Militant Mondays – David Paterson

Governor David Paterson of New York is the perfect example of someone who was never built for the public light of being governor. From the moment he stepped into the role taking over for a disgraced Eliot Spitzer he has dealt with some kind of controversy. The day he was sworn in all New Yorker had hoped Paterson could restore a level of dignity to the office. I mean he couldn’t have been any worse, right?

Former Governor Spitzer resigned due to his dealings with a high-class prostitute, but even before that Spitzer was involved with another scandal called trooper gate. It is alleged that Spitzer had NY State Trooper’s keeping tabs on NY Senate Majority Leader Joseph Bruno. At that point New Yorker’s believed it couldn’t get any worse.



From the moment this kat took the oath of office it seemed like a down hill ride!

The day after his inauguration both he and his wife admitted to cheating on each other…. Hmmmm, ok! I guess we can be cool with this, at least he is admitting to it and it shouldn’t have any bearing on how he can govern. Plus no one is perfect!

Well, in 2 years this guy has created so much controversy that he has lost all political power within NY State. He actually started out ok; he was able to close a $4.6 Billion dollar deficit while reigning in a bloated budget left behind by Spitzer. So I do have to give him credit for one thing. Unfortunately it didn’t get any better…

I believe all control was lost when 2 Democrats flipped and became Republicans as there was basically a coup attempt to change power in the NY State Senate. This went on for a couple of days as Paterson tried to restore order by bringing the sides together. Both sides came together but for the most part ignored Paterson; he would never recover from this.

As for the other scandals we all know the rest of the story; participation in a possible cover up of a close aide physically abusing a girlfriend and not paying for Yankees tickets. Personally I can’t forgive him for the Yankee tickets (disgruntled Mets fan), LOL.

Who would ever thought in a time when we can celebrate the first Black President and New York’s first Black governor that within a year things would be so bad that the White House (President Obama) asked him not to run for re-election. I mean how bad can it get when a brother can’t stick up for another brother? Whatever happened to Bros before hoes?? Just kidding, I actually applaud the White House for staying focus and understanding what is best for the party.
NY has become the laughing-stock of state-run governments; I mean I thought Detroit was bad with Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick. It’s as of the blind is leading the… Ummmmm, I mean its like amateur hour in Albany; HA! This kat Paterson acts as if he can’t see the writing on the wall… Damn, my bad!! LOL

Even Gov. Paterson’s seeing eye dog quits:

All jokes aside, NY has suffered enough from poor mismanagement this is a great city that needs a no-nonsense Governor that will bring this great state back to its rightful position as one of the greatest states in the country. With that said I don’t believe Gov Paterson should resign, at this point it is too late in the game. Budget for 2010-2011 is due in April. What sense would it make to have him resign for someone else to get up to speed to get a good budget in? He was able to close a budget deficit back in 2008-2009 he can do it again. Even with all his screw ups he has displayed the ability to make the tough decisions.

So let’s leave the guy alone and let him finish out, as New Yorker’s I think we had enough of our dirty laundry being aired out for the rest of the country to see.

I say we as New Yorkers make a deal with Governor Paterson; we will let him stay in office as long as he can keep his blind ass out of NYC clubs. C’mon Son, fair is fair!!

Gov Paterson hanging out a NYC nightclub the day before delivering a sobering message concerning NY’s budget issues; NO BUENO:

As always….
If there is something to be said, “Its On Broadway” to step up and say it!!!

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