‘Hello Melo’ The Carmelo Anthony to the Knicks Song

With all the excitement of the Knicks trading for Carmelo Anthony and Chauncey Billups it seems like everyone is jumping on YouTube and saying something to celebrate a new era in Knicks basketball.

One of the funnier clips I have watched on YouTube was sent to me via twitter from @SwiftandAbudant , I have to admit I admire the enthusiasm of Knicks fans and it seems that Blaze and Willie G (in the video) have put some time and energy into the production and lyrics.  It is a little weird with all the pictures of Melo on the wall behind them; it’s not something I would do but hey it’s not my video.

Oh yeah, can someone tell me if that is a Casio homey is playing… LMAO!!!!!


‘Hello Melo’ The Carmelo Anthony to the Knicks Song

“One thing I know for certain… Carmelo is gonna break some ankles”

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WTF/WTH Wednesdays – Chris Brown vs Raz-B


So earlier today Chris Brown and Raz-B had their own version of Beef on Twitter; it all seem to have started when Raz-B decided to overdose on his admiration of Rihanna on Twitter…

This is the video that made me fall for @Rihanna ummmm Im gonna chew you up a bubblegum- Rude Boy youtube.com/watch?v=5Ngaob… – via Raz-B Twitter

As we all know Raz-B has accused his former manager Chris Stokes of molesting him and since then young Raz-B has been associated with all types of gay rumors.  So to many this Twitter obsession with Rihanna is a bit suspicious but it didn’t stop there as the fuse was lite when Raz-B decided to take an indirect shot at C. Breezy.

Now some will say that Raz-B is not trying to beef and that he was only speaking the truth; ummmm yeah that’s it…..  GTFOH this kat wanted beef and he got it; he put C. Brown’s Twitter handle in the tweet just so Brown would see it.  Let’s be real whether you like Chris or not you can’t fault him for firing back; in no way am I condoning what Chris did to Rihanna when he beat her up but there is no reason for Raz to take a shot at him.  If he is trying to holla at Rihanna then holla, I’m not going to hate that the young kat chose Twitter to get at the chick; I guess that’s his game.  But I have no sympathy for him that Breezy went on a verbal assault pulling no punches.

Chris Brown

At the end of the day this is all funny to me; 2 light-skinned R&B kats fighting over Twitter.  Neither one of them look like they would ever throw a punch; well I guess we know Breezy would……  My bad Chris no shots fired at you, just saying.

But the back and forth between Chris and Raz wasn’t the craziest shit out of all this; Raz-B’s brother came to his defense but his brother might have killed himself with the following tweet

Ummmmmmmm……. “imma do you how @marqueshouston did @1omarion…you ever been t prison Little Boy??”.  Does Ricky Romance realize how gay this sounds?  Men get f*@ked in prison, why would you even bring that up when you bro has been called gay?  Later on Mr Romance would go on to pretty much threaten Brown,

“@chrisbrown i think you a talented artist but im still gonna shove my pistol in your mouth if i catch you alone w/ no security lol.God Night”.

Hopefully there is no violence as a result of this nonsense, its actually funny that all this beef started after there was a Beef marathon on FUSE last night.  I think all these light-skinned pretty mofos need to be easy and relax, ain’t none of them built for all the talk they have been spitting!!

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Takeover Thursdays – For some Mike Vick’s comeback story not enough….

Mike Vick

On Monday Night Football the comeback of Mike Vick reached a new high as Vick put up a record-breaking performance that may never be duplicated.

Vick became the first player in NFL history with 300 passing yards, 50 rushing yards, four passing touchdowns and two rushing touchdowns in a game. Vick also became the first player in NFL history to have three passing touchdowns and two rushing touchdowns in the first half of a game.

While most praised Vick’s performance there was at least one person who felt the need to make sure Mike Vick’s accomplishments were put into perspective he felt was necessary.  Steve Politi of NJ.com penned the article Michael Vick’s comeback will only be truly a great story if dog fighting declines.

Politi starts his article with Mike Vick’s tweet after his historic game, “God Can Turn Mistakes Into Miracles”.

He mentions Vick’s tweet as if to say that Mike Vick is out of touch with reality; Politi continues by calling Vick’s performance on Monday Night “impressive” but

“A miracle has to be bigger than broken tackles and touchdowns passes.  A decline in dog fighting?  Now that would be the miracle.”

Politi is either completely missing the point of what Vick is trying to say with his tweet or he is using the moment of Vick’s success to grab attention.  In this Politi is using Vick’s success…

I will admit that I am not an avid reader of Politi’s so it is possible that he has written a number of articles about dog fighting.  What rubs me the wrong way is how Politi wraps Vick’s historic night around this anti-dog fighting article.  To be honest this article acts like dog fighting begins and should end with Mike Vick and that is not fair.

We all know what Mike Vick did was wrong and him serving 21 months in federal prison along with 2 months of home confinement is no one else fault but his own.  What Politi fails to understand is that Vick being able to come back from losing it all too now being in the conversation for MVP is sort of miracle.  We always hear stories of athletes who waste their talent and lose it all; constantly being mentioned in “What if” scenarios.  How many times do we hear stories like this one turning into what seems to be a happy ending?

So when Mike Vick says, “God Can Turn Mistakes into Miracles” he is not saying it is miracle that he can put up record numbers by breaking tackles and scoring touchdowns.  He is saying that it’s a miracle that he was given the chance to play football again after all the mistakes he made in the past.

There is no need to diminish Vick’s accomplishments, as stated in the article Vick being found guilty of dog fighting and serving time for it shined a necessary spotlight on an issue that had to be addressed.  It’s unfair to saddle Vick with the responsibility of eliminating dog fighting as the title of Politi’s article suggest.

Sorry Mr. Politi, but if Mike Vick walks away from this experience an overall better person/player on and off the field his comeback is indeed a great story!!

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