President Donald Trump is Trolling Us….

President Donald Trump is trolling us!

Plain and simple, and this is something I have been telling people since he became President of the United States. Unfortunately way too many of you out there still don’t get it, and fall for it EVERY time Trump sends out a tweet, or says something off-the-cuff during photo-ops.

Example, Donald Trump says the following this past Monday

“You don’t know until you test it, but I think, I really believe I’d run in there, even if I didn’t have a weapon, and I think most of the people in this room would have done that too,”

Social media went nuts with all types of memes and mentioning how Trump avoided the draft with deferments.


Any sane person knows Trump is full of shit, and yes there are Trump supporters who believe it, but who cares? You are never going to convince a Trump Supporter that Trump is full of shit, so why waste the energy? Why give this story ANY energy at all?

It never fails as my social media feeds still goes nuts, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. And this is causing serious issues with people’s mental states…

In September 2017 The Washington Post’s Dana Milbank wrote about this,

“Since the start of Trump’s rise to power,” Aibel writes, analysts “have become acutely attuned to traumatic arousals” in patients from the political environment. “Several colleagues have shared that many formerly eating disordered patients were retriggered to bulimic episodes that hadn’t occurred in many years until Trump’s candidacy. . . . In the run-up to the election, mental health providers of all stripes were reporting ‘a striking number of anxious and depressed clients who are fixated on the election, primarily fearful of Trump.’ Since Election Day, such colloquialisms as Trump Slump, Trump Anxiety and Trump Affective Disorder achieved cultural and perhaps even clinical currency (in an informally diagnostic sense, of course) along with increases in reported incidents of bullying” and the like.

Those on the right might label this “Trump Derangement Syndrome,” much as I and others detected an “Obama Derangement Syndrome” previously. But the mental trauma caused by politics has reached a point, Aibel argues, where psychoanalysts must rethink how they do things.

As mentioned by Milbank, conservatives definitely had anxiety over Barack Obama, but this seems different. And maybe I notice it more because I am a Democrat and I have more friends who are Democrats. Whatever it is people have to relax a lil bit.

I am no Trump fan, I have despised the man since the 80s (Central Park 5), but I refuse to let this man affect my day-to-day quality of life. And this is coming from someone who loves politics. For those who no me I was that person that debate politics for hours on Twitter and Facebook. I would go to sleep debating and then I would continue that debate first thing in the morning.

And what did I gain from that?

Nothing, absolutely nothing!

Well, not completely nothing, but nothing of substance that would help me going forward. I had to learn that not everyone on Twitter is was worth my energy.

In all honesty I am way too smart to waste time on some lame with 15 followers… I know that sounds so bad, but what’s worse is that people are hyperventilating on their Facebook and Instagram feeds, where more than likely they are screaming to people who think like them.

It’s amazing that people/media still react to Trump, by now we know this guys story. This is the same man who felt the need to lie about the size of his inauguration crowd, and thought it was necessary to have his Press Secretary (Sean Spicer) lie about it as well.

Everything Trump does is not a four-alarm fire, relax…


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Credit: The Washington Post



A Picture That Epitomizes NYC Sports in the 80s


In the mid to late 80s the sports scene in NYC was owned by the Giants, Mets and Mike Tyson.

The Giants, Mets and Tyson not only beat-up on their opponents and won championships in their respective sports, but they also partied hard in the streets of NYC.

The stories of Lawrence Taylor partying in NYC are almost as legendary as Charlie Murphy and Rick James chillen at the China Club.

But, no one could out party the ’86 Mets held their own and of course Mike Tyson was a like a kid in the candy store

Can you imagine Facebook, Twitter, Snap Chat and Instagram back then in the 80s?????


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Strip Clubs, the Last Bastion of Personal Contact….

Strip Clubs are the last bastion of personal contact we have left in our society.

Now hear me out on this before calling me a perv!

In today’s society we have all this technology that has opened up access while at the same time creating an anti-social environment.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Skype, Texting (and all the texting apps, Whatsapp, Snapchat…..)

