Talking Points Tuesday – What else can we Tax?


Let me start by saying that this is not a complaint about being taxed too much. I firmly believe that as American citizens we have to do our part. Here are 2 examples of “doing our part”:

1. if the U.S. goes to war and it is a war I support than I believe we should be taxed to support that effort.

2. I believe in affordable Health Care for all, and I am for paying taxes to support that. The simple fact is we pay a hidden tax on this away. So why not pay that upfront.

With that said Governor Paterson and Mayor Bloomberg of NYC are supporting a “Soda Tax”; this tax would apply a penny-per-ounce tax on sweetened soda to help raise money for schools and healthcare, which translates to consumers paying about an extra 12 cents per can. It is said that this “Soda Tax” could potentially raise $1 billion a year! Now this is the type of taxation that would more than likely be supported by the masses. Soda is not the healthiest thing on this earth, especially Coca-Cola! You could clean an engine block with that stuff, lol! Like cigarettes there should be a lot of support for this kind of taxation, anything that will help you break bad habits is generally a good thing, right????

Here’s the problem, the over taxation of cigarettes and soft drinks and doing this in the name of GOOD HEALTH is a bunch of BS! I look at this type of taxation as taking advantage of people’s addiction; do you really think the government wants you to give up soft drinks if they can potentially make $1 billion dollars off your addicition?

Like I said in the beginning I am all for supporting good causes, but stop the games! Yes a residual effect of over taxing cigarettes and soda could decrease the number of stink breathe smokers and overweight fat kids who have been drinking soda since they were capable of holding a baby bottle. Whose to say it stop with cigarettes and soda? What’s next?

I know, let’s increase taxes on Soul Food, all that greasy food will lead to heart disease and excessive licking of your fingers. Better yet lets just legalize weed (which is a great idea) so that it can be taxed! Aint no way weed heads stopping that habit because of some silly tax. They pay whatever just as long as it was legalized (I will save the legalization of marijuana for another day)!

Governor Paterson and Mayor Bloomberg keep it real. When you all see a payoff of $1 billion dollars the last thing on your mind is overall health!

As always….
If there is something to be said, “Its On Broadway” to step up and say it!!!

One comment

  1. slim · March 17, 2010

    LOL! Reminds me a couple of years ago a city in the south wanted to ban adult toy stores since that was not successful now they want them to pay extra taxes. Said they demoralize society.


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