as a sign of weakness, but the fact is they are and what’s worse Democrats are starting to think the same thing.  Where is the threat of veto from the president?  Why didn’t Obama challenge Republicans to be the group that voted down Middle Class tax cuts?  Instead after cutting the deal the only tough talk I am seeing/hearing from the president is at Democrats for not supporting him on this.

One congressman said it best, if the president didn’t have the guts to let the tax cuts expire now…  why should we believe he will have the guts to let the tax cuts expire in 2 years during his re-election campaign??

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Republicans nothing but double-talk bullsh*t….

Back in August John Boehner went on Meet the Press and could not answer a simple question from host David Gregory, “are tax cuts paid for or not?”

As David Gregory clearly points out; you can’t be for cutting the deficit and for cutting taxes that are not paid for.  No matter how many different ways David Gregory phrased the question Boehner did everything he could to avoid the question.  If Meet the Press can trip up Boehner why is the President having so many issues doing the same?

Democrats need to pull this video up every time and point out the Republican BS; they cannot allow Boehner and his cronies to get away with this.  What’s so insane is that Boehner in one breath talks about controlling spending but 2 seconds later talks about extending $700 billion dollars worth of unpaid tax cuts for the wealthiest 2%.  There are so many video clips like this of Republicans double-talk Robert Gibbs (White House Press Secretary) should have a moment during his daily press conferences where he shows all of this BS.  I would love to be that guy researching all those video clips…

I am officially offering my services to the White House, I think I can serve the role as Czar of BS; LOL!!

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Senate Republicans block extension of Middle Class tax cuts

In not so shocking news Senate Republicans successfully blocked the permanent extension of the Middle/Working Class tax cuts.  This will be 1 of 4 test votes Democrats in the Senate will attempt to see what version of the bill will garner the most votes.

The following versions of the legislation will also be tested:

  1. Senator Schumer (D-NY) has proposed a middle/working  class tax cuts where the cap would be raised to $1 million dollars.  Meaning if you make less than or equal to $1 million you will receive a permanent tax cut.
  2. Senator McConnell (R-KY) make tax cuts for upper wealthy and middle/working class permanent
  3. Permanently pass middle/working class tax cuts and temporarily pass tax cuts for upper wealthy fo the next 2-3 years.

Word is the Senate will vote on Senator Schumer’ proposal next and that is als expected to be voted down by Republicans.  The only plan that will more than likely to receive the most support from Republicans will Senator McConnell’s proposal of permanent extension of tax cuts for both Rich and Middle Cass (#2).  That proposal will also fail as it will not have the necessary support from Democrats as they do not support tax cuts for the Uber Rich.

The only proposal that will more than likely have enough support from both sides of the aisle will be the 3rd proposal listed above:

Permanently pass middle/working class tax cuts and temporarily pass tax cuts for upper wealthy for the next 2-3 years. 

This plan will also be reluctantly be supported by President Obama; he campaigned back in 2008 on letting the Bush Era Tax Cuts expire for he Upper 2% wealthy.  Letting those tax cuts expire will bring revenue of $700 billion over the next 10 years.  That money could be used to pay down our spiraling out of control National Debt ($13 trillion dollars)

The next couple of days will be interesting in the senate as there will be heavy negotiations to include an extension of unemployment benefits that will soon expire for 2 million Americans at the end of the year. 

Republicans are hell-bent on doing whatever it takes to stop President Obama even if that means hurting the nation.  tax cuts fo the Middle/Working class would have more of a positive impact on our economy than any tax cut for the Upper 2%  wealthy.  Extending the tax cut for the rich will set this country back as we will have to borrow $700 Billion dollars from the Chinese so tat the RICH CAN GET RICHER!!

So while Republicans campaigned on lowering the National Debt, in this case lowering the debt is not important when it comes to making sure the Uber Rich can make more money while the rest of the nation suffers.

Republicans will hold unemployment benefits and tax cuts for the Middle Class hostage so the rich can save more money t put into their savings.  It’s very simple folks the Middle Class (you and me) drives this economy…


Update:  According to White House correspondent Mark Knoller The Senate has also voted against the Senator Schumer’s proposal:

  • Senator Schumer (D-NY) has proposed a middle/working  class tax cuts where the cap would be raised to $1 million dollars.  Meaning if you make less than or equal to $1 million you will receive a permanent tax cut.
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    Middle Class Tax Cuts Pass in the House, but…

    During the Lame Duck session of Congress Nancy Pelosi was able to pass Middle/Working Class tax cuts through the House of Representatives.  Officially 168 Republicans voted against permanently extending the tax cuts for the middle/working class; basically voting for a tax increase for the middle class!