Think about it, it was only 10-years ago when the cell phone increased our availability and then everyone was talking on a cell phone. Now cell phones are smart phones, and with phones becoming smarter we have moved away from speaking on the phone to either texting, taking IG pics, creating Snapchat videos and updating Facebook and Twitter.

More often than not people prefer to text instead of talking on the phone, WTF????

The importance of personal touch and voice-to-voice conversation has been lost and replaced with the sound of a notification alarm on your phone.

And that brings me back to strip clubs and them being the last bastion of personal contact, HAHAHA!!!

Imagine if Strip Clubs all went the virtual route?


Strip Clubs allow personal touch, and actual face to face conversation, albeit it’s a fantasy and your possibly calling a chick Diamond, Shawty Shake the Pole, or the classics like Jasmine and Lexus (no offense to the ladies who names are Jasmine and Lexus).

Seriously, while my example of strip clubs might be a stretch; the point is we need to bring back the value of personal contact with your friends and family.  You can’t replicate that loud ass friend with the infectious laugh with an emoji or ‘LOL’ and ‘HAHAHAHAHA’.

So the point of all this is to keep in mind that we need to cool out on all the texting and start getting back to personal relationships.


We need to make sure strip clubs never become virtual, with an actual place we can walk into and ask for either Diamond, Shawty Shake the Pole, Lexus or Lexi, and Jasmine.



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Donald Trump aka Chump and his $5M dollars worth of BS!!!

Yes it has been awhile and I am actually sad that it took the insanity of Donald Trump to get me into the mood to write something.

Once again this BLOWHARD attempted to grab attention with his self-proclaimed BIG announcement this morning.  Trump has been in over-drive the past couple of days tweeting about everything he can think of concerning President Barack Obama.  At one point he challenged the notion that Obama deserved any praise in the killing of Bin Laden, come on!  It amazes me why ANYONE believes anything Trump says…

This is the same guy that claimed Obama was hiding something with his birth certificate and that he was sending private investigators to Hawaii to find evidence of his claims.


That was back in April of 2011, what happened to those investigators?  You would think if “The Donald” found something he would have released it by now, instead all we have is Trump still talking but no proof to back up his claims.

But wait….

A couple of days ago Trump announced he had a BIG Announcement concerning President Obama, he told FOX News

“It’s going to be very big. I know one thing—you will cover it in a very big fashion.”

Did he REALLY find something on the president?


But there were some simple-minded people who actually got excited about this fool, not everyone as Michelle Malkin (Conservative Pundit) on Twitter told a follower of hers that Trump is no friend of Conservatism.

So what was Trump’s BIG announcement?

“The Donald” announced that he would give $5 million dollars to President Obama’s favorite charity if he released his college and passport applications….

Wait….  THAT’s IT? GTFOH!

You mean the same guy who said in 2011 that his investigators found some interesting things has nothing to produce as an “October Surprise”?  Instead he is still reaching for some kind of proof….

What a Fraud!!!

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Pres Barack Obama’s Twitter account, “This Seats Taken”

Now that the Republican National Convention 2012 (RNC) has wrapped and Mitt Romney has accepted the Republican Nomination for President of The United States, the ball is now in the Democrats court.  The Democrats will have their moment in the sun when the Democratic National Convention officially starts September 4th.

But after 3 days of listening to the Republican hype machine tell anyone who would listen how bad President Barack Obama has been at being president; the following picture was sent from the President’s Twitter account (@BarackObama)… Oh, there was also a message that accompanied that pic:

President Barack Obama 2012

This Seat’s Taken


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Spike Lee Retweets Wrong Address for George Zimmerman

The great thing about Twitter is that it breaks news…

The bad thing about Twitter is that there is A LOT of bad information floating around…

Rumors can snowball into what we want to believe is the truth; and no matter how many times Bill Cosby “dies” on Twitter some how people still retweet as if it’s the gospel. Unfortunately lessons have not been learned… A couple of days ago Spike Lee (@SpikeLee) received a tweet from Marcus Higgins (@MacCapone) that supposedly had the home address of the man who killed Trayvon Martin; George Zimmerman.

