WTF/WTH Wednesdays – Sarah Palin

I know I should not give Sarah Palin the time of day but there is just no end to her hypocrisy!!

In the latest round of “As Palin Turns”, Sarah fresh off of asking for President Obama’s Chief of Staff Rahm Emmanuel’s resignation for using the word “Retard” when he was speaking to a group of Democrats he disagreed with. As some of you may already know Sarah Palin’s youngest son Trig suffers from Down Syndrome, so now she is the “Spokesperson” for special needs children. I actually applaud Sarah Palin for standing up for this cause, after some research I discovered that there is legislation in Congress looking to remove the word from being used in any legislative documents. So good for you Sarah Palin for being active in such a cause.

So that was the good, here is the bad….

While Mrs. Palin was speaking from her high horse for special needs children she completely missed the boat on fellow Conservative Rush Limbaugh’s tirade on the word ‘Retard’:

If you missed it folks here is a snippet of Rush’s comments:
“Our political correct society is acting like some giant insult’s taken place by calling a bunch of people who are retards, retards,” Limbaugh said on the show. “I mean these people, these liberal activists are kooks.

“They are loony tunes. And I’m not going to apologize for it, I’m just quoting Emanuel. It’s in the news,”

In my opinion Rush is just as guilty as Rahm; he is clearly stating that Liberals are retards. So how did Palin respond to Rush’s remarks? She basically gave him a pass, never asked for his resignation or apology.

She did release a statement thru her spokeswoman: “Governor Palin believes crude and demeaning name calling at the expense of others is disrespectful.” Ok, so Palin lashes out at Rahm on her own calling for his resignation but when Big Bad Rush says something she uses her spokeswoman to relay a message to Rush???


WTF Sarah Palin!!!

Ms ‘Going Rogue’ punked out, here was a chance for Sarah Palin to really distinguish herself as a force to be reckon with in the Republican Party and she backed down. So much for being that tough “Hockey Mom”!

Just about 2 weeks has passed since the Rahm and Rush mess and now the tv show “Family Guy” decided to take a shot at Palin. In the episode Chris is smitten with a girl who has Down syndrome. Characters in the show mock the girl. Later, when asked about her parents, she says, “My mom’s the former governor of Alaska.”

So how would Sarah handle this incident? Keep in mind that Palin works for FOX News Corp and “Family Guy” is a Fox show! Like the punk that she is Palin decided she could be a little more stern and call the creators of “Family Guy” “cruel, cold-hearted people”. Since Seth Macfarlane is not the voice of Conservatives I guess she felt she could take him on. Anyway, not once did she challenge Rupert Murdoch (Owner of FOX) to take the show off the air.

In true Palin fashion (attention whore) she made an appearance on Bill O’Reillly’s show (FOX NEWS Show). Bill asked about the Rush incident and the perception that she took it easy on Rush; Palin responded by saying that Rush’s use of the word “Retard” was satire and that we just need to stop the name calling all together.

I have to say it again Sarah Palin, WTF!!!!

Stop the hypocrisy, its time for you to come clean Palin. Just let everyone know that you are not really in this for the people. You are all about yourself; even on the campaign trail in 2008 it was always about you! Everything you do is a calculated move that will help the Palin Express.

I don’t see how anyone with any sense would ever look at Sarah Palin as presidential material… Oh wait, that’s right recent polls show that basically no one wants that old “Golly Bum” windbag as president!! 71% of people polled thought Palin wasn’t qualified to be president;

Sarah Palin in my opinion you took a huge step back with all of this nonsense, she had an opportunity to really show the “Going Rogue” Palin portrayed in her book. Instead she backed down to Rush and his big mouth; Palin could learn something from John McCain’s daughter Meghan McCain


At least she had the guts to call out the Tea Party Nation for their racist ways as Former Representative Tom Tancredo spoke about bringing back literacy test and “Birthers” continued to question the president’s citizenship. I look at Meghan McCain as a stronger individual than Palin will ever be!

For the record I am not a huge fan of Meghan McCain but I give her credit for standing up and trying to be a leader for young Republicans!


As always….
If there is something to be said, “It’s On Broadway” to step up and say it!!!

One comment

  1. SlimMocha · February 17, 2010

    That is typical Palin and the repub party. Most of her rhetoric is based off hot air and not facts she was the repubs “hype woman.” If her pair was a big as she thinks they are she would have called Rush out on it but she is going to need his mouth piece in 2012. Her services could be used better as a wife, mother, grandmother and advocate for special needs children not on the political stage.


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