    This permanent Middle/Working class tax cut will be voted down in the Senate; the problem is that Democrats do not have the 60 votes necessary to protect this tax cut from a filibuster.  Harry Reid will bring this version of the tax cut and other versions up for tests votes to se which version of the legislation will garner the most votes. 

    Here are some versions that will be brought up for test votes

    1. The House passed permanent middle/working class tax cuts for those who make less than or equal to $250,000
    2. Senator Schumer (D-NY) has proposed a middle/working  class tax cuts where the cap would be raised to $1 million dollars.  Meaning if you make less than or equal to $1 million you will receive a permanent tax cut.
    3. Senator McConnell (R-KY) make tax cuts for upper wealthy and middle/working class permanent
    4. Permanently pass middle/working class tax cuts and temporarily pass tax cuts for upper wealthy fo the next 2-3 years.

    Senator Reid could bring this up for vote starting Friday; more than likely #4 will be the version that will receive the most votes.  In my opinion Sen. Schumer’s proposal is the most fair offer as it will not only give th middle/working class the tax cuts they so desperately need but it will also cover more people making up to $1 million dollars.  While at the same time still being fiscally responsible.

    Unfortunately, Republicans will continue their obstruction ways… and they will continue this until they have enough votes to pass what they want.  Republicans will support permanently pass middle/working class tax cuts and temporarily pass tax cuts for upper wealthy fo the next 2-3 years.  In 2 years Republicans will then have another election to gain the necessary votes to permanently extend those temporary tax cuts.

    With out of control debt there is only 1 solution to ensure another $700 Billion is not added to our already $13 trillion-dollar debt.  I think the president should take a stand and show everyone who’s the boss; let all the tax cuts expire, it would be a risky move on his part but it would be a position where he could stand and show he has the proverbial balls to make tough decisions that would start bringing down our debt.

    I highly doubt he will do that…

    Meanwhile here is video of Nancy Pelosi on the floor of the House talking about Middle Class Tax cuts:

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    Talking Points Tuesdays – Once again, Unemployment Benefits…

    Today Republican leadership (Sen. Mitch McConnell, Rep. John Boehner, Rep. Eric Cantor) met with President Obama to begin discussions on an agreement/compromise concerning the extension of Bush Era Tax Cuts.  More specifically extending tax cuts for the upper wealthy 2%

    I’m not writing this to once again exhaust the tax discussion; I want to shed light on the disdain Republicans seems to have for the working class.

    While wealthy Republican congressmen fight to protect their fortunes as well as the fortunes of their millionaire/billionaire buddies; 2 Million Americans will potentially lose their unemployment benefits at the end of the year as congress was unable to workout an extension.  Those Americans struggling to find work will once again be slapped in the face by the government they voted.  At the same time they will be labeled as lazy folks looking for a hand out.


    I don’t understand how anyone could call the majority of Americans on unemployment lazy.  If you ever been on unemployment you would know going from a $60K (annually) job to receiving $405 (before taxes) a week is NO lap of luxury. 

    Weekly unemployment benefits by state (2/2009)
    State  Maximum State  Maximum
    Alabama $255 Montana $407
    Alaska $370 Nebraska $308
    Arizona $240 Nevada $362
    Arkansas $409 New Hampshire $427
    California $450 New Jersey $584
    Colorado $475 New Mexico $455
    Connecticut $519 New York $405
    Delaware $330 North Carolina $494
    District of Columbia $359 North Dakota $385
    Florida $275 Ohio $372
    Georgia $330 Oklahoma $392
    Hawaii $545 Oregon $482
    Idaho $362 Pennsylvania $539
    Illinois $385 Rhode Island $528
    Indiana $390 South Carolina $326
    Iowa $443 South Dakota $285
    Kansas $423 Tennessee $275
    Kentucky $415 Texas $378
    Louisiana $284 Utah $444
    Maine $496 Vermont $409
    Maryland $380 Virginia $378
    Massachusetts $628 Washington $541*
    Michigan $365 West Virginia $424
    Minnesota $566 Wisconsin $363
    Mississippi $230 Wyoming $387
    Missouri $320    

    Who can feed a family and pay bills on $628??

    The economy is SLOWLY recovering but there is not enough job creation to support the amount of unemployed Americans on the market. 

    It is time for us to do the right thing and help those who NEED the help and not worry about tax cuts for RICH MOFOS!!

    As always….