Spike Lee took that tweet and decided it was a good idea to retweet it to all of his followers (200K +)!


With all that has gone down with the death of Trayvon Martin; this is no way to promote justice and Spike Lee should know better.  Last year Sarah Palin was criticized for bulls-eye targets and since the rise of the Tea Party their rhetoric has been thought of hate speech.  So why would Lee think it is a good idea in a racial charge environment to give out the address of the man in the middle of the controversy?

The only answer I could come up with is stupidity!

But that would not be the last of Lee’s stupidity as it was revealed that the address Lee retweeted was the address of an elderly couple and not Martin’s killer Zimmerman; since the now infamous retweet the couple has lived in fear.

With crazy people like The New Black Panther Party offering a bounty for Zimmerman’s capture, no good can come from the publicizing Zimmerman’s address.  Spike Lee should be a shamed of himself and an apology via twitter is not enough

“I Deeply Apologize To The McClain Family For Retweeting Their Address. It Was A Mistake. Please Leave The McClain’s In Peace.” – Spike Lee

I think Dana Loesch said it best in one of her tweets, Spike Lee needs to #DoTheRightThing

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Roland S. Martin calls out Black celebrities…

Roland S. Martin, a Black journalist and political contributor to CNN made it his business to remind everyone and anyone that on August 28th (Sunday) the Martin Luther King Memorial in Washington DC will be OFFICIALLY dedicated.

The ceremony that will be attended by many including the 1st Black-American president, Barack Obama will be a celebration of one of the great Americans.  I don’t have to sit here and list what made Martin Luther King Jr great; all that needs to be none is that he was someone who fought for the civil rights of ALL!

The memorial for MLK will be located on the National Mall; the 30-foot tall statue of Dr King will be the 1st non-president (with a major memorial) memorialized on the National Mall.  MLK will be surrounded by the likes of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, and Abraham Lincoln; all men played a key role in shaping what is now the United States…

A fitting spot for Dr King!!

With such an honor being bestowed on one of the most influential Black people in the history of the United States you would think this moment would be attended/watched by all who have most benefited from Dr Kings hard work and sacrifice….  Amazingly enough I am not sure if this will be the most important event that for most Black people; I am trying not to be negative but with the 2011 MTV Music Awards happening on the same day as the memorial dedication…

What will prove to be more important to Black-Americans on August 28th?

Some how this is even a question, and for Roland Martin he felt he had to address this matter on Twitter.  Starting this morning Martin directly tweeted celebrities like Kanye West and Chris Brown and asked them if they would be attending the dedication.  He also reminded them that if they thought attending the MTV Music Awards was important that they should remember that it wasn’t too long ago that MTV wasn’t even playing Black Artist videos.

There is no excuse for any Black artist/celebrity to miss out on the dedication ceremony for MLK; if you believe attending an award show thrown by MTV then your priorities are screwed up!  I will be somewhat disappointed to see some of my favorite artist choosing the MTV Music Awards over MLK Memorial, but it is what it is…

What most of these artist/celebrities have forgotten is that when the cameras stop flashing and the fans stop cheering their names will MTV be there for them?  Will MTV return the favor for promoting their show, I highly doubt it… Some times there are more important things than seeing who will win Rap Artist of The Year or seeing if Kanye West will have another moment making him the latest Trending Topic worldwide.

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Darryl Strawberry not happy with Dwight Gooden???

Most of you all know the story of Darryl Strawberry and Dwight Gooden (Doc Gooden); they will forever be linked together in NYC sports history as 2 of the most talented baseball players to ever hit the scene.  They were the cornerstone to what was supposed to be a Baseball Dynasty with the NY Mets; if that wasn’t pressure enough on top of that Strawberry (21) and Gooden (20) were youngsters trying to find their way while living it up in NYC.

