The Gary Carter Trade: 30 Years Later

The NY Mets were coming off a 90-72 season in 1984, and with a pitching staff led by the young phenom Dwight Gooden. The Mets were looking to add that missing piece that would take the to the next level.

December 1984 the Mets made a the trade that would change the franchise. They traded away Hubie Brooks, Herm Winningham, Mike Fitzgerald, and Floyd Youmans to the Montreal Expos for 7-time All-Star Gary Carter.

Although the Mets would barely miss the playoffs finishing 2nd to the St Louis Cardinals in 1985, it was a prelude of what was to be a special season in 1986.With the help of Carter and his no quit attitude the Mets would reach the top of the mountain in ’86 and win the World Series.

Here’s a preview of a short documentary taking a look back at that trade….

You can see the whole documentary on;

#RIP Gary ‘Kid’ Carter




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