Even Testing an Alert System Triggers Pres Trump Haters… This Is A Test (beeeep)

We have all received those AMBER Alerts and Flood Warnings on our cell phones. This afternoon (Wednesday) at 2:18pm (Eastern), FEMA and the FCC performed the first test of the Wireless Emergency Alerts system. 

And soon after the alert came out, social media blew up with folks criticizing the alert.

Come on people, are y’all that triggered by President Trump that you have to clown EVERYTHING associated with him or show displeasure?!?

People couldn’t help themselves and tweet the hacky joke, “Can I block this…” Or ask if this meant that Trump use the system the same way he uses Twitter?

Before we get too far ahead of ourselves, let’s look at the facts as reported by Vox.com

  • Approximately 100 mobile carriers, including all major wireless companies, participated in the testing. A second test that put messages on TV and radio, known as the Emergency Alert System, took place a couple of minutes later
  • The alert was transmitted in English and Spanish. Cell towers broadcast the test for about half an hour, during which time most cell phones that were switched on and within range of an active cell tower got the test message
  • The TV and radio system has been tested three times before; the texting system hasn’t. The test was initially scheduled for September but was postponed because of Hurricane Florence (Smart Move)
  • The system is the same one that’s used to warn the public about dangerous weather or missing children, such as tornado warnings and Amber Alerts. Users can’t opt out of texts, a requirement from a 2006 law passed by Congress called the Warning, Alert, and Response Network Act. Congress requires the system be tested every three years
  • The national warning system predates Trump and has been under development for years, and officials say there are some pretty specific guardrails in place to make sure it’s always used correctly
  • According to the Integrated Public Alert and Warning System Modernization Act of 2015, the system “shall not be used to transmit a message that does not relate to a natural disaster, act of terrorism, or other man-made disaster or threat to public safety.”

This is ultimately a good thing, but I will say it is still important for the people to know/understand how the system works. For example, how the system will be triggered? What’s the chain of approval for an alert to go out? What kind of a follow-up will we receive; instructions, etc…?

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What Japan Gets Right about Gun Control….

Just to clear the air, as a Liberal I support Americans’ right to own guns.

I support the 2nd Amendment, but as Justice Scalia once said, “Yes, there are some limitations that can be imposed” to it.

After reading Vox’s article, ‘Its Really Hard to Buy a Gun in Japan. The Country also has almost no Gun Homicides’ I think there are some ideas we can take from the Japanese when it comes to gun control…

To get a gun in Japan, first, you have to attend an all-day class and pass a written test, which are held only once per month. You also must take and pass a shooting range class. Then, head over to a hospital for a mental test and drug test (Japan is unusual in that potential gun owners must affirmatively prove their mental fitness), which you’ll file with the police. Finally, pass a rigorous background check for any criminal record or association with criminal or extremist groups, and you will be the proud new owner of your shotgun or air rifle. Just don’t forget to provide police with documentation on the specific location of the gun in your home, as well as the ammo, both of which must be locked and stored separately. And remember to have the police inspect the gun once per year and to re-take the class and exam every three years.

While I would hesitate going as far as providing the police with documentation on specific location of the gun in your home, as well as ammo, and having gun and ammo locked and stored separately.

The mental health check, the shooting range class, and retaking the class and exam are the better points that interest me the most.

It has never made sense to me that someone with no training can purchase a gun as long as they can pass a background check. But we have to go through training when we apply for a driver’s license.

At the end of the day gun control is about common sense, and in my opinion it just doesn’t seem like we have a lot of common sense with our current gun laws.

We are never going to 100% stop crazy people from getting there hands on guns, but there is so much more we can do to make it harder for the nutbags.


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Credit: Vox

Speaker John Boehner to Retire

Wow, according to the Speaker‘s office, John Boehner will step down as Speaker and he will leave congress by the end of October.

I am shocked by this announcement…. Even though Boehner has had issues controlling his majority in the House, I just never thought he would walk away. Could it be that meeting the Pope yesterday really got to Boehner and put things into perspective for him?

It’s a nice thought that Pope Francis could have that effect, but as Ezra Klein explained in Vox; Boehner was facing a House that’s thirsty for another government shutdown and a possible coup attempt on his leadership.

I can only imagine Boehner, a veteran of Congress had to be sitting and said to himself, “Who needs this shit!”

The Speaker’s office released the following statement

Speaker Boehner believes that the first job of any Speaker is to protect this institution and, as we saw yesterday with the Holy Father, it is the one thing that unites and inspires us all.

The Speaker’s plan was to serve only through the end of last year. Leader Cantor’s loss in his primary changed that calculation.

The Speaker believes putting members through prolonged leadership turmoil would do irreparable damage to the institution.

He is proud of what this majority has accomplished, and his Speakership, but for the good of the Republican Conference and the institution, he will resign the Speakership and his seat in Congress, effective October 30.

While I have not been a fan of John Boehner, the idea of one of these new age Republicans taking his place as Speaker scares the SHIT out of me! They are willing to burn the whole thing down instead of trying to work out a solution that helps both sides.

It should be an interesting next couple of months, stay tuned…


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