Shepard Smith Leaving Fox News

Over the years Shepard Smith has been known for his opposing views of Republicans and his colleagues at Fox News . More recently he has been critical of President Trump while others at the network fawned over the Commander-in-Chief.

Today the Fox News anchor announced Friday would be his last broadcast

“Even in our currently polarized nation, it’s my hope that the facts will win the day, that the truth will always matter, that journalism and journalist will thrive,” Smith said.
The Fox News anchor, hired to join the network at its inception in 1996, said his agreement with Fox meant he would not be reporting elsewhere in the near future.
“So recently I asked the company to allow me to leave Fox News, after requesting that I stay, they obliged,” “Under our agreement I won’t be reporting elsewhere, at least in the near future, but I will be able to see more of Geo and Lucia, and our friends and family, and then we will see what comes along.”
“This is my last newscast here. Thank you for watching today and over the decades as I traveled to many of your communities and anchored this program, studio B, and Fox Report, plus endless marathon hours of breaking news. It’s been an honor and my pleasure.”

While Smith was far from perfect, his departure from Fox News eliminates one of the few voices that challenged the Trump propaganda machine at the network.

Not that it matters to me much as I’m not a frequent viewer of Fox News. I am curious about one thing, did Shep get a farewell cake from Tucker Carlson and Sean Hannity?

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My thoughts on President Obama and his speech on Trayvon Martin


First I like to commend President Obama for once again speaking on subject he wishes he did not have to speak on. The president touched on some very key points that are a reality no matter how much certain people like to ignore it. There’s nothing racist about the president commenting on what it is like to be a Black man in America.

Joe Scarborough (Republican) stated earlier this week,

“if you don’t know anyone whose been stopped for driving while black, you have no black friends.”, “it’s that simple…”.

Does the above quote make Scarborough a racist???? Of course not!

So please stop telling me to “move on” or “get over it” because we have a Black president or because slavery was a long time ago.


We remember 9/11 and December 7th (Pearl Harbor) as “a date that will live in infamy” so that we never forget. Would we EVER tell survivors or their families to move on???

I love the United States, including its “warts”. Talking about this nations past and present sins does not make me any less patriotic than any self-proclaimed “Patriot” or Sean Hannity.

So thank you Mr President for saying what you said on a national stage!

From Oscar Grant to Trayvon Martin (and unfortunately many others), there is no room for error when you are Black…

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WTF/WTH Wednesdays – Disarmament


In a bold move President Obama put forth a new strategy for the United Stated when it applies to our usage of Nuclear weapons as a deterrent. I call this a bold move as the President will open himself to criticism from Conservatives; in fact it has already started as Sean Hannity called President Obama the worst president ever after announcing the new strategy. Of course that type of reaction from Conservatives is to be expected, or is it??? I will answer that question in another blog, but for now I will focus on President Obama’s decision.

When President Obama signs the Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (START Treaty II) the United States strategy for usage of nuclear weapons will change. The U.S. will not use nuclear weapons against non-nuclear nations in the event of a biological, chemical attack or cyber-attack. As long as you are in compliance with the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty we will only retaliate with conventional warheads. North Korea and Iran do not comply with Non-Proliferation Treaty so if they want to try us they risk being wiped off the face of this Earth

The START Treaty II also includes the reduction of nuclear weapons; it will limit operationally deployed nuclear warheads from approximately 2,200 to 1,550, down nearly two-thirds from START I.

Many Republicans (Rudy Giuliani) in the next couple of days will use the START Treaty II to call the President weak and say he is putting the country at risk. This is a risky move by the President but it shows the confidence President Obama has gained since the HCR bill became law. The President understands that we (U.S.) cannot act as if we can continue to increase our nuclear weaponry footprint and ask other nations not to start a nuclear weapons program.

With that said I still don’t know if I would be able to sign the START Treaty II; with Iran spitting in the face of the world when it comes to nuclear power (weapons) I HOPE this does not comeback to haunt President Obama!

When you really think about it, who should we be more concerned with?

Iran or North Korea who may or may not use a nuclear weapon in the future against the U.S. Should we be more concerned about the Sarah Palin’s and Michele Bachmann’s of the world that would use nuclear weapons against a nation that would hack your computer, LOL!

Seriously, nuclear weapons should never be used as offensive tools. I hope we never have someone like Palin or Bachmann with their finger on the button!!!

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If there is something to be said, “Its On Broadway” to step up and say it!!!