House Democrats Plan for Ending the Government Shutdown

Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer warned President Trump about shutting down the government over funding for his wall. Democrats in the House and Senate knew that Trump didn’t have the votes for funding the wall, and they knew they had the leverage with Dems taking over the House in 2019.

With Trump’s Government Shutdown heading into its 2nd week, House Democrats are putting together a spending bill to re-open the gov’t without funding for the wall.

As reported by the Washington Post House Dems will look to pass a stopgap spending bill that will fund the Department of Homeland at existing spending levels through February 8th. This will not include funding for the wall

The bill will also include funding for the following depts through September 30th:

Department of Commerce
Department of Homeland Security
Department of Housing and Urban Development
Department of Interior
Department of Justice
Department of State
Department of Transportation
Environment Protection Agency (EPA)
Federal Drug Administration (FDA)
United States Department of Agriculture (USDA)
Programs related to science, financial services, and other agencies
The National Flood Insurance Program
The Violence Against Women Act
The Pesticide Registration Improvement Act
Temporary Assistance for Needy Families
Immigration extensions (EB-5, E-Verify, Conrad 30 program for international medical school graduates, Special Immigrant Religious Workers program, and H2B returning worker authority for DHS)
The Chemical Facility Anti-Terrorism Standards Act
Two expiring provisions of the Pandemic All-Hazards Preparedness Act
Medicaid Money-Follows-the-Person and Spousal Impoverishment, through March 31

Action Institute

Pres Trump severely overplayed his hand with this government shutdown, lack of public support (outside of Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh and Ann Coulter) and he let his ego guide him instead of common sense.

Right now Trump has the protection of the holidays to hide behind as people have been more focused on Christmas and celebrating the New Year. Once the holiday hangover has passed all the focus will be on this shutdown; and I don’t see Trump being able to handle the scrutiny. This is a lonely hill for Trump to die on, it’s time to end the shutdown!

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Did Darren Wilson Deserve to Lose His Job?

After reading the Washington Post’s Jonathan Capehart’s piece ‘Hands up, don’t shoot’ was built on a lie and the DOJ‘s report on the shooting of Michael ‘Mike’ Brown, I found myself asking the question; Did Darren Wilson deserve to lose his job?

Yes, I know Wilson technically resigned from the Ferguson Police Dept, but I think it’s safe to say that he had no other choice after all the protest. And, no this is not meant to make the comparison between Brown being dead and Wilson no longer having a job.

This is about a false narrative that spurred on a movement (#BlackLivesMatter), a movement that has purpose, but as Capehart points out a movement that started out with “an inappropriate symbol”. 

And if Mike Brown is “an inappropriate symbol”, is it right to continue to vilify Wilson and refer to him as someone who, “crawled from under a rock….”?

We need to do better and not jump to conclusions without all the evidence first.  If we continue to push these false narratives, we will only destroy our credibility.


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Red Tails = TRASH!!!!

Yup I said it ‘Red Tails’ = Trash, I walked into the movie theater wanting to love this movie but it was clearly evident within the 1st hour that it was not going to happen.  I am all for supporting Black films, but I am also about supporting GOOD Black films.

Black Cast + Black History DOES NOT automatically equal good movie!

It was as if they said, “OK we got a Black story, Black cast and that’s all we need!”.  The story seemed to have moments that just didn’t make a whole lot of sense and could have done without.  Also the story was chopped up and as one of my friends noted, it was as if the script required EVERY actor had to have some kind of speaking part.  This movie may have been better if they chopped it down from 2 hours to 90 minutes; maybe a little less Ne-Yo and his ridiculous character and more insight into what made the relationship between ‘Easy’ and ‘Lightning’ the way it was.

Also (without given away spoilers), how is it that Maurice’s scenes made the final cut????

I understand the difficulty “Black films” have being green-lighted in Hollywood, I just don’t see ‘Red Tails’ making it any easier.  In all honesty without the dog-fighting scenes ‘Red Tails’ is not that far from being one of Tyler Perry’s earlier movies.

From my understanding of the Tuskegee Airmen is that those men knew and understood the pressure of the situation they were in.  I am sure they had their moments of fun and joking around but I can’t believe what was depicted in ‘Red Tails’ is what really happened.

Courtland Milloy of the Washington Post wrote:

During a recent screening of the movie sponsored by the National Association of Black Journalists, I sat with Morris and several other Tuskegee Airmen. The men were pleased that the history of the black pilots, gunners and mechanics was getting so much attention, and they were grateful to Lucas for using $93 million of his own money to help bankroll the film.

Nevertheless, they saw little of themselves on the screen. Davis would not have tolerated the fist fights, aerial stunts, drunkenness and insubordination. For my money, Lucas could have depicted the pilots as they were — as distinctive as the squad led by Tom Hanks in Steven Spielberg’s “Saving Private Ryan,” or the group of soldiers in the television series “Band of Brothers” and “The Pacific.”

If folks want to see a GOOD movie about the Tuskegee Airmen they should checkout the HBO film ‘The Tuskegee Airmen’.  Now that was a movie that told a story and connected.  Cuba Gooding Jr was in both movies and I think even he knows which one was the better movie.

Thanks George Lucas, but ‘Red Tails’ could have been better!!!

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