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    WTF/WTH Wednesdays – “Don’t touch my Junk”

    TSA pat downs

    When John Tyner (not pictured) said, “If you touch my junk, I’m going to have you arrested” to an TSA (Transportation Security Administration) Agent during a pat down security check at an airport; he gave all dumbass Americans across the country a reason to bitch and complain about TSA security.  Yes you are reading it correctly, I am calling all the nutbag folks complaining about pat downs and body scanners dumbasses!!!

    By the way John Tyner purposely taped his encounter with TSA, this wasn’t a coincidence by any means

    We have all heard it before, after 9/11 the world as we knew it changed.  When those mofos boarded American domestic flights and took over planes with small knives the game most definitely changed.  We could no longer just look for terrorists trying to just smuggle bombs or guns on a flight.  Kats are now trying to light exploding shoes (Richard Reid) and underwear (Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab), this is not a game any more.

    Since 9/11 we have been reluctant to profile passengers; and rightly so.  Terrorist are no longer just Middle-easterners with head wraps; again just look at Richard Reid aka Shoe-Bomber and Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab aka Underwear-Bomber.

    I am pretty sure everyone wants to fly safely without worrying about their plane being blown up or hijacked.

    The problem is that people want to be safe without giving up anything; our society is SO selfish!  Everyone is for safety until they are inconvenienced in any way; I guess death is an acceptable option when it comes to standing in long lines or getting felt up a little bit.

    When TSA rolled out the new program of Body Scanners and Pat Downs disgruntled passengers complained about being a naked image on a screen and being “molested”.  Sounds like people or more OK with being naked slabs on a coroner’s table, because that’s what you are ultimately saying!!  There are options offered; you can opt-out of the body scanner and subject yourself to a pat down.  Except people have issues with pat downs as well, just ask John Tyner aka “Don’t touch my junk”

    So let me see if I got this…  We want secure safe flights protected from passengers/terrorists carrying weapons onto flights that could cause harm to the innocent.  We want this level of security minus the hassle; this National Opt-Out day is the dumbest thing I ever heard of.  You are protesting more security; this is what people find to be important, WTF!!!

    Some people take the stance that they don’t want some strange TSA Agent feeling them up.  How about this thought, I bet TSA Agents would love to avoid getting close to or feeling up overweight or dirty mofos.

    So far I have heard a lot of bitching but I don’t hear a lot of other viable solutions being offered that can be effective.  Some say we should move towards the Israeli model of screening passengers (interviewing passengers and selecting questionable candidates).  That would be great if the United States was the size of Israel, you can’t even compare the to airport systems.

    I say body scan and pat me down if you have to; just don’t TUG on my junk. HAHA!!!

    In all seriousness I am fearful and not afraid to say it; I know we can’t cover all the bases but I would hope we would be open to ways that could make us safe.  If you want to argue/protest lets focus on areas that are barely (only 4%) even being looked at like cargo on flights.  Body scans and pat downs are not humiliating, what’s humiliating would be turning a blind eye to real threats.

    Unfortunately I believe people will only wake up to what is REALLY important about keeping us safe when there is another attack on U.S. soil and or skies. 

    Mike Barnicle on MNBC’s ‘Morning Joe’ said it best this morning, “We are now more afraid at airports, apparently of being felt up than being blown up!”


    As always….

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    Talking Points Tuesdays – If it’s good enough for Warren Buffett…

    Warren Buffett

    If you know me you know where I stand with ending Bush Era Tax Cuts for the upper 2% wealthy and extending the tax cuts for the Middle/Working Class.  It’s very simple, our economy is driven by the middle/working class.  Yes the rich spend a lot of money, but when you compare to the amount of money and the number of people considered to be in the middle/working class…  There is no comparison!!!

    People need to realize 95% Americans (that’s you) were given a tax cut by President Obama!!

    President Obama campaigned on letting the Bush Era Tax Cuts for the upper 2% wealthy; so there is nothing new.  WE all knew that this was coming and it was heavily supported, no surprises or flip-flopping going on here.  In fact letting the tax cuts expire for the wealthy is still widely supported by the American people.

    So what’s the problem?

    The problem is so-called fiscal Conservatives in Congress are now crying that letting the tax cuts expire for the rich will stifle economic growth and kill jobs.  Meanwhile they (Conservatives) also scream about being fiscally responsible; the problem with all of this is that extending the tax cuts for the rich will cost the United States $700 Billion over the next ten years.  That’s $700 Billion that will be added to our already enormous National Debt.

    The Congressional Budget Office aka CBO (neutral entity) has stated that giving the rich a tax cut is the LEAST effective way to create jobs or stimulate the economy.  Ronald Reagan’s budget officer has gone on the record that extending the tax cuts would cause my harm than good (for the record he suggest letting tax cuts expire for Rich and Middle/Working classes).