Now older and hopefully more wiser both Strawberry and Gooden are dealing with life after baseball…..

Strawberry through his ups and downs found religion and family to keep him on the straight and narrow; while Dwight has had a little bumpy road which includes a recent stint on the VH1 Reality Show ‘Celebrity Rehab’.  With that said Both Strawberry and Gooden seem to be finally putting their demons behind them.  Both are slowly rebuilding their images in the greater NY area; Strawberry opening a Sports Bar & Grill in Douglaston, NY (Strawberry’s) and Gooden setting up autograph signings and spending time with his family.  They are also giving back to the community and reconnecting with fans who once cheered them on during the 80s and 90s at Shea Stadium.

This past Saturday (August 13th) The Darryl Strawberry Foundation participated in Douglaston Community Day; it was a fair of sorts with rides and games.  All proceeds went to The Darryl Strawberry Foundation and their battle against autism as well as other local charities.  Former Mets Doc Gooden, Kevin Mitchell, Barry Lyons and Terry Leach; and former Giants punter Sean Landetta were the expected guests.


On August 11th (Thursday) Dwight Gooden sent out a tweet from his twitter account (@DocGooden16) saying that he will not be able to attend due to “a previous obligation”.

Soon after the twitter account for Strawberry’s Bar & Grill (@Dstrawberrys) sent out a tweet saying the cancellation by Gooden was more than just “a misunderstanding”.  When I read the tweet from @Dstrawberrys I thought to myself that there might be some beef here and if you read Gooden’s tweet he did point out that the “misunderstanding” was “on their part.” (Strawberry).  Then fellow Mets fan @AlMightyDJKO sent a tweet to @DStrawberrys basically asking if there was some kind of beef.  Some time after that tweet the tweet from @DStrawberrys deleted ….

At the time I figured someone made the call and had the tweet deleted so not to bring negative attention to what is supposed to be a positive event.  I also felt that maybe Strawberry himself put someone in their place for trying to air out Doc on twitter.


So on August 13th (after the Community Day event) Darryl Strawberry tweeted from his twitter account (@DarrylStrawman)

I could be wrong about all this and to be honest I hope I am, BUT the tweets don’t lie.  I sincerely hope if there is some kind of beef between Straw and Doc, that the 2 will talk it out and continue to work together for the kids.  Strawberry’s Foundation is doing a lot of great work for kids with Autism and Gooden is looking to give back with a Baseball Academy in NJ; together they could once again be a great team and make a difference in a lot of kids lives.

As always….

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WTF/WTH Wednesday – Really Anthony Weiner?????

On Tuesday I laid out what seemed to be a simple path were Rep Anthony Weiner (D-NY) could somewhat recover from ‘Weinergate’ (Talking Points Tuesdays – Anthony ‘Weinergate’ Weiner).

  • Keep a low profile
  • A do what you can for your constituents; fill potholes and cleanup the neighborhood playgrounds

With that said the 1 stipulation in all of this was that Weiner would have to stay clear of any more controversy; there could be no more pictures or emails/chats leaked from other women. It was the whole reason behind Weiner’s press conference on Monday; Weiner would stand there and answer every question from the media until there were no more questions.  At that point the story could then begin the process of fading away; of course there would still be the Ethics Investigation but since no crime was committed Weiner would have more than likely received a slap on the wrist.


You can throw all of that out the window as a new photo has emerged, and this time the photo is x-rated!


Before Weiner spoke on Monday Conservative Blogger Andrew Brietbart held an impromptu press conference stating that he had another photo in his possession that Weiner had sent to another woman.  He stated this photo was of the x-rated nature and that he would not release photo if Weiner would stop attacking him (Breitbart) and stop accusing him of hacking his (Weiner) Twitter account.  When Weiner stepped to the podium he apologized to Breitbart and at that point it was assumed the alleged x-rated photo would not be released.  Breitbart went as far to say that he did not want to ruin Weiner’s family life so he saw no reason to release the new photo.