    Let’s see that’s a neutral entity in the CBO against tax cuts for rich and we also have a Conservative who worked for the Grand Daddy (Ronald Reagan) of Trickle Down economics against tax cuts for the rich (and Middle/Working class).  Still we have the GOP trying to push the agenda of tax cuts rich and that Liberals are trying to start a class war.

    Maybe the American people will ignore the GOP and listen to some one who will be directly affected by increased taxes; Warren Buffet.  If you don’t know Buffett; he is rich beyond rich.

    How do you think he feels about letting the Bush Era Tax Cuts for the upper 2% (which he is) expire?

    “I think that people at the high-end, people like myself, should be paying a lot more in taxes. We have it better than we’ve ever had it,” he told ABC’s Christiane Amanpour

    Wait, WHAT?

    On increasing taxes for the rich…

    “The rich are always going to say that, you know, ‘Just give us more money, and we’ll go out and spend more, and then it will all trickle down to the rest of you.’ But that has not worked the last 10 years, and I hope the American public is catching on.”

    As I stated in the title of this posting, “If it’s good enough for Warren Buffett…” then it is good enough for the rest of the upper 2% rich!!


    As always….

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    Been Away for a Minute…

    It's On Broadway

    I know, I know...  I have been slacking these past couple of weeks in producing any blog postings; I promise you it’s not because I am dealing with the depression of the Democrats having their asses handed to them in the mid-term elections.  I have just been taking so time to recoup from some travel and catching up on some other interest in my life (reading, sports, the ladies, etc…).  In my absence a lot has happened and we have a lot to catch up, and I am ready to get back on my grind.

    As aways I appreciate everyone that stop by It’s On Broadway and I love all the comments; to me it doesn’t matter if the comments are negative or positive.  I am just glad some one is reading, HAHA!!

    If I can generate some thought then my job is done; of course not every posting will be thought-provoking as from time to time I have to let go and release.  So I hope you all continue to read and enjoy my thoughts and concerns.  I encourage everyone to leave a comment every once in a while as I learn from all opinions and experiences.

    Thanks again!

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    Lawrence O’Donnell’s Tea Party 101

    Lawrence O’Donnell is famous for his blow ups and hard-hitting style; so when O’Donnell invited 4 leaders of various Tea Party movements you would think these kats would have come to this appearance ready to battle.  Instead they allowed Lawrence O’Donnell to make them look foolish; I can’t believe I was actually looking forward to this segment on The Last Word.  I have heard my fair share of opinions of what others (mainly Liberals) believe the Tea Party is about, so I thought what could be better than hearing actually Tea Party leaders speak about their beliefs.

    I will admit, appearing on O’Donnell’s show is not an easy task.  It’s his show and he is a Liberal so you shouldn’t be surprised if your thought will be interrupted in mid-stride.  This is not the 1st nor will it be the last hostile interview; so the guests in my opinion have no reason to cry.  Lawrence starts off the interview admitting that Social Security and Medicare are Socialist programs; this admission by O’Donnell automatically diffuses many Tea Party arguments.  I say this as Tea Parties for the most part always harp on how President Obama and his administration are pushing a Socialist agenda; so O’Donnell gave them the opportunity to jump on those social programs. Only 2 of the panel guest would even broach the topic; it just shows when Tea Partiers talk about cutting spending none of them or really serious.  I have yet to meet a Tea Party kat that will talk about cutting one of the largest entitlement programs; Department of Defense!!!

    For example listen to Amy Kremer (Tea Party Express) and Max Pappas (Freedom Works).  Poor Amy was unlucky enough to be challenged by O’Donnell; he was able to expose her as an unprepared mess full of hot air.  When asked to name a program more Socialist than Medicare that needs to be stopped because spending is too high.  Her response, “I am not an expert on the US budget…”

    Here is a thought Amy, if you are not an expert on the US Budget; SHUT THE HELL UP!!!  You can’t talk about spending if you do not understand how certain spending will affect the US budget.

    Then you have Max Pappas, LOL!!!  This clown sat there for approximately 8 minutes and 57 seconds listening to O’Donnell rip his fellow colleagues and all he could come up with when asked the same question posed to Amy (name a program more Socialist than Medicare that needs to be stopped because spending is too high) was a eliminating a subsidies that would save you $1 billion.  I know a billion is nothing to sneeze at but when the National Deficit is 13.6 Trillion and you are being asked to come up with 1 program that you would cut; the first answer out of your mouth is a weak $1 billion?!?!

    Checkout the video:

    As always….
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