So Wednesday Breitbart appeared on the Opie and Anthony radio show and it was there Breitbart decided to show Opie and Anthony the pic of Weiner’s wiener.  Go figure why Breitbart is walking around with a pic of Weiner’s erect penis on his phone (some kind of sick enjoyment I guess).  While Breitbart was showing the pic to Opie and Anthony, one of the radio station guys took a pic of the pic from their phone and posted it out on Twitter.

Now we have Anthony Weiner’s Frank and Beans all over the internet!!!

And Weinergate continues

At this point I think it is time for Weiner to just tap out and resign from his position, this is just getting out of hand.  Sending X-rated photos is too much in my book; unless this story loses its legs it will continue to take away from what is important (Jobs, Debt Ceiling, etc…).

By the way let us not forget that it was also announced today that Weiner’s wife is pregnant!

It’s time for Weiner to take his ‘bat and balls’ and go home, LOL!!!

P.S. Since this post is about some dudes genitals I feel the need to add a major PAUSE for this entire post!

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Talking Points Tuesdays – Anthony ‘Weinergate’ Weiner

As many of you know I am a big fan of Representative Anthony Weiner and his famous rants on the floor of the House of Representatives; but it seems the same ego that had him calling out House Republicans all throughout the Healthcare Debate has led to his fall from grace.  Only ego would let a married public official believe that he can send pics of his bare chest and underwear covered penis to women on Twitter.

It was also ego that convinced Weiner to lie about posting the pic of his penis and blame it on a hacked Twitter account.  Now Weiner will have to put that ego aside as he attempts to survive this controversy and hold onto to what is left of his political career.

As Politico pointed out this morning it’s not like Weiner had a standout legislation record; he was more known as a passionate mouth piece that stood out during the Healthcare Debates.  It was Weiner’s fire that helped keep the momentum going for reform.  Many will say that Weiner’s rants and brash ways was his way to build his inevitable run for Mayor of NYC; I have to admit that the idea of the fiery Weiner running NYC was very intriguing….

Unfortunately the likelihood of that happening now is more of a dream than a reality!!!

New Yorkers love a comeback story, we can understand people making mistakes…. But WTH!!!!!

If Weiner would have simply admitted that he was the one who sent the pic of his penis to 21-year-old Gennette Nicole Cordova he might still have an outside chance of still running for mayor of NYC 2013.  Again it would have been an outside shot; but with Weiner admitting to lying his chances at running for mayor in the near future are dead.

But all is not lost with Weiner, at this point he has not committed a crime (except against his marriage).  There will be an ethics investigation into behavior and the worst that will happen is that he will be given a slap on the wrist for being STUPID!

What’s important for Weiner at this point is that he has to do something that he may not be used to… Keep quiet and keep a low profile!  Weiner took the 1st steps yesterday finally admitting he is the penis pic tweeter (LOL); then he stood up in front of the press and answered just about every embarrassing question.  The point is to get all the questions out of the media’s system and then try to move on; the moving on part will not be easy especially with Republicans and even some Democrats who could look to exact some revenge on the hot-headed congressman who at times took no prisoners.  I am sure Rep. Peter King (R-NY) a known adversary of Weiner is taking a lot of joy watching Weiner squirm.

All in all Weiner will not be able to control what Republicans and Democrats will do with his future, but what he can do in keeping his head low is focusing on the little things.

If there is a pot hole that needs to be filled, Weiner should be out there with a shovel filling that pot hole!

If there is a park to be cleaned up, Weiner should be there with a broom and brand new swings set!

If there is a block party or parade that needs a permit, Weiner should be right there filling out the paper work!

In other words focus on the people who put you in office, work on possibly winning their trust back.  Maybe, JUST MAYBE… he will be able to regain the fire that made him a rising star as mouth piece for Democrats!

Here is a look back at classic Anthony Weiner

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